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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

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Published by Stacey T Pollock
Unconditional love is the path to fulfillment and true happiness in life.
Unconditional love is the path to fulfillment and true happiness in life.

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Published by: Stacey T Pollock on Apr 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unconditional Love
Unconditional love is the path to fulfillment and true happiness in life.
Is it possible to find in life a love that holds the test of time? That no matter what happensthrough experience that this love will continually follow us through all that we do. This lovecomes firstly from deep within, a self love based on the need to receive all that we wish todesire individually. It is grounded on the knowledge that we are strong individually and donot need to depend on others in order to achieve all that we wish to experience. That we canstep up for the challenge and no matter what obstacles that we must face, we can holdourselves up with pride at all that we have individually decided to do that derives from our own choices and goals.When we look to others for love, we base this love most often on what they can do for us andhow they can make our lives better. This love does have set conditions and places the other  person to have to take responsibility for another. It is not based on true self satisfaction andability to take responsibility and endeavors to ultimately fail from the impact of pressure that builds up from expectation. No other person can make us happy within ourselves, or can theychoose for us a desired future or purpose. They can only be with us through experiences,when they also have a common purpose to achieve.Often we are misguided to believe that material love is what is essentially valuable, a needingdependant love that always wants more and more. We say to another that they should give back in return whatever we give out ourselves and that love should be based on how much a person can do for you, rather than what they would like to do for you in return. It is a limitedlove that is based on expectation rather than on true love that is given without need for receiving or guilt based feelings. True love is given without expectation and comes from a place we forget about often, a place from inside ourselves. It has to begin from within inorder to allow others their own individual freedom to choose without expectation.To love unconditionally means to love from self. To not need from another to achieve purpose in life and to only enjoy company when it is desired and chosen. When two peoplecome together in this love, they do not hold pressure on each other. They can instead betogether based on their own choice and enjoyment, without needing the other person to fill agap of unhappiness that can only be truly achieved through self understanding. We think thatanother person is responsible to give us the love that we desire and need, but in truth we areindividually responsible for our own satisfaction and happiness and this can only come fromwithin ourselves. Through understanding this concept, that happiness first comes fromwithin, can we truly become independent of others and receive and give love that does not

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