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Psionics Enhance

Psionics Enhance

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Published by MCTM2010

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Published by: MCTM2010 on Apr 09, 2010
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These psionic monsters are presented according to therules set forth in the
Psionics Handbook 
. Without the
Psionics Handbook 
, some of the nomenclature andpowers of the creatures below may be obscure and diffi-cult to utilize. The psionic monsters included with thisarticle include the gem dragons (amethyst dragons,crystal dragons, emerald dragons, sapphire dragons,and topaz dragons), su-monsters, and thri-kreens.
Gem Dragons
Gem dragons are dragons who have innate psionicabilities instead of sorcerous abilities. They are stand-offish and loners as a rule, and they are always mostconcerned about their own needs. Except as notedbelow, gem dragons adhere to all the dragon rules indi-cated in the
 Monster Manual
Psionic Powers:
A gem dragon knows and manifestspsionic powers as a psion of the level and disciplineindicated in its variety description, gaining bonuspower points for a high key ability score. Even if a par-ticular power noted for a dragon doesn’t appear in the
Psionics Handbook 
as a psionic power (instead appearingin the
Player’s Handbook 
) the power is considered to bemanifested psionically.
Psionics (Sp):
The psionic abilities a gem dragon canfreely manifest depend on its age and variety. It gains theabilities listed for its age plus all previous ones, using itsage category or its psion manifester level (whichever ishigher) as the manifester level. The save DC is 10 + thedragon’s key ability modifier + power level. All psionicabilities noted for a gem dragon are usable a number of times per day, as noted under each variety.
 Amethyst Dragon
Dragon (Earth)Climate/Terrain:
Any land and underground
Wyrmling, very young, young, juve-nile, and young adult: solitary or clutch (2–5); adult,mature adult, old, very old,ancient, wyrm, or greatwyrm: solitary, pair, or family (1–2 and 2–5 offspring)
Challenge Ratings:
Wyrmling 3; very young 4;young 6; juvenile 8; young adult 11; adult 14; matureadult 16; old 18; very old 19; ancient 21; wyrm 23; greatwyrm 25
Double standard
Always neutral
Wyrmling 7–8 HD (Small);very young 10–11 HD (Medium-size); young13–14 HD (Medium-size); juvenile 16–17 HD(Large); young adult 19–20 HD (Large); adult22–23 HD (Huge); mature adult 25–26 HD(Huge); old 28–29 HD (Huge); very old 31–32HD (Huge); ancient 34–35 HD (Gargantuan);wyrm 37–38 HD (Gargantuan); great wyrm40+ HD (Gargantuan)Amethyst dragons are wise and regal. Theysometimes serve as intermediaries betweenwarring dragons and even humanoid civiliza-tions.An amethyst dragon has lavender skin withsmall scales of a light, translucent purplewhen first hatched. As they grow older, theirscales gradually darken and take on a crys-talline quality. The amethyst dragon’s scalesare shaped like mineral crystals that form nat-urally in the earth.Amethyst dragons live on the tops of isolatedmountains in deep caves. The caves inhabitedby amethyst dragons are naturally resplendentwith crystal minerals of all colors.Amethyst dragons of sufficient level to manifest psi-onic powers have the primary discipline of Psychokine-sis; Constitution is thus their key ability score.
Younger amethyst dragons avoid combat by flying awayif possible. Older dragons use their special abilities, such
More Psionic Monsters
The Psionics Handbook 
 Web Enhancement by Bruce R. Cordell
Additional Credits
Editing: Carrie BebrisWeb Production: Sue CookWeb Development:Mark JindraGraphic Design: SeanGlenn,Cynthia Fliege
Based on the original D
 ®game by E. Gary Gygaxand Dave Arneson and on the newedition of the D
& D
game designed by Jonathan Tweet,Monte Cook, Skip Williams, RichBaker, and Peter Adkison.
D&D, D
& D
, and D
are registered trademarks owned byWizards of the Coast, Inc. All Wizards charac-ters, character names, and the distinctive like-nesses thereof are trademarks owned byWizards of the Coast, Inc.This material is protected under the copyrightlaws of the United States of America. Anyreproduction or unauthorized use of the mate-rial or artwork contained herein is prohibitedwithout the express written permission ofWizards of the Coast, Inc.This product is a work of fiction. Any similarityto actual people, organizations, places, orevents is purely coincidental. ©2001 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All rightsreserved. Made in the U.S.A.
as invisibility, to improve their chances to surprise a target.Even adults flee if it is obvious after the first few rounds of combat that they cannot overpower their opposition.
Breath Weapon (Su):
An amethyst dragon has one typeof breath weapon: a line of concussive force. The concus-sive force pummels those affected with telekinetic force.The amethyst dragon may choose to deal an equalamount of subdual damage instead of normal damage.
Explosive Gem (Sp):
Once per day the gem dragoncan expel a crystalline violet lozenge which it can spitup to 75 feet away with pinpoint accuracy. The geminstantly explodes, inflicting impact damage to all crea-tures in a 20-foot radius. Targets who succeed at aReflex saving throw (DC 17 + dragon’s manifester level)suffer half damage.
Amethyst Telekinesis (Sp):
Once per day the gemdragon can use true telekinesis; however, the amethystdragon can lift up to 10 tons (200,000 pounds), or hurl acreature against another object for 20d6 points of damage. Amethyst dragons use this power as if theywere a 20th-level manifester.
Force Resistant (Ex):
Amethyst dragons gain a +4saving throw bonus against force psionic powers, spells,or effects.
Psionics (Sp):
; 1/day
invisibility, bodyequilibrium,
 Attack/Defense Modes (Sp):
At will—
ego whip/mentalbarrier 
. As amethyst dragons gain levels of psion, theygain additional psionic attack and defense modes,according to the rules of a psion.
 Amethyst Dragons by Age
AttackFortRefWillBreathFearAgeSizeHit Dice (hp)ACBonusSaveSaveSaveWeapon (DC)DCPR
WyrmlingS6d12+6 (45)17 (+1 size, +5 natural, +1 Dex)+8+6+5+52d8 (14)Very youngM9d12+18 (76)19 (+8 natural, +1 Dex)+11 +8+6+64d8 (16)YoungM12d12+24 (102)22 (+11 natural, +1 Dex)+15+10+8+96d8 (18)JuvenileL15d12+45 (142)24 (1 size, +14 natural, +1 Dex)+18+12+9+118d8 (20)Young adultL18d12+72 (189)27 (1 size, +17 natural, +1 Dex)+23+15+11+1310d8 (23)2119AdultH21d12+105 (241)29 (2 size, +20 natural, +1 Dex)+27+17+12+1512d8 (25)2321Mature adultH24d12+120 (276)32 (2 size, +23 natural, +1 Dex)+31+19+14+1714d8 (27)2522OldH27d12+162 (337)35 (2 size, +26 natural, +1 Dex)+35 +21+15+1916d8 (29)2724Very oldH30d12+180 (375)38 (2 size, +29 natural, +1 Dex)+39 +23+17+2118d8 (31)2925AncientG33d12+231 (445)39 (4 size, +32 natural, +1 Dex)+41+25+18+2320d8 (33)3127WyrmG36d12+288 (522)42 (4 size, +35 natural, +1 Dex)+45 +28+20+2522d8 (36)3329Great wyrmG39d12+312 (565)45 (4 size, +38 natural, +1 Dex)+49 +30+22+2824d8 (37)3531
 Amethyst Dragon Abilities by Age
AgeSpeedStrDexConIntWisChaSpecial AbilitiesManifester Level*
Wyrmling40 ft., fly 100 ft.131213101110Poison immunity,(average), burrow 20 ft.force resistantVery young40 ft., fly 150 ft.151215101110(poor), burrow 20 ft.Young40 ft., fly 150 ft.171215121312(poor), burrow 20 ft.Juvenile40 ft., fly 150 ft.1912171415141st(poor), burrow 20 ft.Young adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.231219141514Damage reduction 5/+13rd(poor), burrow 20 ft.Adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.271221161716Explosive gem 5d6 damage5th(poor), burrow 20 ft.Mature adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.291221161716Damage reduction 10/+17th(poor), burrow 20 ft.Old40 ft., fly 150 ft.311223181918Explosive gem 9d6 damage9th(poor), burrow 20 ft.Very old40 ft., fly 150 ft.331223181918Damage reduction 15/+211th(poor), burrow 20 ft.Ancient40 ft., fly 200 ft.351225202120Explosive gem 13d6 damage13th(clumsy), burrow 20 ft.Wyrm40 ft., fly 200 ft.371227202120Damage reduction 20/+315th(clumsy), burrow 20 ft.Great wyrm40 ft., fly 200 ft.391227222322Amethyst Telekinesis17th(clumsy), burrow 20 ft.*Amethyst dragons manifest powers as if psions with Psychokinesis as their primary discipline.
Crystal Dragon
Dragon (Air)Climate/Terrain:
Temperate and cold mountains
Wyrmling, very young, young, juve-nile, and young adult: solitary or clutch (2–5); adult,mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or greatwyrm: solitary, pair, or family (1–2 and 2–5 off-spring)
Challenge Ratings:
Wyrmling 2; very young 3;young 4; juvenile 7; young adult 10; adult 12; matureadult 15; old 17; very old 18; ancient 20; wyrm 21; greatwyrm 23
Double standard
Always chaotic neutral
Wyrmling 6–7 HD (Small); veryyoung 9–10 HD (Medium-size); young 12–13 HD(Medium-size); juvenile 15–16 HD (Large); young adult18–19 HD (Large); adult 21–22 HD (Huge); matureadult 24–25 HD (Huge); old 27–28 HD (Huge); veryold 30–31 HD (Huge); ancient 33–34 HD (Gargan-tuan); wyrm 36–37 HD (Gargantuan); great wyrm 39+HD (Gargantuan)Crystal dragons are the friendliest of the gem dragons,always curious about the world. They enthusiasticallyconverse with willing visitors.
Crystal Dragons by Age
AttackFortRefWillBreathFearAgeSizeHit Dice (hp)ACBonusSaveSaveSaveWeapon (DC)DCPR
WyrmlingS5d12+5 (37)15 (+1 size, +4 natural)+7+5+4+42d6 (13)Very youngM8d12+16 (68)17 (+7 natural)+10 +8+6+64d6 (16)YoungM11d12+22 (93)20 (+10 natural)+14+9+7+86d6 (17)JuvenileL14d12+42 (133)22 (1 size, +13 natural)+17+12+9+118d6 (20)Young adultL17d12+68 (178)25 (1 size, +16 natural)+22+14+10+1210d6 (22)2019AdultH20d12+100 (230)27 (2 size, +19 natural)+26+17+12+1512d6 (25)2321Mature adultH23d12+115 (264)30 (2 size, +22 natural)+30+18+13+1614d6 (26)2422OldH26d12+156 (325)33 (2 size, +25 natural)+34 +21+15+1916d6 (29)2724Very oldH29d12+174 (362)36 (2 size, +28 natural)+38 +22+16+2018d6 (30)2825AncientG32d12+224 (432)37 (4 size, +31 natural)+39+25+18+2320 d6 (33)3127WyrmG35d12+280 (507)40 (4 size, +34 natural)+43 +27+19+2422d6 (35)3228Great wyrmG38d12+304 (551)43 (4 size, +37 natural)+48 +29+21+2724d6 (37)3530
Crystal Dragon Abilities by Age
AgeSpeedStrDexConIntWisChaSpecial AbilitiesManifester Level*
Wyrmling40 ft., fly 100 ft.131013101111Cold immunity(average), swim 40 ft.Very Young40 ft., fly 150 ft.151015101111(poor), swim 40 ft.Young40 ft., fly 150 ft.171015121313(poor), swim 40 ft.Juvenile40 ft., fly 150 ft.1910171415151st(poor), swim 40 ft.Young Adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.231019141515Damage reduction 5/+13rd(poor), swim 40 ft.Adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.271021161717Charm person5th(poor), swim 40 ft.Mature Adult40 ft., fly 150 ft.291021161717Damage reduction 10/+17th(poor), swim 40 ft.Old40 ft., fly 150 ft.311023181919Color spray9th(poor), swim 40 ft.Very Old40 ft., fly 150 ft.331023181919Damage reduction 15/+211th(poor), swim 40 ft.Ancient40 ft., fly 200 ft.351025202121Domination13th(clumsy), swim 40 ft.Wyrm40 ft., fly 200 ft.371027202121Damage reduction 20/+215th(clumsy), swim 40 ft.Great Wyrm40 ft., fly 200 ft.391027222321Control Winds17th(clumsy), swim 40 ft.*Crystal dragons manifest powers as if psions with Telepathy as their primary discipline.

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