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Page 3 of Poems of Pagan Revolution

Page 3 of Poems of Pagan Revolution

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Apr 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TCM Ch. 2 2. God gathered his followers sadly fewin numbers together, in defeat nearlyand desperate, for another Council of Peaceafter arguments vainglorious with His Enemy."Evil victorious wages relentlessly upon menfallen too well, and far fron us, Dear Friends,for songs of reason or sweet persuasionto recover from the errors of our formerJustice when I gave men the choices of angelsand failed. I was wrong. Earth was vulnerableto create Life at all in Her noble efforts,and failed. She was wrong. Saturn the Sondeathly Grimness reaps Demeter's harvestof anger unmotherlily told by Homer and I;as if She knew all along the fruitlessnessof the harvest on barren souls barren of judgement,and daughters of Persephone's ilk like Eveshallowly picking the flowers and fruit of Edenor else. For pleasure Cronos and Adamreached with her for the apple blossoms fragranton Mount Atlas, apples golden in twilightand guarded by the infernal goddess, a serpent,many-headed Argus and many-eyed Apepthe pets of lascivious Isis, most juvenile of girls.O, cursed is the day Nu began Nu.tin Thoth's African River before memory!"Thus spake Zeos despairing, God mournfullyalone in his thoughts and The Abyss.Before He could go off alone, the SolitarySovereign, as He often did on black promontorieswhere mountains prehistoric bordered Oceansof forgotten galaxies, where worlds of fleshnever intruded on isolated perfection,His Mother, immaculate Rheia who saved himfrom her rampaging husband, spake sternly too,stronger than all of them gathered sorrowfully:"Quit sulking. You're acting like you didas a boy when you couldn't get your way.Mother Earth is not wrong, for all her faults.Bear with the Elderlies and you will bear wellthe burdens of leadership you took on eagerly,as I remember, a cocky little bully as a lad,I recall. Obey the will of your Grandmotherfor awesome results of promise, I promise,and the thunderbolts Cyclopean will fallin place too, upon the Opponent Titanic,to be sure. You won before, once upon a time,didn't you? Don't you remember? Why lose now?Have you lost the Sun's fury at last, Son?"
Grumbling greeting the Queen Mother's admonitionsin the lower reaches of Heaven's higher realmhiding the Fugitive Band, where they hidlike the Ram who'd once been shorn of his Fleeceby another brother of Old; Old Set of Egyptwho'd foiled Lord Osiris of the Skyhis brother of power and champion of Peacetricked into death, seduced into a coffinof an oak sacred from Dodona and Colchis,then sealed alive to suffocate in his coffin;a boat thrown in the Nile by Set deformedto sail the Argonauts' stars of doom forever.Mercury spake next, to explain the true poem:"Great Father and Brother, our Sister is right.The Ram like Thee was shorn and sheared indeed,Heaven of his hope, Uranus of his loins,unlike Thee. Jason was a Jesus Iasiusof the histories whose mariners fishedfor Grandfather Sky's seed reaped grimlywith that sickle as sharp as autumn's New Moon.Yes, Uranus is wounded and eternally bleeding,unnaturally butchered like Osiris by Setand Uranus by Saturn, our rampaging Sire.Such curses often on sons by fathersare visited by Earth's every effort and birth,in blood. It is an agony of the Abyssonly you have earned as Our Sire we can't;that is which, what, sacrifice, makes you King.Not even Saturn Titanic with invincible Forcecan match the vision of Injustice repaired."Solemn weeping silently greeted his sweet words.God lovingly put his hand on his son's handsomeshoulder, athletic and proud the pride of men."Good Mercury, Hermes, and Thoth inscribedOne of cultures All nations matured by verse,thank you for your faithfullest support andlove. I know full well how well we areloved, and blessed, Blessed! are we, all,All in our tribe surrounded and free.But it does not mean we are to be.The seasons of this greatest planet are decaythat bring every fruit to waste and shit.Time will tell the survival or not of Us.Surely I know what we know what you say -to fight on helplessly must follow of coursein our course of Peace argued immortallyby Buddha Siddhartha and Francis of Assisi,most beloved disciples worthy of Isisand Eve after their adolescence and sin.There is no waste and nothing gainedin war if philosophies and poems like theseoppose all that is cruel and greedy untilovergrown, virtues over-ripe with life
until the truth fails and falls like Angelswho flew too close to the Sun and Moon.Perhaps we must not dream too well, My Son,nor remember the youthful indiscretionslost in time upon boys on men, Mother.Remember, you married my Father, not I,no matter how petulantly I argue reality.I know you all want action, not philosophy,all ideas fuller of deeds by deeds undone,however, and our former wars all in vain.So now you say what we know that I see -provoke the enemies upon each other,instead of us. Let the killers kill each other,leaving us free of their crimes and violencefree of Satan's guile, Saturns' twist to turnMe Judge condoning murder and rape as well.No. It was Zeos who killed no one at Troy;provoking only Greeks murderously Trojans,and Trojans Greeks, Apollo and Athene taking sidesperhaps as God against Allah today, but not Me;if the Torah and Qu'ran are true they'll knownot to kill and end the wars. If not they'll not.Flying Saucers? Let USA's Titan Missilesand television empires compete dishonestlywith each other in Special Effects,Public Relations, Gross International Economics,and see if Lucifer's forgotten his SinOriginal, of steering too close to Me.Watch him melt with too much Powerlike Icarus or Venus to the Sun, arrogantlike Adam reaching for Eve's nakedness.Forlorn, I have not forgotten the forlornsuccess myself, and the failure of Peacefor all its goodness today, upon us, brethren.Forsake victory, even if it comes impossibly,unless we temper action with heaven's poetry.Look to the mutilation of the Sky finallyfor our greatest danger, eventually, inevitably.So now you know what cannot be known.To Battle. To Honor. Go! And take heed."No cheer arose of the assembled faithfultoo few in numbers and tiny for Great Epicssung by the Bards. Resolved they turnedto the task incredibly confronting them at hand.Billions of people and vermin were against them,led by an Archangel titanic and immeasurablewho wielded Air Forces on Earth of weaponsne'er seen before by generals Alexanderand Hitler who conquered whole continents,good men too the first Caesars in temples of Art;equal improbably to empires of underseas whalesand anarchies of insects by the trillionseating away imperviously to all the pleas

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