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Trust in Advertisement

Trust in Advertisement

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Published by thebluelicious

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Published by: thebluelicious on Apr 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1Bella’s DreamBella's head tipped back on the couch, her body feeling heavy withexhaustion following the all-nighter she and Edward had pulled to fix theBlack Presentation. After countless hours, everything was finally ready togo for tomorrow. With that weight finally off her mind, she sat on thecouch, trying to ignore the fact that Edward had settled down beside her,and allowed her eyes closed as she gave in to the overwhelming urge tosleep and let her dreams overtake her... The black started to lift and the fuzzy outline of people began to takeshape in her head. Bella found herself in a very familiar setting. She sat at her desk, responding to the twenty emails that had flooded herinbox over the course of the day. No matter how quickly she responded,another seemed to appear, everyone jockeying for position after the gala.Connections that were made needed to be followed up on immediatelybefore people forgot the name, Masen Advertising. Bella understood thatand stayed on top of the messages, making sure the company namereceived the face time it deserved in the community. "You almost done?" Leah appeared from around the corner looking asexhausted as Bella felt. "Three more emails, two copies and I'm out of here." Bella beamed. "Good girl. You work too hard. Are you coming to Venom with ustonight?" Bella pointed to the black leather bag in the corner. "Got my change of clothes right there. I didn't think Venom was the place for businessattire."
 Leah laughed out loud. "Well if you went in there wearing that suit, I'msure all eyes would be on you, that's for sure. But probably not the wayyou intended." She bent down and adjusted the strap on her stiletto."Just tell me you brought something more..." "Venomous?" Bella asked, snickering. "I was thinking short, low-cut and sexy, but venomous works." Leahtapped the top of Bella's desk with her palm. "Can you be ready to leavein twenty minutes?" "No problema. Now let me finish this up." She waved Leah away andturned her attention back to her emails. As she was shutting down her computer, Edward stepped out of his office,his hair in its usual disarray. Bella peeked up at him from underneath hereyelashes. His suit jacket was gone along with his tie. He had unbuttonedthe top few buttons of his shirt and rolled his sleeves up to the elbow,probably trying to be more comfortable as he worked this late in the day.When he saw Bella at her desk, he paused. "What are you still doing here?" he asked, glancing down at his watch andchecking the time. "I assumed I was the only one who stayed this late." Bella clicked shut her laptop and walked around to the front of her desk."I was finishing up emails. There were quite a few after the gala that Ididn't want to leave overnight." Edward nodded his head in agreement. The bag she had sitting beside herdesk caught his eye. "Going somewhere?" He reached out and pouredhimself a cup of coffee.
 She glanced at the bag and felt her cheeks turn pink. "Oh, that. Leahwants me to go out with her tonight. I was just going to change." Edward laughed. "Is she dragging you to Venom?" When Bella's headsnapped in his direction he shrugged. "It's her favorite club in town. Of course the clientele there is a little," his lips curled into a wicked grin,"out there." "Why does everyone get that look on their face when they hear that'swhere she's taking me?" Bella felt her heart speed up as panic began toset in. With a wave of his hand, Edward tried to calm her fears. "Don't mind me,you'll have fun. I just have a bunch of work to finish up and a night outactually sounds like fun. I'm just jealous." "Do you need help?" Bella walked over and took the papers out of hishand to see what he was working on. "I can stay if you need me..." Edward looked at the tiny woman before him and smiled. He took thepapers back from her, his fingers brushing against hers and lingering for amoment longer than they should have. "No, you go. Have fun. You canchange in the bathroom in my office if you want, there's plenty of room.I'm going down to Emmett's office to hunt for a file so you'll haveprivacy." Tentatively she bent over and reached for her bag. "Are you sure? I don'twant to be in the way." There was an awkward pause as Edward stared wordlessly at her, thensnapped himself out of it. "No, please. You won't be in the way." He took

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