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It Takes a Healthcare Village Part 2

It Takes a Healthcare Village Part 2

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Published by ncory79

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Published by: ncory79 on Apr 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It Takes a Healthcare Village: Part 2 Nicole CoryFerris State University
 HEALTHCARE VILLAGE 2AbstractThis paper is a summary of an interview with Ruth Sommerfeldt, Director of EmergencyServices at Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan. The topics of discussion were themanager¶s ability to deal with these issues: cultural diversity, power, influence, research, legalissues, ethical issues, decision making, and the resolution of conflict. Ruth Sommerfeldt, RN is ademocratic leader with a philosophy of ³people first´. She fell into the role of manager when her own manager left the position. Ruth feels power is not something she ever sought, and has never abused the power she holds as manager. She believes in collaboration with the staff and buildinga team from within. Ruth reads many research studies for her job as it is her duty to evaluate andinstitute evidence based practice policies for the unit.
 HEALTHCARE VILLAGE 3It Takes a Healthcare Village: Part 2Ruth Sommerfeldt, RN is the Director of Nursing Services at Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan in Ludington, Michigan. Her career began in 1980 when she graduated as anLPN from a nearby community college. After graduation, Ruth was hired to work on the medicalsurgical floor and worked there for one and a half years. By the end of her time working on themedical-surgical unit she had been trained to work in the pediatrics, orthopedics, nursery, post- partum, and psychiatric areas. One night while she was working, the emergency departmentcalled to see if anyone could be spared to help them as they were very busy. Ruth volunteered tohelp out, and that is when her love for emergency nursing began.Ruth went on to graduate from an ADN program in 1984. She worked in the emergencydepartment as a staff nurse for fifteen years until her boss left. During this time Ruth took anumber of EMT courses and fulfilled the role of charge nurse for several years.When her own boss left, Ruth was asked to fill in as an interim manager until areplacement could be hired. She was asked to take the job permanently but was hesitant due toher love for patient care. Eventually Ruth agreed to take the job and she has been in this rolesince.
Cultural Diversity
Memorial Medical Center is not a very culturally diverse facility. The population of theservice area is 94% Caucasian (City-Data, 2008). The diversity that Ruth states she most has todeal with in her role is in the age differences of the staff (Sommerfeldt, 2009). ³There is a greatdifference in the practices, values, and ideals of the staff who are 60 and those who are in their early 20s´ (Sommerfeldt, 2009).

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