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Q and A

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Published by twisted-revelation

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Published by: twisted-revelation on May 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jessica HillisMr. EllisonHonors English 99 May 200520 Questions and Answers1. Were you surprised to be chosen by a 21
century student as a person interest?To be honest with you, I was quite surprised. A lot of people, such as the Irish or the Scottish,would know about me but not many Americans. I was surprised in the beginning but I got usedto it afterwards.2. Who was an important person in your life?The most important person in my life would have to be my wife, Elizabeth Bourchier. She wasthe daughter of the city magnate and was very beautiful. She was married to me and we had eightchildren and she managed to raise them all.3. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?
I would want to have dinner with Ernest Hemingway. Why? Well, he’s supposed to be thegreatest writer of all time and I would want him to write my life story!4. What statement do you want on your gravestone? Why?The statement I would want on my gravestone is this: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not afact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” The roman emperor Marcus Aurelius saidthat. To me it means that you can never trust authority and never trust what you are told. That isone of the reasons why I went against the king.5. Talk about the most important aspect of what you’ve done in your life. Explain.Possibly the most important aspect of my life would be when I overthrew the king. I destroyedthe Irish and Scottish armies and I attacked the king. Without his allies, he was pretty much apushover. I had him; King Charles I, beheaded and I took over the throne, but not as king. Iwould never take the throne as king. I was simple the Lord Protector.6. Did any major catastrophic events (a war, flood, famine, tsunami, stock market crash, etc.)affect your life? Explain.
The only catastrophic event, which affected my life, was the civil war of England. I took part inthat so it changed my life forever. If I hadn’t taken part in it, England and the world today would-n’t be the same.7. Are there any political leaders of your time who have been important to you? Explain.Well, no political leader has ever been important to me because I was a political leader. KingCharles I wasn’t important to me because I de-throned him.8. Tell my about the people who are most important to you. Why are they important?Please refer to question number two.9. How did where you were born and/or where you grew up affect your life?I was born into poverty, so I was never really ‘rich’. But I had a well-known uncle so I had help toget to be a political leader.10. If you could relive a memorable part or time of your life, what would it be? What initially

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