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Published by cfirfortworth
newsletter for April 2008, HCPAAA
newsletter for April 2008, HCPAAA

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Published by: cfirfortworth on May 15, 2008
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Publication Date, 5-14-2008
President,Tom Wicker-817-485-0993,VP, Bob Bryson-817-595-1821, VP, Jim Callaway-817-284-8321, Treasurer, Elaine Wicker-817-485-0993, Secretary, Barbara Denman-817-903-7587D
Scott Denman-817-903-7587, BillAllred-817-282-5918, Tony Horton-817-595-4792.VP of Activities : Jim CallawayChairperson; DNA Kit/VIN Etching - Kathy Sherwin,H 817-562-4922, W 817-529-1071Chairperson; Club Historian - Carol Nanchy, 817-284-1090.Chairperson; Newsletter - Joel Downs, 817-282-2065Chairperson; Skytower - Tom Wicker, 817-485-0993Chairperson; Snacks - Jim Callaway
The meeting was cut short due to the televisedpredictions of of rain, hail, and high winds. Nobodywanted to be caught out in this kind of weather.
 Thanks a lot to the 19 HCPAAA members whohelped out at the Community Park cleanup, tree limbpickup and debris dump which was organized by thecity after the high wind damage that the citizens of Hurst endured on April 10th. They were ; JodiMauldin, Bob Bryson, Ralph Hurd, Delbert O'Neal,Bill Hines, Fred Metcalfe, Larry Penland, JimCallaway, Jack Yarnell, Tom Wicker, Bob Walker,Gayle Walker, Dessa King, Hubert King, SylviaSlawson, Lloyd Slawson, Carol Nanchy, Tony Hortonand Scott Denman.
 There were approximately 28 members who attendedthe April meeting. Those who signed the attendancesheet were ; Tony Horton, Larry Penland, JimCallaway, Peggy Callaway, Virginia Rutledge, DessaKing, Hubert King, David Keller, Scott Denman,Barbara Denman, Nadine Madzik, Carol Nanchy, BobBryson, Ralph Hurd, Joel Downs, Sylvia Slawson,Lloyd Slawson, Kathy Sherwin, Bob Walker, GayleWalker, Joel Ferguson, Jack Yarnell, Doyle Little,Monica Nash, Barbara Gille, Nancy Gage, and KimBlake. Tom Wicker attended but had not signed in atthe time the count was taken.
Beginning April 1st we had $29,053.35 in the bank,we wrote checks for $22.38, $25, and $26.21. Weended the month with $2,879.76.
 Prize winnwers were not kept track of due to thepremature adjournment of the meeting.
:Dispatcher Melanie Freeman was the winner of theApril drawing.
NOTE: The Subshine Report for February, March andApril will be combined in this month's newsletter.
Delbert O'Neal continues to have severe problemswith his eye. No surgerys this month, but he doeshave the flu. Leon Hardeman and his wife Pat wereon a cruise when Leon passed out at meeting time hewas under observation. Nancy Gage could not attendthe meeting because she was attending the birth of hergranddaughter. The grandfather of the Adopt aFamily passed away, he had been hospice
Congratulations cards in the following mailboxes atthe PD on February 24th.Officer of the Year Ryan RiderRookie of the Year Mark BrunerSupv. of the Year Sgt. Terry TaborCivilian of the Year Chris HobbsCpl. Lonnie Brazzell had surgery February 28th for abenign tumor. Get Well card mailed to himPublic Service Officer, Janie Coleman had minorsurgery on March 4th. Get Well card sent. She is fineand back at work.Sgt. Dennis Bramlett's mother passed away March
10th?. Mailed Sympathy card to him.Officer Tony Jones is retiring after 25 years of service. Below is the announcement Tony sent outhimself."I would like to announce my retirement from theHurst Police Department effective March 31, 2008. Ithas been an honor and privilege to have served thecity and communities of the City of Hurst. Thefriendships that I have formed with past and presentemployees are immeasurable.I would like to give thanks to my fellow Officers,Employees, Supervisors, and Administrators whohelped me through some difficult times. It wasthrough their encouragement that I found strength andperserverance. I would like to give praise to theCitizens prayer groups and countless people that sentme cards and letters for many, many, years.I would like to give a special thanks to Captain BertEstes. If it wasn't for him, I do not believe my hiringat the Police Department would have occurred. Thank you, Bert Estes for believing in a skinny Black kidfrom the inner city.I would like to give the ultimate testimony to God. Itwas through God's grace, mercy and salvation that Imanaged to survive through an inexplicablecircumstances and 25 years of Police work.With sadden heart, I must depart."See, the employees really do appreciate the cards wesend them. A Congratulations card was placed inTony's mailbox from the HCPAAA.
Sgt. Jim Pell has been promoted to Lieutenant of theHurst Police Department. Sgt. Safran came in a closesecond. Kathy placed a Congratulations card in Lt.Pell's mailbox at the PD over the weekend.Officer Ryan Rider had knee surgery yesterday.Kathy mailed him a Get Well card from theHCPAAA members. Please pray for his speedyrecovery.Charles Swearengen is making a comeback. Hisproblems with his leg and have been ameliorated. Heattended the the Volunteers In Action lunch thismonth. He was wearing a medical boot on his left footbut he looked well.Elaine Wicker's cousin, in Chicago, has beendiagnosed with immediate terminal cancer and is inhospice. The Wickers will not be able to make theMay meeting.Earline Allred has been diagnosed with pancreaticcancer. She and Bill have girded up their resourcesfor the ordeal. She will not to go silently into thenight. Your prayers, cards, phone calls, and visits arevery welcome. A website has been set up so thatfriends can see the latest development when they areposted by the Allreds. Here's the link>>http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/allred 
SKYTOWER: See the table below for the observerschedule. If you want to sign on for observer duty,call President Tom Wicker at 817-485-0993.Observers must have gone through a training courseon the Skytower.Monday11am-12pm, Jim Callaway, Peggy Callaway12pm-1pm, Jim Callaway, Peggy Callaway1pm-2pm, Joel Downs2pm-3pm. Joel Downs3pm-4pm, Bill Hines, Delbert O'Neal4pm-5pm, Bill Hines, Delbert O'Nea5pm-6pm, OPEN6pm-7pm, Jack Yarnell7pm-8pm, Jack YarnellTuesday11am-12pm, Fred Metcalfe, Doris Metcalfe12pm-1pm, Fred Metcalfe, Doris Metcalfe1pm-2pm, Bob Walker, Gayle Walker2pm-3pm, Bob Walker, Gayle Walker3pm-4pm, Lloyd Slawson, Sylvia Slawson4pm-5pm, Lloyd Slawson, Sylvia Slawson5pm-6pm, OPEN6pm-7pm, OPEN7pm-8pm OPENWednesday11am-12pm, Ralph Hurd12pm-1pm, Ralph Hurd

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