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Published by twisted-revelation

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Published by: twisted-revelation on May 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jessica HillisBaileySenior Project10 April 2008SpeechProjectArrange a composition of piano music for a clarinet solo with a vibraphoneaccompaniment. My project connects to my career choice because I plan on studyingmusic production and will be required to transpose music from one instrument to anotheror one key to another and any time.EmotionsI experienced a number of emotions while working on my project but the twopredominant emotions were frustration and relief. I was frustrated for the majority of theproject because I had little knowledge of what I was doing and I was unable to ask mymentor all the time because he was busy with his duties as a teacher. The relief camefrom discovering that I had done something correct.ProblemsI faced the same problems any young musician faces when their preparatorymusic theory class does not teach them what I had planned. Because I didn’t gat what Ihope for out of the lass, I didn’t know as much as I had hoped. Basic mistakes in moving
notes up or down the necessary steps for correct transposition were most common.Personal GrowthI discovered that with a little self-motivation I could do anything. It took meforever to do my project and if I had started earlier, then I would have been so stressedabout it, but my lack of knowledge created anxiety in me, so I didn’t start when I shouldhave. I also learned to manage my time better because my original project idea crashed,so I was already behind.ContributionSince my project was based on the community I contributed more to my ownpersonal knowledge than anything else. I now know more about transposing music anddifferent classical styles of music. My interest in music production has grown as well.Thank-yousI am thankful first and foremost to my mentor, Mr. Schofield. He did me a favorby being my mentor because I was already behind and I’ve known him since freshmanyear. He knew everything he was talking about and I felt very comfortable working withhim. I also want to thank Clint Mansell, the composer of the piece “Lux Aeterna”, whichwas the song I used in my project. Without his creative mind and his ability to writebeautiful compositions, it wouldn’t have been near as fun as it was. I also want to thank my friend, Sam, for offering to play the clarinet part for me so that I could play the

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