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Published by TTbrawls
My researched views on aliens..
My researched views on aliens..

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Published by: TTbrawls on May 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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So.. this is basically my understandings and views about the whole ET predicament we're in.. realized I typed a novel, so I will go ahead and add a table of contents..
1.) Is there life really out there?2.) Where did the life come from?3.) Why have we not been informed of this!?4.) What else is the gov't hiding from us?5.) So what's proof of existence?6.) How did we get here?7.) Why have we not been taken over?8.) My view on alien technology9.) Why do they look so similar to us? Is there really life out there?
 I guess I really can't say for MYSELF. I'll never be TOO sure about it either, until I get to bashone upside the head and do my own little autopsy on one, or get abducted, as well as taken away from earth, from one. All I have to say is if someone tries to jump out of a bush dressed up as analien to scare me.. they're going to feel the "fists of God", and wake up (or not) with large holesin their body that they didn't have there before. Bad news for someone trying to make me abeliever by dressing up.. However, I DO believe they're out there. Why? Well, let's not be arrogant.. the universe is HUGE. I won't explain how big it is, as I'm sure you all understand that.. If our earth has the potential to bare life, than SO many other planets out there can do the same. Besides, life(micro-organisms) can live in VERY extreme conditions, and can be created with the presence of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon, as well as energy. The energy can be obtained naturally (such as lightning), and fuses them into molecules, then more advanced mix-ups suchas DNA and single-cell organisms, to multi-celled... you get the point. This has been done inlabs before (yes, life was created in labs using simple elements and a "spark"). If this can causelife on our planet, it can cause life anywhere else.On that note, think about how long we've lived on this planet. If we take the time it took from the first living organisms traceable on the earth, and compare that to the life of the earth.. you'd seewe've been here for a blink of an eye, and had a few "major" extinctions (many ice ages and  global warmings, volcanic eruptions coating earth, meteors..). If a number of those happened that we CAN read from our Earth's history, imagine how many could have occurred through thelife of the earth, having us only lived here for a blink of an eye. There very easily could havebeen MANY different civilizations started, grew advanced, saw the world was about to be ruined,then had the technology to flee untouched. This could have happened THOUSANDS of times,using the rate of growth we have undergone. You can imagine how advanced one of those"earlier" civilizations could be by this point of time. ESPECIALLY if you consider theexponential rate of technology growth. What I mean by this is.. advances in technology makesMUCH greater advances in technology (ie, if we can invent a device that gives us 12 hours of  sleep in just a minute, we'll be TWICE as productive as we currently are).
 Now then, if you can fathom what sort of advanced races can come from earth, imagine the possibilities of our solar system. Then recall that our solar system is young.. then think of all theother solar systems. Then galaxies.. It's absolutely OUTRAGEOUS to think we're the only oneshere. It's even MORE outrageous to believe that there is other life out there, and think we'reeven slightly superior to other potential races. From a theoretical perspective, I think anyoneelse can agree that the odds are... there is other life.
Ok, so there's other life out there. Where'd they come from then?
 I see there being 3 options to this question. Either they're "ancient astronomers", they're fromother galaxies and systems, or both. If you don't know the "Ancient Astronomer" theory.. then just simply think of it as the way I mentioned above (at least it's my version of it). There havebeen many ample opportunities for earth to house life before us. Ancient Astronomers are simplyearlier earth-dwellers that left, and still return from time to time to "check up". As for whether or not they're from other galaxies.. well, I think that depends. If we can really surpass the speed of light, then why the hell not? If it IS impossible to go faster, than I can seethem still doing it but it's less likely. It would take a LONG time to hop from galaxy to galaxy if  you can't pass the speed of light. I'm talking about millions to billions of years, or more, just traveling through nearly empty space. Talk about boring and.. not so efficient.
 So why have we never been informed of them?
 I think this is mainly a no-brainer. Do you really think the gov't would tell us if there WERE aliens? Honestly.. I believe even the gov't is misinformed (I'll get to that later though). But think about the consequences of being told there are aliens. First of all, there's religion. Many civilizations, some EXTREMELY large, are BASED off of religions. If word is released that we're not the only ones out there, this would just ruin a lot of  peoples' views on religions, causing MASS chaos in everything including politics. I find it ironicthat existence of other life doesn't really go against many religions, as most are based off of usbeing the "son of God".. why can't God make things interesting and tell you that you have abrother you didn't know about? But back to the point.. If religion is big enough to cause major wars, then imagine what can happen when people begin challenging religion.Second, think of the fear. We've been grown and raised to think we're the only ones. If you werewalk into a hallway, and were shown 100 different species of aliens that have just recently visited earth, how would you react? Ya, there's always that feeling of THIS IS SWEET! But you'll be stricken with SO much fear as well. It's ok.. you can admit it. This fear will also cause HUGE riots and chaos. It would completely change everything for us. Laws will change, gov'ts will fall while others will rise, new factions will start up. Largest of all, we won't be looking at "terrorists" as being our biggest threat. Ohhh no.. if other aliens can come and land "personal" crafts on our turf, while we have no idea where a single other race lives, then obviously they areMUCH more advanced, and can just absolutely crush us.
..which leads me to my next point. Simple economics.. If one terrorist act, or one hurricane, cancause so many people to go into hiding, resulting with a huge drop in GDP, imagine the result if nearly the entire world goes into hiding from fear of an alien attack. Not only that.. but then you'll find out where all your military tax dollars are going. Have you ever wondered why theUS spends SO much on military, even when not at war?Gov't distrust.. Do you think Americans are going to want to stay in America if they knew there gov't was taking money from them w/o saying why, keeping the society uninformed of the aliens,and covering everything up as much as they would have? Americans hate their gov't for being thiefs and scoundrels as is.. Imagine once they hear THAT. Resources.. If you take a look at a bit of astronomy, chemistry, geology, and physics, you'll find out that our planet is scarce of gold. Technically speaking, our planet is EXTREMELY insufficient of gold, and other planets are entirely plentiful of gold. B/c of our lack of gold, using it as a standard economics unit was a great idea. Gold is still what we base money off of.. Soimagine that some race "X" comes over to earth, and they're nice, peaceful creatures. They alsowant to set up some trade agreement with us. Well.. their planet is extremely plentiful in gold,COMPLETELY killing our planet's value of gold, and ripping apart our financial situation into shreds. Our "gold standard" would become a joke! Gold would become nearly meaningless, at least as far as economics is considered.
What all is the gov't hiding from us?
We'll start off from America's standpoint. I'm sorry if you don't like this, but it's just for  simplicity. We ALL know that America wants to be the world's cop.. So naturally they're seen asthe "superpower" of the world. Being in such a position, you have to try and imagine what sort of things the American gov't can do and get away with. We know the gov't gets away with a lot,but I believe we only just assume the tip of the iceberg. America's technology is MUCH morevast than what is told to us. Think.. if the gov't knew how to mind control, do you think they'd tell us about it? If they knew to travel time or teleport, do you think they'd tell us? HELL nothey wouldn't. What purpose would that show? B/c of this, I find it hard to believe that the gov't is the top of the food chain. As I've announced in other threads, I believe there is a form of "black gov't" that controls MUCH more than what even the gov't does. A "black gov't" that controls other countries. A "black gov't" that isn't entirely American-based.. but a collaborationof all the super-powers. I'm sorry, but the "normal" gov't is WAY too vast to be told many of these potentially large secrets. I believe this is the NWO that everyone hypes so much about. If you feel like digging around abit, you'll find out about a supposed organization called the "Majestic 12". The MJ12 isbasically the head of the WORLD.. just under wraps. It's comprised of many leaders you'venever heard of, from many different countries. A lot of evidence shows that there is an MJ12, such as many big documents and plans from them, however still no HARD proof of them. However.. if there aliens DID get in contact with a major nation.. then I have NO doubt in mymind that there is an NWO. Think.. before aliens, our enemies were other countries. After aliens, other countries are NOTHING to be feared compared to aliens, and the only choice is to form treaties.

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