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Published by: cgbfish on Apr 14, 2010
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Module 2 Exam-CCNP: Optimizing Converged Networks (Version 5.0)
Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true about the distributed call processingdeployment? (Choose two.)Calls are primarily routed over the PSTN in digital form.The PSTN can be used as a backup path for all intersite calls if the WAN link is down.All IP phones are served by the Cisco Unified CallManagercluster at the headquarters site.The IP WAN will carry call signaling, voice packets, and data packets for all intersite communication.Full CallManager functionality is available only at the headquarters site.
What are three functions of a voice gateway? (Choose three.)provides CAC for VoIP packet streamsprovides an ingress point for an analog or digital voicestream and routes it to the proper destination on the networkprovides a half-duplex communication stream to the phoneperforms data compressionperforms analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion for analog phonesperforms the properTCP header compression that is based upon the available bandwidth of the network
Which statement is true about gateways?They providenative support for half-duplex transmission of conversations only.Before the telephone signal reaches the gateway, it must already be in digital format.They can facilitate full-duplex transmission of conversations.They can provide control toprevent a network from being oversubscribed.
What are two functions of a Cisco CallManager? (Choose two.)to provide dial tone to analogand digital phonesto determine call routing pathsto provide the hardware interface to the PSTNto provide dial plans for H.323 and SIP compatible devicesto store and download phone configurations
Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 is a voice-enabled router. What are three functions that are performed by the DSP in R1 with the voiceflow from T1 to T2?The DSP samples the analog signal at periodic intervals to provide an output of the sampling as a pulse amplitude modulation(PAM) signal.The DSP decodes the digital voice samples to the amplitude value of the samples and rebuilds the pulse amplitudemodulation(PAM) signal.The DSP matches the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) signal to a segmented scale to provide quantization.The DSP passes the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) signal through a properly designed filter that reconstructs the originalanalog signal.The DSP compresses voice samples to reduce bandwidth requirements on the network.The DSP compresses the voice samples to convert the analog signals into digital.
Which three functions are performed by the Cisco Unified CallManager? (Choose three.)the interconnection of traditional telephony systemsdial planadministrationthe conversion of analog signals into digital formatsignaling and device controlcall processingthe support of dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) relay
A Cisco router can act as a voice gateway. In this role, which two functions are added as a result? (Choose two.)centralized call managementconversion ofanalog signals to digital formatxml applications to usersadvanced integrated module (AIM) resources for conferencing and transcodingencapsulation of voice into IP packets
What are two benefits that are derived from implementing a VoIP network? (Choose two.)a reduction in overall bandwidth requirementsthe tax deductions fortransmission coststhe consolidation of network expensesan improvement in employee productivity through the features that are provided by IP telephonythe facilitation in education delivery
Which three factors will have an impact on the percentage of bandwidth that is saved by voice activity detection (VAD)? (Choose three.)the codec in usefull-duplex versus half-duplex conversationsampling rateanalog or digital phone signalmusic on hold (MoH)background noise
Which two statements are true about the utilization of codecs in a VoIP network? (Choose two.)G.711 cuts bandwidth requirements by 50 percent.G.711 produces a 64 kb/s data stream.G.711 cuts the sample size to 4 bits per sample.G.729 wouldbe more useful on a slow WAN link than G.711 would be.G.729 and G.711 should be used together on the same network to improve the voice quality.G.729 cuts the sample size to 4, 3, or 2 bits per sample.
Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the two scenarios, which two statements are true about the impact of the VoIP packet size and rate onnetworkperformance? (Choose two.)The first scenario introduces smaller IP overhead and lower bandwidth consumption but will increase the delay for the voice packets.The first scenario introduces additional IP overhead, which results in higher bandwidth consumption needed to transport the voicepackets.The first scenario introduces the VoIP packets transportation at lower packet rate, which results in higherbandwidth consumption totransport the voice packets.The second scenario introduces smaller IP overhead and lower bandwidth consumption but will increase the delay for the voicepacketThe second scenario introduces additional IP overhead, whichresults in higher bandwidth consumption needed to transport thevoice packets.The second scenario introduces the VoIP packets transportation at higher packet rate, which results in lower bandwidth consumptionto transport the voice packets.
In a VoIP network, what do call agents and gatekeepers have in common?Both systems provide routing and central management of all endpoints.Both systems can provide Call Admission Control (CAC).Both systems are options within a VoIP network because their services can be performed by other devices.Both systems provide tracking services for voicemail boxes, conference bridges, and transcoding resources.
Which statement is true about gatekeepers?They perform full-duplex transmission of conversations.They provideaddress translation between private and public IP addresses.They interconnect the VoIP network with traditional telephony devices.They provide routing and central management of all endpoints (terminals, gateways, and MCUs) in a given zone.

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