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EB 10-11 Detroit Workforce Development_stamped

EB 10-11 Detroit Workforce Development_stamped

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Published by Matt Hampel

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Published by: Matt Hampel on Apr 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MISSION:The Detroit Workforce Development Department promotes the economic self-sufficiency of Detroit residents and providesqualified workers to local employers through the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality employment, training, and educationservices in partnership with business, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.AGENCY GOALS:1.
Support educational system improvement through expanded GED preparation programs for youth and adults and throughthe delivery of academic developmental/remedial services for in-school and out-of-school youth and adults.2.
Advance workforce development by expanding the number and capacity of employment and training programs, by directingservices to diverse sets of participant customers, including youth and adults, and by cultivating workplace preparednessamong youth and adults.3.
Meet employer workforce needs by enhancing capacity to prepare and deliver qualified workers to meet the market-drivenneeds of employers, by developing high standards for work preparation and retention services, and by expanding servicesthat contribute to job retention.4.
Enhance customer satisfaction by expanding and intensifying quality customer service to program participants, serviceproviders and local employers by developing and implementing continuous improvement procedures, and by promoting allDetroit’s Michigan Works! Agency services and the resulting community benefits.AGENCY FINANCIAL SUMMARY:2010-112009-102010-11IncreaseRequestedBudgetRecommended(Decrease)29,893,944$ WIA Appropriations31,411,932$ 29,893,944$ (1,517,988)$ 32,625,000Grant Appropriations28,722,97532,625,0003,902,025  1,700City Appropriations1,7001,700-  62,520,644$ Total Appropriations60,136,607$ 62,520,644$ 2,384,037$ 29,893,944$ WIA Revenues31,411,932$ 29,893,944$ (1,517,988)$ 32,625,000Grant Revenues28,722,97532,625,0003,902,025  -City Revenues---  62,518,944$ Total Revenues60,134,907$ 62,518,944$ 2,384,037$ 1,700$ NET TAX COST:1,700$ 1,700$ -$ AGENCY EMPLOYEE STATISTICS:2010-112009-1003-31-102010-11IncreaseRequestedBudgetActualRecommended(Decrease)131Grant Positions13198125(6)13113198125ACTIVITIES IN THIS AGENCY:(6)2009-102010-11IncreaseBudgetRecommended(Decrease)Adult Client Services51,810,296$ 53,470,644$ 1,660,348$ Youth Services8,326,3119,050,000723,689  Total Appropriations60,136,607$ 62,520,644$ 2,384,037$
ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: ADULT SERVICESPrograms in this activity include: Individual Training Account (ITA), on-the-job-training, combined classroomtraining and employment opportunities for adults. Employment and training opportunities are provided toincumbent workers, economically disadvantaged adults, dislocated workers, senior citizens, returning citizens(former prisoners) and persons whose language or numeric skills are below workforce standards are funded throughthese programs.Supportive services will be provided to adults who need assistance in maintaining work. These services mayinclude the following: transportation allowances, medical assessment services, clothing, automobile repair,automobile purchase and other work-related expenses ( e.g. license fees, tools, etc.).Included in this activity is a clearing account. The Detroit Workforce Development Department plans to use theclearing account to comply with federal regulations which mandate cost can only be charged to grants that receivebenefits from the expense. All cost will be initially charged to the clearing account and reallocated to theappropriate grants.GOALS: The following actions relate to the four Agency goals, Support Educational System Improvement, AdvanceWorkforce Development, Meet Employer Workforce Needs, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction:1.
Provide educational opportunities through remediation, English as a second language, and GED preparation andtesting.2.
Provide training opportunities, career development and educational incentives.3.
Provide labor market information to participants pertaining to high growth industries and careers.4.
Assist employers with employee assessment, testing, and selection services.5.
Improve One-Stop services provided to internal and external customers.6.
Establish highly effective Career Service Centers that promote long-term workforce development.7.
Provide career development, direct job exposure and services to Jobs, Education and Training (JET) participantsreceiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Family (TANF) cash welfare assistance and/or the non-custodialparents of their children.8.
Improve the ability of DWDD adult customers to cope with situations in their external environment byproviding employment, training, and/or counseling.MAJOR INITIATIVES FOR FY 2009-10: DWDD is also responding to changing program requirements mandated by federal and state governmentsconcerning the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) –DWDD’s two largest funding stream. The Department’s major initiatives include the following activities:
Administer and monitor implementation of the One-Stop Career Service Centers in order to provide DWDD’scustomers with cost-effective, high-quality employment, training and support services.
Implement the state’s TANF program, Jobs, Education, and Training (JET) partnership with the MichiganDepartment of Human Services and Michigan Rehabilitation Services in order to provide TANF recipients withcomprehensive career development assistance.
Administer the Department’s contract administration process in order to ensure that contracts are executed andpaid in a timely manner and that all of DWDD’s contractors adhere to appropriate performance standards andoutcomes.
Implement the Road Construction Apprenticeship Readiness (RCAR) and Energy Conservation ApprenticeshipReadiness (ECAR) programs.
Implement industry-focused Career Centers in partnership with employers, training providers, and faith-basedand community organizations.
Ensure that Detroit residents are provided with effective training programs that meet the need of employers.
Increase efforts to increase Detroit’s literacy rate by working with the state to open literacy centers that willencourage GED attainment and academic skills improvement.
Implement DWDD’s Fatherhood Initiative in order to reconnect father with their children while provide trainingand employment support to the fathers.
Administer a US DOL Community-Based Jobs Training Grant that will create a management apprenticeshipprogram for CVS and other employers.
Create a Rapid Response Division that will provide services for plant closings and massive layoffs.
Increase collaboration with community organizations in order to help individuals returning to the Detroit areafrom prison (returning citizens) achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.
Implement skilled trades’ apprenticeship programs in partnership with businesses and unions.PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE FOR FY 2010-11, FY 2011-12 and BEYOND:The Department is committed to providing continuously improved services to job seekers and employers, andbuilding strategic and collaborative partnerships with the entire career development community, includingworkforce and economic development agencies. As a result, DWDD will focus on the following future initiatives:
Develop strong, strategic relationships with the business community in order to provide employers with a 21stCentury workforce.
Initiate the development of apprenticeship programs in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor’sApprenticeship Office and local partners.
Implement an Entrepreneurship Center that will train and support Detroit entrepreneurs who want to start theirown businesses.
Support job creation and workforce development in key economic sectors including renewable energy,entertainment, life sciences, health care, transportation, the film industry and other high growth sectors.
Increase outreach efforts to further develop and enhance partnerships with other workforce developmentagencies, education and training providers, faith- and community-based organizations, and human serviceagencies that provide services to adults and youth.
Improve customer satisfaction by making sure that DWDD staff and contractors provide superior customerservice.
Create innovative employment, training, and support service programs that address and resolve barriers facedby Detroit residents.
Identify custom-designed training program options to assist employers in growing their businesses and makingtheir workforce more productive.
Identify and create programs for former prisoners (returning citizens) that will help them become productivemembers of Detroit neighborhoods.
Develop more academic enrichment and work experience programs for youth that will help prepare them forhigher education and meaningful employment.

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