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MATH 119 Calculus With Analytic Geometry_2009-1

MATH 119 Calculus With Analytic Geometry_2009-1

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Published by mohdmech

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Published by: mohdmech on Apr 13, 2010
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MATH 119 Calculus with Analytic Geometry
Frequency: Fall/Spring TermsCredit: (4-2)5Catalog description: Functions, Limits, continuity and derivatives.Applications. Extreme values, the Mean Value Theorem and its applications.Graphing. The definite integral. Area and volume as integrals. Theindefinite integral. Transcendental functions and their derivatives.L'Hospital's Rule. Techniques of integration. Improper integrals.Applications.Justification for the Course Proposal: This is a fundamental coursedesigned for all science – Engineering Students.Course Objectives: The sequence Math 119-120 is the Standard completeintroduction to the concepts and methods of calculus. It is taken by allengineering students. The emphasis is on concepts, solving problems,theory and proofs. All sections are given a uniform midterm and a finalexam. Students will develop their reading, writing and questioning skillsin Mathematics.Course Coordinator: Dr. Muhiddin U
uzMidTerm1: 30 Points (Nov 07 2009 Saturday at 09:30)MidTerm2: 30 Points (Dec 12 2009 Saturday at 09:30)Final Exam: 40 Points (Jan 14 2010 Thurday at 09:30)Quiz/Attendance: 10 PointsSuggested textbooks: CalculusJames Stewart, Fifth EditionReference Books: Robert A. Adams, A Complete Course Calculus. Fifth Edition.Current Semester Course Home Page: http://www.ma119.metu.edu.tr 
Week Dates
Syllabus(Math 119)1
Sep 28-Oct 02
1 Functions and Models101.1 Four Ways to Represent a Function 111.2 Mathematical Models: A Catalog of Essential Functions 251.3 New Functions from Old Functions 38
2 Limits and Rates of Change642.1 The Tangent and Velocity Problems 652.2 The Limit of a Function 702.3 Calculating Limits Using the Limit Laws 82
Oct 05-09
2.4 The Precise Definition of a Limit 922.5 Continuity 1022.6 Tangents, Velocities, and Other Rates of Change 1123 Derivatives1273.2 The Derivative as a Function 134
Oct 12-16
3.3 Differentiation Formulas 1453.5 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions 1693.6 The Chain Rule 1753.7 Implicit Differentiation 184

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