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Windows 2000 Internet Service

Windows 2000 Internet Service

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Published by chepimanca

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Published by: chepimanca on Apr 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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he latest version of M i c rosoft Intern e tI n f o rmation Ser- vice is now shipping with Windows 2000 Server. As you would expect with a prod-uct in its fifth version, thechanges are clearly evolu-tionary or additive. Still, IIS 5.0o ffers new features and op-tions that ease administra-tion and Web development.Sites upgrading from the pre- vious version should experi-ence little or no difficulty.IIS 5.0 uses the administra-tive interface introduced withthe previous version: a Mi-c rosoft Management Console(MMC) snap-in showing all theservices and sites in a tre e view. You view and configureall options using an enhancedP roperties dialog. Contextmenus for sites expose several new op-tions, including a security Perm i s s i o n s Wi z a rd (Figure 1) and the ability to install,remove and verify server extensions. TheP e rmissions Wi z a rd helps you configure Web site access more easily by assigningaccess policies—including authenticationmethods, access permissions, IP addre s srestrictions and special access control lists(A C L S)—to virtual directories and files.Under the hood, IIS 5.0 takes advantageof the new Windows 2000 recovery op-tions for services. When a service fails, you can now set Windows 2000 to 1)restart the service, 2) run a file, or 3) re-boot the computer for the first, secondand any subsequent failures. To g e t h e r with the failure counter, this capability al-lows IIS run scripts that—forinstance—page administrators when individual services fail. Also, by default, IIS runs all ap-plications in a common orpooled process that is separatef rom core IIS pro c e s s e s .Logging has also been ex-tended: in addition to a newoption to create hourly logs— important for high volume Websites—IIS can also be config-u red to log Process Account-ing data, including such mea-s u rements as User and Kern e ltime, page faults and term i-nated processes. This lets ad-ministrators determine whichsites are using too many re-so urces or which might be mal-functioning; administrators canthen institute process throttli ng to limit the percentage of C P Utime allowed to individ-ual Web sites for out of process applica-t i o n s .H T T Psupport has also been enhanced.In addition to customisable error mes-sages, IIS 5.0 includes support for H T T PC o mp ression, which compresses both sta-tic and dynamic Web pages for faster trans-mission to compatible browsers. Dynam-ic pages must be individually compre ss e d ,
With Micro s oft Windows 2000 now shipping in the Middle and Near East, what can Internet ad-m i n i st rat o rs look fo r wa rd to with the accompanying IIS Server 5.0? In this month’s tutorial we de-tail the new fe at u res and options that will ease Internet or intanet administ ration by lev e ra g i n gthe tools found in Micro s oft Windows 2000 server to maximum effect.
i nter net 
services in w2K
April 2000
 Windows 2000 Internet Services
FIGURE 1: The new Permissions Wizard simplifies the process of assigning filepermissions.

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