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Josh Krieger

Josh Krieger

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Published by jondennismerrill

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Published by: jondennismerrill on Apr 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:EXT. ANNAPOLIS, MD - KRIEGER RESIDENCE - NINE YEARS AGOA YOUNG JOSH KRIEGER, 8, hides behind a tree. He peeks hishead out just enough to get a look at the house.YOUNG JOSHOkay, we’ve got four vehicles, mid-range.YOUNG MARISSA (O.S.)What’s mid-range?Josh turns to a YOUNG MARISSA ELLIOT, 7, who stays hiddenbehind him.YOUNG JOSHYou know, like, middle.YOUNG MARISSA Middle what?YOUNG JOSHI don’t know. I just hear my dadcall it that. Quit interrupting me when I’m on surveillance.YOUNG MARISSA Sorry, geez.Josh takes a deep breath and pretends to hold a gun to hischest.YOUNG JOSHOkay, you ready? On three.Marissa nods and shadows Josh.YOUNG JOSH (CONT’D)One...two...THREE!Josh ducks down and runs to the back of the house as fast ashe can. Marissa follows him until they make it to the backdoor which is wide open.Josh leans against the house, fake gun raised.YOUNG JOSH (CONT’D)Fools! They’re making it easy forus.
YOUNG MARISSA Wait, Josh! Maybe it’s a trap.YOUNG JOSHGood thinking, Riss.You go first.YOUNG MARISSA What? Why do I go first?YOUNG JOSHBecause, if it’s a trap they’llnever suspect a girl.YOUNG MARISSA Oh. I guess that makes sense.INT. BACK ENTRANCEWAY - CONTINUOUSMarissa carefully makes her way around Josh and heads intothe house. Josh follows.She leads him towards the stairs near the living area where agroup of ADULTS are drinking tea and talking adult business.Marissa motions for Josh to take the lead back and he does.He grabs her by the hand and leads her upstairs.He stops at a closed door -- the master bedroom. Marissaleans against the wall behind him.YOUNG JOSHOkay, this is it. Did you bringthe tools?Marissa looks confused at first but then remembers -- shepulls a barrettfrom her hair and hands it to Josh.YOUNG JOSH (CONT’D)Good work.Josh takes the barrettand bends it so he can pretend to pickthe lock. He struggles for a moment but then opens the doorand pulls Marissa inside.INT. MASTER BEDRROM - CONTINUOUSJosh hands the broken barrettback to Marissa. She looks atit and frowns.YOUNG JOSHOkay, now spread out. Remember what we’re looking for.2.

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