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Assignment Business Math@Stat

Assignment Business Math@Stat

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Published by atifatanvir1758

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Published by: atifatanvir1758 on Apr 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assignment (Graded) # 3
MTH302 (Fall 2009)Total marks: 20Due Date: November 19, 2009
(get the reward if you work hard)
 No assignment by email will be accepted. The students, who have some problem, shouldinform us at proper time so that their problems may be solved to avoid the submission of assignments by email.If you face some technical problem in your labs, you should ask the responsible personthere to contact VU’s administration and state the problem for getting a solution. No excuseregarding the late and by-mail submission of assignments is acceptable from now onward.Avoid copying because many students lose their marks by providing their assignments toothers even after having done a lot of hard work. Keep your assignment safe. Solve the assignment on MS word document and upload your word (.doc) files only. Donot solve the assignment on MS excel. If we get any assignment on MS excel or any format other than word file then it will not be graded.
You should submit your solution file (word documents) in thefollowing form. There is no need to send the question statementsand all of their options. Just fill this table and upload your file
QuestionNumberCorrect Option
Question 1: Marks: 2
The price of three house items is Rs. 30,000 and series discounts are: 5%, 10%, and 15%.What is the net price?a)30,000(1-0.15)(1-0.10)(1-0.05) b)30,000(1+ 0.15)(1 + 0.10)(1 +0.05)c)30,000(0.15)(0.10)(0.05)d)30,000(0.15+ 0.10 + 0.05)
Question: 2 Marks: 2
A shopkeeper reduces the prices of cooking oil per liter from Rs.175 to Rs.150. What will be its markdown in rupees and %markdown?a)75 and 16.67% respectively b)25 and 14.28 % respectivelyc)25 and 16.67% respectivelyd)50 and 28.5 % respectively
Question: 3 Marks: 2
Saud bought a TV set for Rs.12000. To make a desired profit he needs a 50% markup onselling price. What is his Rs. Markup?a)Rs. 6000 b)Rs. 8000c)Rs. 12000d)Rs. 4000
Question 4: Marks: 2
Catalogue price of a TV is Rs.10000. How much a customer needs to pay, if twosuccessive discounts of 20% and 20% are available on the TV?a)
10000 (1 0.2)
× ×
Question: 5 Marks: 2
A digital camera costing $150 was marked up 60% on the cost. For a July 4 sale, it wasreduced 25%. After the sale, it was marked up 50%. In September it was reduced 20%.What is the final selling price?a)$ 225 b)$ 246c)$ 206d)$ 216
Question: 6 Marks: 2
Price of an item is Rs.15000 which is available at two successive discounts of 10% and20% then the single equivalent discount isa)32% b)30%c)28%d)25%
Question: 7 Marks: 2
A man bought an article for Rs.21. The marked price of the article if the article was soldat 30% discount was-------a)Rs. 70 b)Rs. 6.30c)Rs. 30d)Rs. 14.70
Question: 8 Marks: 2
What is the markup rate on the selling price of an item that is equivalent to a 10% markupon cost?a)10% b)8.2%c)5.6%d)9.1%
Question: 9 Marks: 2

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