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Parables Skit

Parables Skit

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Published by Geordie_Daniel_8226

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Published by: Geordie_Daniel_8226 on Apr 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Parables Skit by Geordie Danielhttp://www.biblemeanings.info/Parables/Clowes/Good_Samaritan.htm http://www.biblemeanings.info/Parables/Clowes/Prodigal_Son.htm http://www.biblemeanings.info/Parables/Clowes/Sower.htm 
 Many of the directions the actors have to take on stage may not be on this script, but I have them prepared. The songs can be changed. These are just suggestions. There is plenty of room to add on people. Just let me know.The idea was that each story be for each grade level (High School. Middle School. Elementary School.) We can get rid of a story or two, or arrange it differently.
(The skit begins with a person on a chair or rocking chair, and a book or bible. Hesays«
) Narrator: Namascarram my fellow brothers and sisters. Today, I¶m here to tell youabout the many stories that Jesus has told us, in order to show us an everyday lesson. Thestories, otherwise, known as parables, helped us to learn lessons that live with us for therest of our lives. Lets start off with a very popular one. One of my favorites, the Parableof the Prodigal Son.
The narrator then takes his chair and walks off the stage. Then, a group of 4-5 workerscome in, with little turban and folded moondas. They all have a shovel, or axe, or sometype of farming tool. The song ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRlnKqNmmqo
 ) plays for a short while.
 Worker 1: Indammay! This field is sooo much work.Worker 2: Ente back-a verruno (
 My back is hurting 
)Worker 1: Look at the owner¶s sons. The younger one is so hard working. Pavam!Worker 2: I know! And look at the older boy«just slacking off. Sho!Older Boy: (sings a bit) Monnu? You know what? I don¶t have to live here on this³dump´. our father is so rich. We can just simply ask him for some wealth and prosper off of that! Think it is a good idea?Younger boy: Chetan, just work. Echachin (
) is coming okay? Don¶t upset him.
The father, wearing clean, proper clothes, walks in.
Father: Mackalay (
), how is work going? Hot day?Younger boy: Very much Echachin.
 Father: How about you too? Doing fine?Wokers: Good! Couldn¶t be better!Older boy: (
 says childish, trying to persuade his father 
) Papaaa. Can I ask something?Father: Go ahead monay!Older boy: Do you think, that maybe, JUST maybe, you could divide the property,and give me a portion of the wealth?Father: But monay«this is my land. Is it necessary for me to do this?Older boy: Please Echachin!Father: Okay monay. But be careful.Older boy: Yeah yeah, sherri, okay. Narrator:
voice only
Soon afterwards, the elder son gathered all he had there, andtook a journey off from the farm and went to live on his own. With all the new wealth heacquired, he began living a riotous lifestyle. He began to drink heavily (
 pauses to showthat the song is drunk and singing songs with other people
), wasting money, (
 shows the son wasting money carelessly
), and soon, he had nothing (
the son¶s friends leave him and the son is left alone on the stage.
) To make matters worse, a famine soon swept the areathat he was in.Older boy:
 sad or crying 
There is nothing to eat. I¶m alone«with no money. What onEarth can I do (
crys a bit 
). I guess« I could go work on someone¶s land for some money.At least I¶ll have somewhere to stay. Narrator The boy took a job feeding pigs. He soon began to realize what he wasdoing wasn¶t worth it at all.Older boy: look at these pigs, they get more food than me. I wish I had somethingatleast. Even the workers in my father¶s house get food for working. I¶m his SON andI¶m here, starving.
looks sad 
There is only one thing I can do. I can go to my father¶shouse and beg him for his mercy.
 Exit¶s the stage
 Narrator So the son began his journey back home. Meanwhile, on the farm, hisfather begins to show how much he misses his son.Father: (
 song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYUd28xJRs8plays in thebackground 
) Ente mone. How much I miss him. I would do anything to see him again.Older boy
enters the stage. He looks at his dad. The dad comes and hugs the son.
Then, the son asks:
Papa«I have sinned against heaven, and before you, and am no moreworthy to be called your son: make me as one of your hired servants.Father: Intha nee paranay? (
what are you saying 
) (
he looks off into the audienceand asks
) Da Hydroseay! Get the best clothes and shoes for my son. Chacko! Go kill thefattest cow we have. We will eat and celebrate, for my son, who was dead, is now alive.He was lost, and is now found!
 Happy music begins to playhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VKa-cglIkc
 )The dad guides the son until he leaves the stage, but the dad stays. The younger sonenters.
 Narrator The younger son entered, and to his surprise, the whole house was beingdecorated.
 A servant walks in and bumps into the son
Younger son: Hey Chacko, whats going on?Worker: Well, your brother has come home. Your dad killed the fattest calf andordered a celebration to go on.
he continues to walk away, as the son seems mad 
Younger son: How is this possible. Ee manishu (
this guy
). Where is father. Papa! Papa!Father: Monay, there you are. Come, we are having a big party for chetan. He hascome home!Younger son:
Papa. I served you for so many years with obedience. Never haveyou killed a calf or held a party this grand for me. But all of a sudden, this guy, whowasted all of your money, comes home and he gets the royal VIP treatment. Why Papa?Father: Monay, you are always with me. Everything that I have, is yours. It wasnecessary that celebrate, and be glad: for your brother was dead, and is alive again; andwas lost, and is found. Vah monay. (
come son
) lets go.
They leave the stage, and the narrator comes back with a chair and talks to the audienceagain
 Narrator: Wow. Stories like this, really help us to learn more about God¶s word, andabout everyday life lessons. Along with the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the GospelAccording to Luke has another story that teaches us the right thing to do. In the Parableof the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches us that we should help those in need.
 He leaves the stage and a man begins to walk across the stage.
 Narrator Once there was a man who left from Jerusalem and was traveling to

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