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USTerms for AP Exam

USTerms for AP Exam

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Published by mrsaborges

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Published by: mrsaborges on Apr 13, 2010
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AP U.S. History
Native Americans: Iroquois Confederacy-- FiveNations; Moundbuilders, Pueblo, CreeksAmerindian culture in North AmericaColumbusCortés (Aztecs)Pizarro (Incas)Spanish Settlements: St. Augustine, 1565Mission system in the southwestCalifornia - Father Junipero Serra
“Black Legend”Decimation of Indian population by 1600Treaty of Tordesillas, 1494Spanish Armada, 1588causes for British colonial impulseSir Humphrey Gilbert, RoanokeSamiel de Champlain (“Father of New France”) joint-stock companiesGeography and its effect on settlementsImpact of European culture on North AmericaImpact of Native Americans on European cultureSpanish relations with Native Americans
 Ecomienda, hacienda,
mission systemPope’s Rebellion, Santa FeFrench relations with Native AmericansJesuits;
coureur de bois
British relations with Native Americansfounding of 13 Original Colonies (know order)
Southern Colonies (Plantation Colonies)
common characteristics of southern colonies joint-stock CompanyChesapeake: Virginia, MarylandVirginia Company: purpose, failures, successesVirginia Charter, significance
Jamestown (1607)/Virginia
Captain John SmithPocahantas, PowhatansJohn Rolfe, tobaccoAfricans arrive in 1619House of BurgessesBacon’s Rebellion, 1676; Governor BerkeleyCharter revoked in 1624, James I
(1634)Lord Baltimore (Calvert)Act of Toleration (1649)Impact of English Civil War on coloniesHeadright system, indentured servantsImpact of British West Indies, BarbadosMiddle PassageSlave CodesIndian slave tradeRestoration colonies, Charles II
1670, split in 1712Charleston (Charles Town)Regulator Movement, 1771contrast in character between N. & S. Carolina
(1733): reasons, successesJames Oglethorpestaple crops in South: tobacco, rice, indigoSouthern class structureAnglican ChurchStono Rebellion, 1739
Early New England -- Plymouth & MBC
Protestant Reformation, Martin LutherJohn Calvin,
 Institutes of the Christian Religion
 Predestination, the “elect,” “visible saints”Church of England (Anglican Church)PuritansPilgrims (Separatists)Plymouth Colony, reasons for leavingJohn RobinsonSeparatists, Non-SeparatistsMayflower CompactThanksgiving, MassasoitWilliam Bradford
Massachusettts Bay Colony
(1629)Puritansreasons for leaving: Charles I, Archbishop LaudRight of Petition, 1628; suspension in 1629“Great Migration” -- 1630simpact of English Civil War -- interregnumJohn Winthrop:
 Model of Christian Charity
covenant theology --“City on a hill”Puritan (Protestant) work ethic
Congregational churchJohn Cottontownhall meetings, self-government-- voting granted to church members, 1631(No separation of church and state)
AP ID's cont. Page 22Cambridge Platform (1648)contrast Puritan colonies with othersReligion in MBC“visible saints”, the “elect” jeremiadhalf-Way Covenanteducation: purposeHarvard founded, 1636Massachusetts school of lawDissent:Anne Hutchinson, antinomianismQuakersRoger Williams -- “liberty of conscience”Salem Witch Trials, Cotton MatherImpact of Geography on New England2 main contributions to the American character:democracyperfectability of society
Other New England Colonies
 Connecticut Colony (1636) -- Thomas HookerNew Haven, 1638Fundamental Orders (1639)Roger Williams, Rhode Island (1644)
New England Politics
-- 17th CenturyNew England ConfederationPequot War (1636-37)King Philip’s War, 1675; MetacomDominion of New EnglandCharles IIMercantilismNavigation Laws: 1
in 1651Sir Edmund Andros“Glorious Revolution” -- 1688Bill of Rights“First American Revolution”
Middle Colonies
characteristics: crops, geography, immigrants
 New York
Peter Minuit, New Amsterdam (1626)Peter Stuyvesantpatroon system
1664, English victoryLeisler’s Rebellion, NY (1691)
1681, William Penn“Holy Experiment”Quakersrelations with IndiansPaxton Boys, 1764
Religion in the Colonies
Congregational Church -- PuritanismAnglican Church
PA, MD, RI -- founders, established churchesMaryland Act of Toleration, 1649arminianism
Great Awakening
 Jonathan EdwardsGeorge Whitefieldconflict with enlightenment idealsOld Lights, New Lightsnew educational institutionsBaptistsAnglican Church becomes Episcopal ChurchCollege of William and Mary, 1693Presbyterian Church
The Colonial Economy
Regional differences: New England, MiddleColonies, Southern ColoniesmercantilismNavigation Actsadmiralty courtsTriangular Trade: know geography & productsMolasses Act, 1733
Colonial Society
 immigration: 1600 - 1776royal, charter, proprietary coloniescolonial political structure:Council -- upper houseAssemblies (lower houses) -- most important-- power of the purseprimogeniture, entail, women lack propertyrightsBenjamin Franklin,
Poor Richard’s Almanack 
 Age of the EnlightenmentClassical LiberalismImportant ThinkersJohn Locke: natural rights, right to rebelBaron de Montesquieu: 3 branchesdeism
AP ID's cont. Page 33
Events that fostered the democratic ideal inthe English Colonies
House of Burgesses (1619)Mayflower Compact (1620)New England Town Meeting (after 1629)royal, charter, proprietary coloniescolonial political structure:assemblies controlled spendingFundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)New England Confederation (1643)Maryland Act of Toleration (1649)Bacon’s Rebellion (1676)“Glorious Revolution,” Bill of Rights (1689)Failure of Dominion of New EnglandLeisler’s Rebellion (1691)“Salutary Neglect” (begins in 1713)impact on colonial government (assemblies),the economy, and religionWhig ideologyImpact of the EnglightenmentZenger Case (1734)Albany Congress (1754)Paxton Boys (1764)Regulator Movement (1771)(see “Road to Independence” below)
Great Britain vs. France
Dispute over the Ohio ValleyCompare French and British colonizationIroquois vs. Hurons, significance
Seven Years' War
(French & Indian War)Washington’s Ohio Mission, Ft. DuquesneAlbany CongressAlbany Plan -- Benjamin Franklin,William PittBattle of QuebecTreaty of Paris, 1763 -- significance
Road to Independence
 “salutary neglect”Whig ideology
writs of assistance, James OtisGeorge Grenville, end of “salutary neglect”Pontiac’s Rebellion, significanceProclamation of 1763Currency Act, 1764Sugar Act, 1764Quartering Act, 1765Stamp Act, 1765“No taxation w/o representation”virtual representation vs. actual representation“internal” vs. “external” taxationStamp Act Congressnon-importationSons of Liberty, Samuel AdamsrepealDeclaratory Act, 1766Townshend Acts, 1767; reactionJohn Dickinson,
“Letters from a PA Farmer”
Massachusetts Circular LetterBoston Massacre, 1770Committees of CorrespondenceTea Act (1773), British East India Co.Boston Tea PartyIntolerable Acts (Coercive Acts); 1774Quebec Act; 1774First Continental Congress, 1774The AssociationLexington and Concord, April 19, 1775British vs. American strengths and weaknessesSecond Continental Congress, 1775George Washington, Continental Army
 Declaration of the Causes & Necessity of Taking Up Arms
 Olive Branch PetitionBattle of Bunker Hill, significanceHessiansThomas Paine,
Common Sense;
1776King George IIIRichard Henry Lee’s resolution of June 7, 1776Declaration of Independence, 3 partsJohn Locke: natural rights philosopy
Revolutionary War
 Patriots vs. Tories + LoyalistsBattle of TrentonBattle of Saratoga, 1777Valley Forge, Baron von SteubenArticles of Confederation, 1777Franco-American Alliance, 1778Yorktown, Lord CornwallisTreaty of Paris (1783)social impact of the warAfrican Americans in the warWomen in the war, Abigail Adamsnew state constitutions

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