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Bella the Werewolf part 4

Bella the Werewolf part 4



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Published by xChloeAliceCullenx
you will find out what is wrong with bella and her and edward finally get married also there will be a big surprise in store!!!!
you will find out what is wrong with bella and her and edward finally get married also there will be a big surprise in store!!!!

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Published by: xChloeAliceCullenx on Apr 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella the Werewolf (Part 4)
I don't know how long I had been blackedout but I was starting to get my hearingback and could hear voices in thebackground."It's been 12 hours how long till she willwake up?!" It was Sam and he sounded soagitated. And did he say that I had beenout for 12 hours? Why had I even fallen otthe sky, thats never happened to mebefore."How can this even be possible Carlisleshe is a werewolf?" It was Edward whospook this time and I was so glad to hearhis voice but I still could not move anypart of my body or even open my eyes."She is a special werewolf, one of a kind.Our stories of werewolves don't evenmention girl werewolves, Leah and Bellaare the only ones. But Leah is still different
from Bella which means their bodysfunction differently." Billy? Whats he doinghere? So that means there is Sam,Edward, Carlisle and Billy haow can theystand to be in the same room as eachother?!I started to get the feeling back in myarms and legs and started to move themabout."She's waking up Carlisle!" Edward's voicewas filled with relieaf."Edward." I mumbled."I'm here love, can you open your eyes forus." I concentrated and soon enough myeyes started to flicker open and I was metby my angels golden eyes. I smiled at himand he let out a sigh of relieaf. I lookedaround the room and saw Sam sitting atthe other side of me and Carlisle and Billyat the end of the bed. I realized I was inSam's house."What am I doing here?" I croaked and
realized I needed I drink since my throatwas so dry. Carlisle must have realized toobecause he was out the door and backwith a glass of water in a second. I took itoff him and drank in all in seconds."Edward brought you here when you fellout of the sky and we called Billy andCarlisle soon after." Sam informed me."So. . . did you find out why I fell when Iwas flying?" I said looking at Carlisle."Yes. . ." I nodded for him to continue."Bella, your. . . pregnant." My eyes musthave poped out of their sockets."I. . . when. . .how. . . not possible. . .pregnant?!" I was hyperventelating bynow as I thought more about this. Howcould I be pregnant? 1. My boyfriend wasa vampire and 2. I was a werewolf!"Bella," I looked up into Edward's eyes. "Iknow it's a lot to take in but don't worryI'm here for you and so is everyone else.Aren't you happy your going to be a

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