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Spring 2010 Workshop List (Updated 4/8/10)

Spring 2010 Workshop List (Updated 4/8/10)

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Published by DePaul CareerCtr

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Published by: DePaul CareerCtr on Apr 08, 2010
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spring 2010workshop series
Attendance at these eventsis FREE, however pre-registration is requiredfor all workshops, practiceinterviews and orientationsthrough
.Please visitdepaul.experience.comto view the calendar andregister for workshops andevents.
Workshops are listed inalphabetical order.
This workshop is for working professionals,alumni, adult, andgraduate students.
Byrne = Byrne Hall, 2219 N.Kenmore Avenue, LincolnPark CampusCNA = 55 East JacksonBuilding, Loop CampusDPC = DePaul Center,1 East Jackson, Loop CampusRichardson = John T.Richardson Library, 2350 N.Kenmore Avenue, LincolnPark CampusSAC = Schmitt AcademicCenter, 2320 N. KenmoreAvenue, Lincoln ParkCampusStudent Center = 2250 N.Sheffield Avenue, LincolnPark CampusTeleconference
= Thisworkshop is conducted viatelephone. CheckeRecruiting for details.TBD = To be decided.
 A number listed after thelocation key indicates the room or  suite number.
Get Connected: How to useLinkedIn and Twitter to Network andJob Search
This is a “hands on” workshop held in acomputer lab. Attendees will learn thebenefits of completing their LinkedInprofile, and how and why to makeconnections, get recommendations, andjoin industry or interest-specific groups.Also included: tips, tricks, and etiquettefor using LinkedIn and Twitter fornetworking, job search and careerinformation. Please be sure to create aLinkedIn account before the workshop soyou have a starting point when youattend the workshop.
Wednesday, April 14
4:00-5:30pmLPC TBD
Tuesday, May 18
5:30-7:00pmLoop TBD
Hit the Ground Running: Career Resources for Teachers
Note: These workshops are open only to students and alumni in DePaul’s School of Education.
In these workshops, you will receive anoverview of resources and career tips inorder to prepare for your job search in theteaching profession. In part 1, we willreview how to update your resume afterstudent teaching, how to strengthen yourcover letter, and review what componentsare helpful to consider when constructingyour portfolio. Part 2 will offer resourcesin how to be strategic in your job search,the importance of identifying networkingstrategies, and how to prepare for theinterview process.
Part 1: Monday, April 19
4:00-6:00pmSAC 151
Part 2: Thursday, May 13
4:30-6:30pmSAC 151
How to Build a Portfolio
A professional portfolio provides you witha tremendous resource for showcasingyour work skills and experiences to anemployer. At this workshop, you’ll learnhow to conceptualize and compile aneffective portfolio.
Thursday, April 15
5:30-7:00pmDPC 9500
Monday, April 26
12:00-1:30pmSAC 151
Tuesday, May 25
1:00-2:30pmDPC 9500
How to Prepare for Graduate School
Designed for students who arecontemplating applying to graduateschool, this workshop will help youidentify programs and universities thatare right for you. Learn about theapplication process and the resourcesavailable to help you choose and evaluatepotential graduate and professional schoolprograms.
Wednesday, May 5
1:30-3:00pmSAC 151
How to Work a Job & Internship Fair 
Learn how to approach employers andmake a lasting first impression. DePaul’sCareer Center hosts multiple Job &Internship Fairs throughout the academicyear with hundreds of employers lookingfor candidates like you. This workshophelps you maximize the Job & InternshipFair as an opportunity to showcase yourskills and abilities in an active jobsearching forum.
Tuesday, April 6
4:00pm-5:30pm DPC 9500
Monday, April 19
12:00-1:30pmDPC 9500
Thursday, April 22
3:30-5:00pm SAC 151
Interviewing Skills
Preparing for interviews can give you theconfidence you need to highlight yourstrengths. This workshop teaches you howto prepare for the interviewing and post-interview follow-up process. You will beintroduced to the various types of interviews, including behavioralinterviewing.
Tuesday, April 13
5:30-7:00pmDPC 9500
Tuesday, May 11
Wednesday, June 2
1:30-3:00pmSAC 151
iPrep – Find Your Dream InternshipWorkshop
This workshop will help you create astrategy for applying to your dreaminternship. You will also learn about theUniversity Internship Program (short-term internships) as well as theCooperative Education Program (longterm Internships). This workshopalso meets the University InternshipProgram Orientation requirement.
Thursday, March 4
2:00-3:00pm SAC 151
Monday, March 15
1:00-2:00pmDPC 9500
Wednesday, April 14
2:30-3:30pm DPC 9500
Thursday, April 29
5:00-6:00pmSAC 151
Wednesday, May 5
3:00-4:00pmDPC 9500
Thursday, May 20
3:30-4:30pmSAC 151
Thursday, June 3
10:30-11:30am DPC 9500
Friday, June 25
12:00-1:00pm SAC 151
Job Search Strategies in aChallenging Job Market
Learn how to identify effective job search
Advanced InterviewingSkills
Refresh your interviewingskills and learn how toprepare for advancedinterviewing techniquesincluding critical behavioral,panel and case interviews.Review the do’s and don’tsfor interview situations andlearn how to address the mostdifficult questions.
Tuesday, April 27
5:30-7:00 pmDPC 9500
Advanced Resumes andCover Letters
Learn about different resumeformats and how to bestmarket your accomplishmentsfor specific audiences. Thisworkshop is ideal for someonewho has already written aresume and is looking toenhance or change the contentor structure. Please bring adraft of your resume to theworkshop.
Wednesday, April 21
12:00-1:30pmDPC 9500
Discover Your LeadershipStyle with the FIRO-B
This workshop is ideal forstudents with workexperience, alumni and careerchangers. The FundamentalInterpersonal RelationsOrientation-Behavior™(FIRO-B®) is a personalityassessment that identifiesneeds/wants regarding yourinterpersonal work style.Results from this assessmentwill help you gain additionalinsight about your leadershipapproach to help you workmore strategically.
Thursday, May 20
5:30-7:00 pmSAC 151
Managing Career Transitions
Experienced professionalswho are considering oralready involved in theprocess of changing careerswill benefit from thisworkshop. Learn how todevelop a change plan byidentifying the careerdevelopment components youmost need to work on. Thisworkshop will help youidentify the type of transitionyou are attempting and assessits level of difficulty.
Friday, May 7
2:00-3:00 pmTeleconference
Thursday, June 3
5:30-7:00pmDPC 9500
This workshop is for working professionals, alumni, adult, and graduate students.
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strategies in a challenging job market. Get anoverview of a multitude of job search tactics andbegin the process of selecting the strategies thatmake the most sense for you.
Monday, May 3
5:30-7:00pmSAC 151
Wednesday May 26
2:00-3:30pmDPC 9500
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Looking for work that is intrinsically interestingand gratifying to you? The MBTI is used to assistindividuals in identifying their personalitystrengths, preferred work environments,communication styles and career possibilities.While few occupations provide a “perfect” matchbetween personality and work tasks, this indicatorand workshop will assist you in making aninformed decision.
Thursday, May 13
1:30-3:30pmSAC 151
Thursday, May 27
12:00-2:00pmDPC 9500
Navigating Student Employment
Learn how to use the Campus Job Board tosearch/apply for on-campus jobs. Resume basics,interviewing tips and follow-up procedures willalso be covered so you are polished and well-prepared for the entire on-campus job searchprocess.Please visit http://studentemployment.depaul.eduor the Office of Student Employment front deskfor specific times and locations. Walk-ins arewelcome.
Negotiation Skills
Determine the best techniques and practices tonegotiate your compensation package. Thisworkshop will include a discussion on salary andbenefits negotiation and offer advice on how tohandle salary requests and multiple offers.
Monday, May 17
12:00-1:30pmDPC 9500
Tuesday, June 1
Networking Skills
Developing a strong professional network hasbecome an increasingly important and powerfulstrategy used by effective job seekers in all fields.In this workshop, you will learn how to maximizeyour networking opportunities and build a set of contacts.
Monday, April 12
12:00-1:30pmDPC 9500
Tuesday, May 4
3:30-5:00pmDPC 9500
Skills and Accomplishments
Skills are the currency of the job market; you geta paycheck in exchange for the skills you use inyour job. Through this workshop, you’ll assessyour skills, determine which ones you want toacquire or further develop, and identify ways todo so. Also, you’ll learn how to clearly articulateyour skill set and provide solid examples of thoseskills in practice.
Wednesday, April 28
10:30am-12:00pmSAC 151
Start Your Own Business
This workshop is run by the ColemanEntrepreneurship Center and offers attendees asnapshot of the entrepreneurial process. Attendeesdiscover what characteristics successfulentrepreneurs have in common, learn how toidentify a viable business opportunity, and learnabout the process of writing a business plan. If you are exploring the idea of starting your ownbusiness, this workshop helps you plan your nextsteps and puts your feet firmly on the path tosuccess.
Tuesday, April 20
4:00-6:00pmDPC 9500
Strong Interest Explorer 
This workshop is ideal for students who areundecided about a college major and/or for thoseconsidering exploring new career directions.Research shows a strong correlation betweeninterests and job satisfaction. Insight into yourinterests can help you find work that is satisfyingto you. In this workshop, you will take aninventory that measures your level of interest inbroad categories and helps you see how yourinterests relate to different occupational fields andcollege majors.
Monday, May 24
12:00-1:30pmSAC 151
Work Values
Your work values play a very important role indetermining what kind of work you findfulfilling. Through this workshop, you’ll assessand prioritize your most important work valuesand discover how to use what you’ve learnedabout your work values to help guide your careerdecisions.
Tuesday, May 18
2:30-4:00pmSAC 151
Cooperative Education InternshipInformation Session
The Cooperative Education (Co-op) InternshipProgram allows undergraduates to gain high-level, real-world experience, and also earn incomeyear-round.This is a prerequisite workshop forCo-op Internships and must be completed to earnExperiential Learning credit.Co-op positionswith major employers are part-time, typicallylasting throughout the whole school year. TheInformation Sessions are open to allundergraduate freshman, sophomores, juniors, andearly seniors in LA&S, Communication,Commerce & CDM.
Tuesday March 30
1:00-2:00pmSAC 151
Wednesday April 7
3:00-4:00pmDPC 9500
Friday April 16
1:00-2:00pmSAC 151
Monday May 3
10:00-11:00amDPC 9500
Friday May 14
3:00-4:00pmDPC 9500
Thursday May 20
11:00am-12:00pmDPC 9500
Wednesday June 2
2:00-3:00pmDPC 9500
Tuesday June 8
11:00am-12:00pmSAC 151
On-Campus Interviewing Orientation
The 30 minute On-Campus Interviewingorientation is a prerequisite to participating inthe On-Campus Interviewing Program. Youmust attend an orientation session prior to yourfirst on-campus interview.The orientation willmake you aware of the policies for participation inthe On-Campus Interviewing Program andprovide tips for successful interviewing.
Wednesday, April 7
11:00-11:30am DPC 9500
Tuesday, April 20
3:00-3:30 pm DPC 9500
Thursday, May 6
2:30-3:00pm DPC 9500
Tuesday, May 18
4:00-4:30 pm SAC 151
Thursday, May 27
11:00-11:30am DPC 9500
Friday, June 4
1:30-2:00pmDPC 9500
University Internship Program (UIP)Orientation
This is a prerequisite workshop for UIP and mustbe completed to earn Experiential Learningcredit. The UIP Orientation provides you withthe information you need to successfully enroll inISP 250 and complete the Liberal StudiesExperiential Learning Requirement. You’ll findout the meaning and purpose of the ISP 250,251, 252, 253, 254 and 350 courses as well ashow an internship contributes to your careergoals.
Monday, March 8
10:00-11:30 am SAC 151
Tuesday, March 16
10:30-12:00pmDPC 9500
Thursday, March 25
12:00-1:30pmSAC 151
Monday, March 29
2:30-4:00pmSAC 151
Tuesday, March 30
5:30-7:00pm DPC 9500
Wednesday, March 31
2:00-3:30pm DPC 9500
Tuesday, April 20
11:00am-12:00pm DPC 9500
Tuesday, May 4
2:00-3:30pm DPC 9500
Wednesday, May 12
5:30-7:00pmSAC 151
Monday, June 7
2:30-4:00pm DPC 9500
Friday, June 11
11:00-12:30pmSAC 151
Tuesday, June 15
10:00-11:30amDPC 9500
Wednesday, June 16
3:00-4:30pmSAC 151
Thursday, June 17
4:30-6:00pmSAC 151
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