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Jerry's Excellent Adventure

Jerry's Excellent Adventure

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Published by jerry kroth

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Published by: jerry kroth on Apr 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jerry’s excellent adventure: ancient Greece, Jerusalem& the Great Pyramid: October, 2006
Ancient Greece, Jerusalem & the Great Pyramid
From Bird Guano to Frogs
In the 1970s, my brother Jim married Veronica. In 1993Jim died of a heart attack. At his funeral in England, hisIrish wife, Veronica, was busy calling priests and orderingfood when my mother and I walked in. I remember feeling ashamed of myself; I was financially andemotionally drained by litigation I was in, and here I wasat my only brother's funeral, and part of my mind waselsewhere obsessing and ruminating over ridiculouslymundane things. Veronicahad the incredible presence of mind to stopwhat she was doing andsit down on the back lawnwith me. “Well, Jerry,what's happening in your life?” she asked. As I was about to answer and tell her of my inane preoccupations, a bird shit on me. Not a small amount, but a hugetablespoon of white bird dung landed
on my funeral-black shirt. “Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed,and Veronica actually began to laugh_probably the only time she had laughed that year! “Don't youknow what that means?” she asked. “In Ireland, it means you are about to receive some good news. It'san incredibly good omen.”Before “Oh, really!” could escape my lips, the phone rang. “Uncle Jerry, you have a call fromAmerica,” shouted my niece, Siobhan. It was my wife, Anya, with news that my lawyer had called. Thecase was over; I had won. I still had bird shit on my shirt when I got the news.Synchronicity, meaningful coincidence, a mystical Jungian concept, started to get my attention. Indeed,if my prankster brother was still around, it would be totally in character for him to have a bird shit onhis little brother_just as it would be in character for him to rescue his little brother if he could.After that I started to wonder, more seriously: Is there a soul? Does it go somewhere? Is that all magicand superstition, or is there something to the idea of eternal life?That was thirteen years ago. In the last three years I finished work on a book called
 In Search of  Butterflies: The Quest for the Soul at the Dawn of the Third Millennium
, which incorporates virtuallyeverything I ever learned about psychology. Two publishers are reviewing as I write this (fingers“Krothed”). Research on this book led to this trip; I had a few critically important places I had to seeand pictures to take for this book_a tight nineteen-day agenda_so I took no prisoners (nor fellowtravelers). It begins in Greece:
I. Ancient Greece
Athens begins in about 800 BC. Its golden age ismarked at about 580 BC; by 148 BC it begins a long
series of occupations, plundered by the Romans, Constantine's Holy Roman Empire, the Turks, theEnglish, then the Nazis.One fact gleaned on this trip, for the “things-I-never-knew department,” is that in 1923 Turkey andGreece had some real problems. A mass repatriation of 300,000 Turks living in Greece began, as over amillion Greeks living in Turkish areas returned home. Such a huge influx of Greeks causedovercrowding, unemployment and mass famine. Today few Greeks speak Turkish and vice versa. The present conflicts in Cyprus probably have to be seen through these historic lenses.Athens is named after a virgin, Athena, agoddess whose most magnificentmonument, the Parthenon, actually means“virgin” in Greek. Overlooking Athens thismathematically engineered masterpiece is fivetimes older than any building we could find in North America. Built 500 years before Christ,the marble pillars encode incrediblemathematics, the “sacred proportion,” andvarious optical illusions which make up itsdesign.At the same site (the Acropolis or “high city”)that overlooks greater Athens we find theTheater of Dionysius, where the plays of Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes andAeschylus dazzled sophisticated Athenians.For such a tiny country, just imagine howmuch Greece gave Western civilization:Homer, Hesiod (
The Theogony
) Hippocrates, Plato, Herodotus, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Euclid,Demosthenes...and Socrates himself.
The Parthenon

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