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Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

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Published by Azrul Azli

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Azrul Azli on Apr 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Summary
The fast food restaurants are now in the growing pace as it is convenience and suitsthe lifestyle of Malaysia¶s citizens who are now having a more hectic and busy lifestyle. Fastfood outlets in Malaysia provide a wide range of products and also delivery services that suitsthe preferences of various consumers. Fast food restaurants in Malaysia heavily promotethemselves through media such as television, internet, newspaper and also brochures and pamphlets. Moreover, with the Malaysian population becoming more urban and affluent,along with media influence and foreign exposure which has resulted in growing taste for western food, fast food outlets in Malaysia such as Pizza Hut has a great future prospective.The purposed of this report is to analyze buyer behavior of consumer in fast foodindustry. Marketers need to recognize that internal and external aspect of buyer behavior willinfluence consumer¶s buying decision making in fast food industry. Thus, marketers can usevarious component of buyer behavior to segment their target market in order to cater their needs and preferences with different marketing mix strategy.Furthermore, Market segmentation is also being outlined in this report. For fast foodindustry, segment such as demography, psychographics, sociocultural and benefitsegmentation will be targeted. Moreover, in order to success in the market, Pizza Hut shouldunderstand and provide greater consumer satisfaction than its competitors. In this case, themain competitor of Pizza Hut in Malaysia is McDonald¶s. Finally, future recommendation onthe improvement of the marketing activities of Pizza is also provided.
Since 1990, foot wear industry in Indonesia had experienced a significant growth.This indicates that there is a good market opportunities for footwear company such as, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma etc.Adidas; one of the biggest company in this industry will be the focus on this report.Founded in 1949, Adidas brand name was originated from two of its founder, ³Adi´ fromAdolf and ³Das´ from Dassler (Adidas, 2008). Adidas strive to be the global leader in thesporting goods industry with sports brands built on a passion for competition and a sportinglifestyle (Adidas, 2008). One of its missions in sportswear industry is to help all athletes inaccomplishing their own impossible by equipping them with Adidas¶ products (Adidas, 2008).With its slogan of´ impossible is nothing´, Adidas has become one of the most popular footwear in Indonesia customer¶s mindset. In this case, the main competitor is Nike who isdominating the market shares in this industry. In its sports division, there are two distinctmajor segment; sports performance and sports style. In other words, other than focusing onthe quality and the endurance of the shoes, Adidas is also focusing on fashion. In positioningthese two types of products, Adidas used two different logos as shown in figure 1 below.
'000 Rp per capita199019952000200320042005Clothing
  Clothing materials
  Garments
  Other clothing
  Clothing cleaning, repair and hire
35.479.4217334370408Source: National Statistical Office, OECD, Eurostat, Euromonitor InternationalTable 1 Expenditure on Clothing and Footwear from 1990-2005
Two Different Logos Used by Adidas (Adidas, 2
Adidas has more than 31,000 employees who are working in 150 places in more than55 countries. Other than that, innovation was believed to be Adidas main strength in their  positioning strategy. Adidas product uniqueness also becomes the foundation of their pricingstrategy. Nevertheless, Adidas is not the only company that is specializing in foot wear.Therefore, the existence of competitors such Nike and Converse must be taken intoconsideration. There is an intense competition between these companies, especially between Nike and Adidas. Thus, in order to survive, Adidas needs to constantly maintain and increaseits sales and market share.Adidas realizes the importance that customer satisfaction brings to the success of the business. Thus, Adidas fully utilizes the relevance of marketing and technology for its success.In marketing its products, especially the shoes, it is vital for Adidas to have attractiveadvertisements which will create a good perception in consumer¶s mindset to build a goodattitude towards Adidas.Furthermore, Adidas also integrates the technology advanced in its marketing strategyto improve customer satisfaction. It provides an official website that includes the marketing

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