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Feb News 2010

Feb News 2010

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Published by stephenlopez8783

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Published by: stephenlopez8783 on Apr 09, 2010
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The Lopez Family Ministry News
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Dear brother and sister in Christ,We have already finished 8 spectacular weeks of summer camp here in Argentina! We haveheard that many of you had a lot of snow during winter but for us it has been a very hot summer! Sincecamp started we have been very busy attending to the needs of the ministry and are excited to sharewith you what the Lord did this summer.As we begin to look back on what the Lord has done, we cannot thank you enough for yourprayers and support for the time we have been down here. This summer there has been 3,650 campersthat have come to our summer camp. Each week there were teens everywhere! We were able to seepeople arrive at camp and a change in their life during the week. Many campers shared public testimo-nies each week of how God spoke to them during their stay at camp. We praise the Lord for the fruitthat we have seen this summer in the lives of these teens and for the opportunity to serve them.Lord willing we will be able to share with you more details about summer camp personally as wewill be traveling to the USA March 31st. We rejoice at all the Lord had allowed us to do these past fewmonths. Thank you for your prayers for the time we have been down here. We praise the Lord for youlife and eternal investment in the ministry.On the victory side,Stephen and Debora Lopez1 John 5:5
Summer Highlights
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Earthquake in ChileFinancial StandpointDevotional
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 Word of Life Missionaries to Argentina
Summer Camp Highlights
This past summer in shadow of the World Cup Soccer tournament in SouthAfrica, our theme for summer camp has been “
Live With Passion 
!”(In Spanish:
Vivi con Pasion 
!). This summer has been a blast of energy as we have been sharingwith all the teens at camp to live with passion for the Lord!As soon as Debby and I arrived we were debriefed about our summer re-sponsibilities. As we have been in the USA for two years, we did our best to quicklyadapt to the needs of the ministry. We both were asked to serve in the area ofcounseling, as I shared in our previous newsletter. Specifically we helped superviseall of the activities and were assigned to disciple the counselors at camp, as well ashelp oversee the
Bilingual Bible Program.
 Both Debora and I were given many opportunities throughout the summer tomeet with the counselors and encourage them. Most of our summer staff consistsof the students from the Bible Institute. During the summer some students are cho-sen to be counselors. This isn’t a job for everyone! Both Debora and I rememberwhen we were counselors in summer camp. It is a physical , emotional and spiri-tual battle! For many of us the first few weeks were great, but once the fourth weekhit, everybody got really tired and had to really focus and find strength in the Lord tokeep doing things with excellence for Him.One huge blessing to our ministry was a new auditorium which was donatedto the ministry last year. Having five hundred campers and over two hundred staffmembers all in one room during the services has been awesome. Not to mentionthe air conditioning! In previous years this ministry has achieved so much for theLord with so little. We are excited about the future opportunities the Lord will openup for us with these new resources.I shared with you in our last newsletter about the scholarships we were ableto raise. There was one week where an offering we received was used to send chil-dren to a week of camp. Another offering we received allowed fifteen teens to comeas well. With those scholarships we send a missionary to two of the most danger-ous ghettos in Buenos Aires called “
Fuerte Apache 
” and “
La villa 31
”. We invited agroup of teens from each of those neighborhoods and our whole staff was reallyexcited to see the a group of teens come from thoseneighborhoods.Also our home church in Buenos Aires came to camp.I am in a picture with some of the teens (left). We were espe-cially blessed as some of those teens invited unsaved friends.Later on in the week three of them trusted Jesus Christ astheir personal Savior!We rejoice as this past summer 3,650 teens came tospend a week at our camp. Of all those we recorded 613 ofthem who trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!Also towards the end of the week our directors would always preach a mes-sage for the teens to dedicate their lives to the Lord during a campfire (picture onleft). This is a challenge we give to the campers to present themselves as a “livingsacrifice” as found in Romans 12:1-2. We recorded 1,766 teens who made this de-cision to dedicate all that they are to the glory of God.We praise the Lord for all that He has done and we give all the glory to Him.We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve during this summer ministry and forall of you who have lifted us up in prayer. You can see more pictures on our webpage!
 Our financial Standpoint 
We praise the Lord for His provision to do this ministrythrough many of you who have been supporting us monthly.We are excited to share with you the progress that we havemade in our support raising process. Remember we need tobe at 100% of our monthly budget to be sent to the field.Part of our visit here in Argentina has been a time forour Directors to see if we could meet our budget with the cur-rent donations that have been coming in on a monthly basis.As we have been analyzing our financial position we desire toshare with you specific details in which to pray for.Currently we have 87% of our monthly budget comingin on a monthly budget . This leaves us with 13% for us toraise in monthly support. This calculates to approximately$268 more in monthly support. As we return to the USAMarch 31st, our return date to Argentina will be as soon as wereach this goal. Pray for us and please contact us if you de-sire to help in any way.Pray for the Lord’s provision. 
Have you ever asked the Lord to do something inprayer and not get an answer? I want to share with you onething the Lord has been teaching me during this time. A friendof mine told me
God will never do things for us miracu- lously if he has given the ability to do it naturally.” 
An example of this would be in John 11:39 where Jesustold the women to roll away the stone from Lazarus’ grave. IfJesus had the power to raise Lazarus from the dead, why didn’the remove the stone? It is true that there are things in life thatonly God can do for us. That’s when we need a miracle! It isvery possible that you may need God do a miracle in your life.However there are other things he has empowered to do naturally! Like for instance in this case, he told themto remove the stone. How much more has he empowered you with something supernatural…The Holy Spirit!
2 Peter 1:3-4 says 
His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness... that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world.” 
Isn’t this why God has given us the power and authority to preach the most important message of all time to allmankind? Why doesn’t He do it Himself? Do you realize He will not do it for us because has enabled us to do it!Therefore there are things he won’t do for us if it is something we can do. This is just one of many things in our lives.There is in fact, many things he has given us to do naturally (abilities and talents) and how much more if wetake a moment to think of how profound it is that His Spirit dwells in us! We must therefore make sure that as long astoday is today that we remain in fellowship with Him and walk in the Spirit as we are met with new challenges that lifemay bring us. Be careful not to ask God to do the things he has made you responsible for.
8.8 Earthquake in Chile
As many of you have heard on the newsthere has been an 8.8 earthquake in Santiago, Chilethe last weekend of February.Many of you have communicated to us con-cerning our safety during the earthquake. We werevery close to the boarder of Chile, a week prior to theearthquake but approximately 500 miles south ofSantiago. The earthquake struck when Debora and Iwere in Buenos Aires. We have not personally beenaffected by it, although some tremors did reach Bue-nos Aires. Some aftershocks were caused west ofthe Providence of Argentina named “Salta” and“Catamarca”, where a 6.1 level earthquake hit lateron in the week.Please keep in prayer the country of Chile.The death toll continues to rise and there will be a lotof need of the people there.We also have a Word of Life ministry inSantiago, Chile. So far the news that we have heardis that the buildings and staff were protected duringthe earthquake and no injures occurred that we areaware of. However we do have many students at ourBible Institute here in Argentina that are from Chile,and we want to ask that you keep them and theirfamilies in prayer.Pray for Chile! 

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