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Trance: Science of Self-Healing

Trance: Science of Self-Healing

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Published by John Jay Harper
About the Author
Dr. John Jay Harper is the author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, a magnum opus of his alchemical and occult insights into the meaning of the Mayan Calendar. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Community Health Educator, Science Advisor and Editor-in-Chief to Reality Press, California. For more information, please come join me on Facebook and see: www.johnjayharper.com and www.reality-entertainment.com.
About the Author
Dr. John Jay Harper is the author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, a magnum opus of his alchemical and occult insights into the meaning of the Mayan Calendar. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Community Health Educator, Science Advisor and Editor-in-Chief to Reality Press, California. For more information, please come join me on Facebook and see: www.johnjayharper.com and www.reality-entertainment.com.

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Published by: John Jay Harper on Apr 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Trance: The Science of Self-Healing Our Bipolar Soul Bodiesby John Jay Harper, D.C.H., M.S. The Great Light spoke: “Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem,and heal yourself.” ~Mellen-Thomas Benedict (www.mellen-thomas.com)Introduction
Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21
has never graced the shelf of abrick and mortar bookstore yet. Yet every single day purchase orders areplaced on-line at amazon.com for it worldwide. Why? I’m convinced it isbecause millions of radio talk show listeners have heard me share andresonate with its message on continents coast-to-coast: Death does notexist!For in June 1988, my material model of reality and separate sense of self melted down in a microsecond when a
optics physicist colleagueand close friend, George Sebastian Viguet III, stood before me in my masterbedroom in Silverdale, Washington. He had died six months ago supposedlyfrom a fatal heart attack but he merged into my consciousness in a pre-dawnlucid dream in a “second body” that I could not ever have imagined possibleat that time due to my belief system. It was a new, subtle liquid-crystal-likeglass energy body—not his old one, made of clay bones, blood, and flesh.Although I hasten to add that I’m convinced today that I saw George in aspirit-to-matter transition phase then and this was not his final disposition at
.However, as I’ve shared so many times with audiences, it was this traumathat shattered my Hard Rock Café worldview and set me free to discard thetheories of both religion and science in terms of immortality of the soul. For Ihave what no
can give or take away from me now: My personalobservation that our soul can split-into-two separate physical and spiritual
like our two brain hemispheres that contain our consciousness-unconsciousness within it. Perhaps it is akin to what William Blake (1757-1827) envisioned when he said, “Man has no Body distinct from his Soul.”More so, I came to the same conclusion as Novalis, the pseudonym of GeorgPhilipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (1772-1801), an author andphilosopher of early German Romanticism: “The seat of the soul is there,where the outer and inner worlds meet.” (Quoted by Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) in his last published book,
The Inner Reaches of Outer Space:Metaphor as Myth and As Religion
(1986).Physicist J. Nigro Sansonese reiterates in
The Body of Myth: Mythology,
Shamanic Trance, and Sacred Geography of the Body 
the purpose of ourphysical body is to create a container for cosmic consciousness toexperience itself. He says, “Myths make use of the special knowledge of ourbodies’ life processes to tell us about ourselves, about who we are andwhence we have come.” The stories of creation especially convey that oursoul body has two components, subtle and gross: It is made of pure light orsolar energy that is immortal but merges physically to co-create creatures inthe animal kingdom from molecules of matter manifested as the livingbeings we call Suns and planets throughout our
—a Greek word thatmeans “order,” the antithesis of chaos.Myths tell us that everything is alive, in particular, so-called “empty space.” Thus when our third eye opens we have visual access to this and otherrealms of angelic and
existence. Our mission is to see
the Kingdomof God as Jesus did according to scholar Stevan L. Davies. As he elaborates in
 Jesus the Healer: Possession, Trance, and the Origins of Christianity 
:“Religious trance perception
may be understood to be the perception of some other supernatural place beyond this world or, much more probably forthe case of Jesus and
his associates, it may be understood to be a radicallyrevised mode of perception of this world. The ‘Gospel of Thomas (113)’ givesthis account:
His disciples asked him, ‘On what day will the Kingdom come?’[Jesus]
said, ‘It will not come by your expecting it. They will not say, ‘Lookhere’
or ‘Look there,’ but
the Kingdom of the Father is spread out on theearth
people do not see it.’”Mythologist William Henry knowingly writes in
One Foot in Atlantis
, “Theoriginal Earthly Thule, said the dualistic Greeks, was named after theHeavenly Original that existed in Hyperboria, the Greek name for Heaven. Thule or Tula is the name for the
Central Sun
Spiritual Sun
or the
, at the center of our Galaxy.” The truth is, as I have repeatedly sharedin my book,
, we are melting into the fifth dimension of Mindat Large. In biblical terms, we are becoming
, or simply “absorbedwithin space.” In fact, space is where all past, present, and future versions of ourselves and worlds co-exist in the zero-point field, the so-called Void. Butthe Void is not empty; it is full-of-fluid, the pre-gaseous, highly-magnetic,plasma filaments of starlight. This is why the indigenous cultures, people worshipped the Sun throughecstatic chanting, drumming, and dance rituals. Broadway dancer IsadoraDuncan acknowledges, “The body, by force of the soul, can in fact beconverted to a luminous fluid.” In her 1928 book
The Art of Dance
, sheconfirms that we can “convert the body into a luminous fluidity, surrenderingit to the inspiration of the soul. The flesh becomes light and transparent, asshown through x-ray but with the difference that the human soul is lighterthan these rays. When, in its divine power, it completely possesses the body,
it converts that into a luminous moving cloud and thus can manifest itself inthe whole of its divinity.”Indian mythologist Heinrich Zimmer resounds, “Dancing is anancient form of magic. The dancer becomes amplified into a being endowedwith supra-normal powers. His personality is transformed. Like yoga, thedance induces trance, ecstasy, the experience of the divine, the realizationof one’s own secret nature, and finally, merging into divine essence.”Anthropologist Jeremy Narby, Ph.D. stated the case in
The Cosmic Serpent:DNA and The Origins of Knowledge
that “nature is minded” because it ismade of the conscious information fields communicated through the DNAnetwork of macromolecules that are even in the air we breathe and thewater we drink. The shaman knows as well as the quantum physicist, that if one atom in the cosmos were truly
, the entire creation wouldinstantly collapse into a singularity: implode to a point. We are under theillusion of separateness therefore if we believe that when we kick a rock, itdoesn’t hurt—the rock. We have been falsely taught by religion that we arenot nature and this illusion of our two-eyed bipolar vision is at the root of ourdysfunctional secular society today.In his divine essence that pre-dawn day, I saw that the soul body image of George was outside of me and inside of me simultaneously, that it wasminted and imprinted on the one-in-the same coin, so to speak, what we callspace-time in science. The illusion of separateness, and invisibility, ismanufactured by the vibrating frequency spectrum of light itself that isnothing more than space oscillating and rotating around a center point axissimilar to how spinning airplane props and ceiling fan blades becomeinvisible to “the naked eye.” Indeed, according to the laws of physics at thespeed-of-light there is no space-time “objects” at all possible, only consciousimages or
forms of awareness!After years of investigation into the physics of metaphysics, as well as myown confirming observation, I’ve learned that our inner and outer space canin fact collapse into a coherent
single-spaced body-image
of oneness in thethird eye open state-of-trance. Ralph Waldo Emerson realized this when hewrote in his essay
, “We have no means of correcting thesecolored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject lenses have a creative power; perhapsthere are no objects.” How radical an idea and co-creative too: There are nophysical beings or objects that remain “solid” forever, merely we aretemporarily compressed fields of spiritual sunlight—cosmic consciousness—that transform back into the zero-point field at
and/or the MayanCalendar’s date with destiny 12/21/12: The “end-of-time?”

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