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Published by Syed Hyder Akmal
A book of Shaykh of shaykhs, Pirane pir Hazrath Sayyidna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Radi Allahu anhu. A Master work of His Excellence under whose feet of success is derived.
A book of Shaykh of shaykhs, Pirane pir Hazrath Sayyidna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Radi Allahu anhu. A Master work of His Excellence under whose feet of success is derived.

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Published by: Syed Hyder Akmal on Apr 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 On the essential tasks of every believer 42 On sharing good advice 53 On being tried and tested 64 On spiritual death 85 On the nature of this world, detachment from which is strongly advised 106 On passing beyond the creation 117 On removing the cares of the heart (qalb) 148 On drawing near to Allah 179 On disclosure and contemplation 1910 On the self and its states 2111 On carnal appetite 2612 On the prohibition of love and wealth 2713 On submission to Allah’s command 2814 On following the practice of Allah’s own 3215 On fear and hope 3316 On trust and its stages 3417 On how the contact (wusul) with Allah is attained 3718 On not complaining 4019 On promises 4320 On the saying of the prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace): “Leave anythingthat makes you doubtful and stick to what arouses no misgivings in you.” 4521 On addressing Iblis the accursed 4722 On the testing of the believer’s faith 4823 On contentment with one’s lot from Allah 5024 On cleaving to Allah’s door 5225 On the tree of faith 5426 On not unveiling one’s face 5627 On good and evil as two fruits 6028 On the classification of the seeker’s state 6429 On the saying of the prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace): “Poverty is onthe verge of slipping into unbelief.” 6630 On not saying “What shall I do and how?” 6831 On hatred for Allah’s sake 7032 On not sharing one’s love of Allah 7133 On the four types of men 7334 On not resenting Allah 7635 On pious caution (al-wara’) 8036 On the explanation of this world and the hereafter, and what one must do in themboth 8237 On censure of envy 8638 On honesty (sidq) and sincerity (nisah) 8939 On dissension, concord and hypocrisy (nifaq) 9040 On when the aspirant truly belongs in the company of spiritual people 9141 Illustrating the nature of annihilation (fana’) 9342 On the two conditions of the self (nafs) 9643 On censure of asking from any but Allah 99
344 On the reason for non-response to the supplication of one who knows Allah 10045 On blessings and trials 10146 On the Sacred Tradition “When someone is too busy remembering Me…” 10647 On closeness to Allah 10848 On what the believer must attend to 10949 On censure of sleep 11150 On how to treat the servant’s remoteness from Allah; explanation of how to achievecloseness to Him 11251 On abstinence 11452 On the reason for the trials borne by certain believers 11653 On the commandment to seek contentment with Allah and annihilation (fana’) inHim 11754 On those who wish to attain to the contact (wusul) with Allah, an explanation of thenature of that contact 12055 On giving up life’s pleasures 12256 On the servant’s becoming extinct (fana’) to creatures, passions, the self, the willand desires 12557 On not contesting destiny, and the commandment to keep oneself contenttherewith 12758 On looking away from all other directions, and seeking the direction of Allah’sfavour 12959 On cheerful acceptance of misfortune, and being grateful for blessings 13060 On the beginning and the end 13461 On pausing before taking any action until its permissibility is clear 13662 On love, the beloved, and what is required in respect of both 13863 On a kind of inner knowledge (ma’rifa) 13964 On death without life, and life without death 14065 On the prohibition of resenting Allah for deferring response to supplication 14366 On the commandment to make supplication, and the prohibition omitting it. 14667 On struggle with the self and description of its nature 14868 On the words of Allah (Exalted is he): “Every day He is about some business.” 15169 On the commandment to ask Allah for forgiveness, protection from sin, help towardsuccess, contentment and patience 15370 On gratitude and acknowledgment of shortcomings 15571 On the seeker and the sought 15772 On those who are attracted to what they see in the market and those who view itwith patient restraint 15973 On a party of saints whom Allah makes aware of the faults of others 16174 On how the intelligent person should prove to himself the Uniqueness of Allah 16375 On spiritual culture (tasawwuf) and what it is based on 16576 On advice 16677 On staying with Allah and becoming extinct to creatures 16878 On the people devoted to spiritual struggle and self-examination and the masters of resolve, explanation of their virtues 17079 On his death 175
Futuh al-Ghaib

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