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Published by kantti

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Published by: kantti on May 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LEVEL 3 COMMANDS (GAME MASTER) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.acctSyntax: Checks Your Account Gm Level.~.commandsSyntax: Shows All The Availble Commands You MayUse.~.dismountSyntax: Dismounts You From Your Mount.NOTE* Must Be On A Munt To Work.~.gmlistSyntax: Shows Gm's Online~.help [Command]Syntax: Shows Help for the selected Command.~.saveSyntax: Saves Character.~.startSyntax: Teleports To Where Your Hearthstone Is Set.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.announce [message]Syntax: Broadcast a System Wide Message Viewed ByAll Players.~.gmoff Syntax: Turn Gm Visibilty Off. Players And Mobs CanNow Attack You.~.gmonSyntax: Turn Gm Visibilty On. Players And Mobs CantAttack You. You Are Now Visible In .Gmlist~.goname [Char Name]Syntax: Teleport Staright To The Selected Player.~.namego [Char Name]Syntax: Teleport The Selected Player To You.~.gpsSyntax: Display the position information for a selectedcharacter or creature.Position information includes X, Y, Z, and orientation,map Id and zone Id~.learnsk [Skill ID]Syntax: Learns a skill for the selected player ingame.~.lookuptele [Location]Syntax: Looks up the coordinates for the locationselected.~.modify [Hp|Energy|Mana|Rage]Syntax: Modify the selected players Hp, Energy, Mana,Rage.~.modify [Speed|Swim|Scale|Syntax: Modify speed and swim rate from scale 0-10.Modify Scale (Size) For Selected player from scale0.01-3.~.money [# Amount]Syntax: Give Money In Copper To Selected Player~.recallSyntax: Teleport Playername or selected player to theplace where he has been before last use of ateleportation command.If no Playername is entered and no player is selected,it will teleport you.~.saveallSyntax: Saves All Players In Game~.Visible [0 or 1]Syntax: Output current visibility state or make GMvisible(1) and invisible(0) for other players.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.addmove [#creature_guid] {#waittime}Syntax: Add your current location as a waypoint forcreature with guid #creature_guid. And optional addwait time.~.addspw [Creature I.D]Syntax: Spawns Creature To The Location You AreStanding.~.changelevel [0-73]Syntax: Changes level of Selected Mob Or NPC.~.delSyntax: Delete Selected Creature From World~.delobjectSyntax: Delete gameobject with gameobject guid.~.delticketSyntax: .delticket [all].delticket [#num].delticket [character name][all] to delete all tickets at server, [character name] todelete ticket of this character, [#num] to delete ticket[#num].~.demorphSyntax: Demorph Selected Player~.displayidSyntax: Change the model id of the selected creatureto~.gocreatureSyntax: Teleport your character to creature with guid~.kick [Char Name]Syntax: Kick Char name of the server.~.pinfo [Char Name]Syntax: Get Info on char's Account~.progSyntax: Teleports You To Programmer Island~.spawndist #distSyntax: Adjust spawndistance of selected creature todist.~.targetobjectSyntax: Locate the nearst game object.~.ticket [on|off]Syntax: [on] Show new tickets, [off] Dont show newtickets.

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