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General Inquiry[1]

General Inquiry[1]

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Published by Yakov Levin

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Published by: Yakov Levin on Apr 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 April 12, 2010To Whom It May ConcernI am writing to you today on behalf of the
Help and Education Center
, which wasestablished as an Israeli nonprofit organization in 1970. For more than 30 years theCenter has served the peripheral community of Kiryat Gat and its surrounding areas as aplace devoted to improving the lives of the people that we serve. The
Help andEducation Center
aims to provide educational reinforcement, and therapeutic and welfare services for the well being and advancement of weak populations in of KiryatGat.The statistics concerning the town are far from uplifting. Out of the town’s 57,000residents, more than half of them live off of welfare payments or earn salaries at asimilar level. Kiryat Gat has its share of children and youth at-risk—those who have behavioral problems in school, are delinquent, and even drop out school—many of  which come from depressed socioeconomic background. There are over 2,000 childrenregistered with the welfare authorities. Countless children are left to fend for themselves before and after school and would go completely hungry without the programs offered atthe
Help and Education Center
. Often the only food available to these children is bread; without sufficient nutrition, children and youth cannot develop properly. Formany, the lunch that they receive in school or in one of the Center’s other programs istheir only daily meal. Sadly, some will even take part of their food home to help feedtheir siblings or family.The mission of the
Help and Education Center
is twofold: 1) to provide the “right”programs which can empower the residents of Kiryat Gat and give them the tools toraise themselves out of their unfortunate situation and; 2) to provide educational andenrichment programs as well as academic tutoring that enable the youth to create a better future for themselves.Since its inception, the Center has been operating programs in accordance with ourabove mission serving more than 3,000 people each year. Our primary programsinclude:
Kindergarten and Daycare Centers
—in Israel in order to survive, bothparents must work—especially in peripheral towns like Kiryat Gat. Many youngchildren in our area suffer from severe neglect. In order to make a positivedifference in their lives, an intervention is necessary before primary school
 begins. The Center operates 6 daycare centers and 17 kindergartens that providesfor many of the developmental needs of these children and more importantly, aregular hot meal and nurturing environment.
Elementary Schools
—The Center operates a school for boys and a school forgirls. The girls school is one of our longest standing projects and is fully accredited as a public school by the Ministry of Education in Israel. Our studentpopulation is very diverse—students come from both religious and secular homeand include native Israelis as well as many new immigrants from the FSU,Ethiopia and South America.
 Adult Educational Programs—
the Center offers parenting, employmentskills and financial skills workshops, among other topics as well as family counseling
Tutoring and Enrichment Activities and Summer Camps
—Programmingoperates from 6:30am – 6:30pm and provides more than 700 children with asafe environment that provides homework assistance and teaches life-skills, goodmorals, and advancement through education. 
Emergency Food Baskets and Assistance for Needy Families
—TheCenter provides emergency allocation baskets for families in severe distress. Italso operates a community kitchen where people can come twice a week for hotmeals. The food distribution network reaches 80 disadvantaged families.
Family Services and Counseling
—Many of these children need extra supportand care outside of an educational environment due to the dismal situations thatthey come from. In their homes, these children have parents who are poverty-stricken, abusive, divorced, mentally disabled, sickly, neglectful, arrested, andeven drug addicted. The family intervention and counseling services is staffedmainly by volunteers and operates from 6:30pm – Midnight. It providessupportive therapies and counseling by professional psychologists and social workers.
Renovating and Purchasing Equipment
Funds are needed for buildingplaygrounds, renovating our facilities and synagogue as well as buying everythingfrom games and books to office supplies and fuel.The above programs represent only a part of our many endeavors. We are seekingurgent funding to help those who come from socioeconomically deprived families in theperipheral town of Kiryat Gat and surround areas. Due to lack of finances,underprivileged children and youth are denied the potential for significant change andempowerment in their lives. We believe that through our programs the residents of Kiryat Gat will enable them to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty and create a better future for themselves and

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