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Jack and the Beanstalk Diary Entry

Jack and the Beanstalk Diary Entry

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Published by Bryan Tan Wei Zhong

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Published by: Bryan Tan Wei Zhong on Apr 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Diary Entry for Jack and the Beanstalk 
Bryan Tan10D
February 1854
Here I am once again just gazing into the starry sky and penning down mythoughts. Not much has happened today, just hearing mum·s complaints all daylong. I took a stroll to the marketplace and lately there has been a lot of talkgoing around about ´knights in shining armourµ going around saving princessesfrom mighty dragons and enormous giants. I mean seriously what rubbish isthat? I look all around me and all I see is people that look exactly like me.There·s no such thing as men that are ten foot tell and enormous birds thatbreathe out scorching flames! Gosh! The ridiculous stories that people gossipabout these days. Well I·m sure there·s one thing that·s certain, I·m sure theprincesses are real alright!
Oh boy I·m sure they·re real beauties. I can spendthe whole day dreaming about how my dream princess would look like. Soft Silkyhair, skin as fine as snow and I·m sure the lime light will always be on her nomatter where she goes. The star of attraction! Oh boy I·m getting reallyexcited talk about this whole princess thing. But then again, there·s somethingthat troubles me greatly. Although mum·s complaints are seriously driving me upthe wall, she does have a point. We haven·t had much money left and the onlyassets we have left is Milky-White my cow. She·s gorgeous really. Mum and Iowe our lives to her. It·s her milk that keeps us going and gives us food on ourtable. I hope mum doesn·t sell her of something. That would be awfully dreadful
 Sometimes I wish I could just go on an adventure and come back with LOTSAND LOTS of wealth. Wouldn·t that be perfect? I would be the wealthiest manand princess would flock to be in my presence. Perhaps some might even ask formy hand in marriage? Boy would that be a dream come true! But the best thingwould be that Mum would be happy. She wouldn·t have to worry about moneymatters anymore. Her happiness is worth anything to me.
February 1854
I can almost feel it. Like there·s something out there waiting to happen. I canalmost see it dancing among the stars. And when it does, it·ll be up to me to
Diary Entry for Jack and the Beanstalk 
Bryan Tan10D
decide what to do. Hopefully I·ll have the courage to do what·s right and thatchoice would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams! Wouldn·t that be nice. Allmy dreams would come true and I would never have to worry about moneyproblems ever again! I can almost see my future, its calling to me. I can feel itevery time a shooting star glides past. It·s amazing how many stars there areand how beautiful they are. I could just close my eye......and.....sleep.....zzzz
February 1854
Arrrrr!! I can·t believe it! What a fool I was thinking some colourful beans fromsome stranger would be magical and would somehow change my life!! My stupiddreams! It·s because of them that I am in the state that I am now. What was Ithinking? Exchanging my last source of income for some fantasy that·s probablya fraud. Now mum is crying in her room and it·s my entire fault. Maybe I shouldtry and get Milky-white back? That might work but how am I suppose to findthat man? I·ve never seen him before in this land even though I·ve been livinghere my entire life. He·s probably laughing at how gullible I was. But then again,the bean he gave me..... it just seems so magical. The moment they touched myskin, a rush of adrenaline went through me. I felt so light... like I was flying.What powers!But well, everyone knows there there·s no such thing as magic. What am Ithinking? Reality is what matters and right now my reality is being stuck in myroom without any food. Gosh I can hear my stomach growling... sighs......What Iwould do just for a piece of steak?
February 1854
I take back whatever I said! I believe in magic! I believe in fairy tales! Gosh I just had the best day of my LIFE! Right now I·m like smiling in excitement as Iam writing this down. Alright I got to cool down. Catch my breath. As far as Iremember it all started with those odd beans. My mum threw it out the window
Diary Entry for Jack and the Beanstalk 
Bryan Tan10D
and it grew into this GIGANTIC green Beanstalk! I mean... it·s like when I wokeup my room was in complete darkness. I panicked and ran all the downstairs andthe next thing I saw was the beanstalk. I couldn·t believe my eyes! I was juststunned by the size of this enormous green plant that grew all the way up to thesky. I couldn·t even see where it ended from my garden. So as excitement filledme, I began my journey up the beanstalk.It was a really long climb. I stopped to catch a breather once and all I could seearound me was clouds. Surprisingly, I could still breathe normally and when Icame to the top, I could see an enormous door in a distance. I soon realised thatthe door was just a part of a massive castle. The next thing I saw was a road, asstraight as a dart leading to the castle. I took the road and ohh boy! It wasmuch longer than I expected. Even longer than the road to grandma·s place. Bythe time I reached the door, I was drenched in my own sweat. Before I couldknock on the door, there was some rumbling on the ground similar toearthquakes I used to get back home. I searched for shelter near a rock andbraced myself. The trembling stopped, the door swung open accompanied by aglass shattering creek that left me dizzy.When I could count to 2 again, the next thing I saw left me jaw-dropped. Therewas a woman, with a very normal face BUT! She was almost fifty times my size.Even her smallest toe was bigger than me. She was really kinda and gracioustowards me and even invited me into her giant-size home. When I asked forsome food, she also gave me some. However, she also gave me a stern warning.She said I must take caution as her husband was an ´ogreµ. I turned a deaf earto the warning as I thought she was just trying to frighten me. But I was wrong,VERY WRONG. As I was eating a crump of their bread (The size of a loaf backhome). The house started shaking violently very much like the one before butwith much more intensity. The wife and I looked at each other and we knewwhat was coming for us next. We panicked and we decided to wrap me up andput me in the oven. I can feel the heat from that oven. It·s like the size of myroom!! The Ogre then mumbled something like ´fee-fi-fo-fumµ. I couldn·t reallyhear the rest. That brute seriously needs some English lessons from Mr Thomasback in school and perhaps even an attitude adjustment. I wonder how his wifeeven gets what he says. What a dumbass. However, I managed to catch some

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