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Mixed Tenses

Mixed Tenses



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Published by Malvarosa
Mixed Engish tenses
Mixed Engish tenses

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Published by: Malvarosa on Apr 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1- Look ! Mary _______________(jump) into the water2- Tom is not at home, he ________________(study) in the library3- Once a week I ________________(go) to an art class4- It often _________________(rain) in London5- Wood _________________(float)6- Be quiet Peter! Your father _____________________(sleep)7- I ________________(do) my hair when the telephone rang8- I _________________(have) a dream last night9- I __________________( not like) cheese but I ___________(eat) it last night10- She _______________(write) the letter ten minutes ago11- While my father _________________(read) the newspaper, my mother ____________ (cook)12- My brother was watching TV when his friend _______________(phone)13- Yesterday at seven o´clock I _________________(walk) the dog14- My sister ___________________(see) Titanic twice15- __________________________(you / ever / be ) to France?16- They _______________________(live) in this house for ten years17- I __________________________(not see) Mary since her birthday18- ____________________________(your brother / tidy) his room yet?19- We __________________________( already / buy) the present20- She _________________________(just / arrive)21- Somebody ___________________(steal) my bike, I can´t find it22- Tom _____________________(see) this film twice, the last time he ______________ (see) it, it ________________(be) a week ago23- I __________________(buy) my car in 199024- The storm destroyed the sandcastle that we ______________________(build)25- He __________________________(not be) in London before 199726- When she went out to play, she _____________________(already / do) her homework27- My brother ate all the cake that our mum ____________________(make)28- I _______________(be) late for work because I had missed the bus29- When I met Jane at eleven o´clock, she ________________________(not have)Breakfast yet30- _______________________________(he / live ) in London before he moved toGlasgow?31- After Eric ________________(make) breakfast, he ___________(phone) his friend

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