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Faith Hope and Love

Faith Hope and Love



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Published by Walter Muller
How faith, hope and love are applied in everyday situations.
How faith, hope and love are applied in everyday situations.

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Published by: Walter Muller on Apr 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When we hear the words; faith, hope and love, we tend to immediatelythink about the Bible or Jesus, (religious thoughts).But are these three words religious only, or do they have another muchmore important meaning, were they spoken by Jesus for a reason perhaps totally overlooked? I know it is written in the book of Corinthians, and that book are stated to have been written by Paul, butPaul were according to the Bible given special insight by Jesus, andthese three words and the manner they are explained could have been part of the special insight Paul received, thus becoming the words of Jesus!Maybe the meaning was lost due to the fact that most of the scriptureswere written between sixty to two hundred years after the fact, we mightnever know!Business experts and motivational speakers have over the past centurycome up with some of the most extraordinary methods and ideas toinspire people to perform and excel in that which they do, faith, hope,and love being written so unobtrusively into those methods and ideasthat few if any, ever notice it.What do these three words mean? In Corinthians chapter fourteen it isstated that love is the one thing we should strive for, and in a spiritualsense in order to spread religion. Almost all great motivational speakersand expert trainers today promote passion/love for the subject as themost important factor for individual success.How does love or passion for the subject ensure success? Love or  passion alone cannot do the ‘trick’. Faith and hope is the two other ingredients which are as important as love or passion.Many experts have the tendency to say that hope should not be part of the planning process, this emotion, yes “emotion” is a very important1
factor in the process, to be successful all three need to be there. Whenwe look at the subject we have to in order for us to even start doingsomething with the subject feel something, or have faith in the subject,whether it is a job, a business venture or becoming friends with another  person, the other person can also be the one we want to share the rest of our lives with. You might ask; but how do we determine faith here? Thesubject usually have a history, that history might not be good, but then potential comes into play. We tend to look at both these things when wewant to use the subject and make it/her/him part of our lives.The history either awakens the interest or it does not, if it does, we look at the potential, and if the potential is present we commit with the faithwe have in both. The second phase in this commitment is hope. Hope isnot something we can discard at all, without hope we become lost andstumble aimlessly, not noticing the ‘good’ (potential) things surroundingour subject. Without hope no project will survive, simply because we dosee the potential and do not wish to be associated with that project or subject any longer.This ‘thing’ we call hope is present when we realise that we have faithin something, and as much a part of it as your breath is part of living.Hope and faith is two emotions working together in order for us tocommit to our subject, and only once we have committed ourselves is passion born.Doing something or working on our subject creates respect simply because we want to make the commitment work. Should we start a project and manufacture a component for this project we determinewhere the component must go, we then calculate the amount of timesthis component is going to work in a minute, after that we decide whatmaterial this component must be made of in order to work x amount of times in a minute. After we have eventually completed the componentwe run a test with it, and in that way determine if there are any flaws, if there are flaws we rectify it, and our component is ready for a production run. This is not the end of our interest in that component,maintenance is the other highly important factor we have looked at, andmaintenance must be carried out regularly, unless we want oucomponent to come to a speedy end.2

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