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Mark Sheldon’s List of Author Networking Sites

Mark Sheldon’s List of Author Networking Sites



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Published by Mark Sheldon
A work in progress - a list of author networking sites and some of the experiences I've had with each.
A work in progress - a list of author networking sites and some of the experiences I've had with each.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Mark Sheldon on Apr 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mark Sheldon’s List of Author Networking Sites
As I’ve been searching for various internet outlets to promote the forthcoming release of my series,
The Noricin Chronicles
, I found myself wishing that there was a good list of author networking sites available as a resource. Of course, I don’t attempt to claim that no such list exists, but seeing as I had difficulty finding one, I figured others must be suffering similar frustrations, and so here it is! his is most definitely a work in progress and nowhere near a fully comprehensive list or anything, but it’s a start! www.scribd.com  Awesome, but of course!www.librarything.com  I did not receive the warmest of welcomes to this community. Any mention of your books outside of certain designated forums are almost automatically flagged as "pam #we all hate "pam, of course, but they have a particularly extreme definition of it here$%. "everal members at &ibrary hing also seem to have a hard time understanding the concept of a pseudonym. Overall, it’s a site more interested in cataloging existing books than learning about new books ' so if you’re already published and selling, it might be a good place for you to network. (ut if, like me, no one knows you exist and you are looking for networking sites where you can let people know about you and your books, not the best option out there.www.gotpoetry.com  As the title suggests, they are more interested in poetry than novels etc, but so far I have not received any complaints from them about me advertising my novels on their site.http)**www.xenite.org*internet+authors*  his is a site I haven’t uite figured out yet. hey mention a whole bunch of free promotion services that they offer, but then don’t say how to contact them about utili-ing said services #I couldn’t even find a contact email address%. I did, through a bit of browsing, figure out how to get added to their Internet (ook &ist, but that was about it. "till, that feature alone could be a very useful tool. ime alone will show if it yields any results.http)**publishedauthors.ning.com  his site is by far one of the best I’ve found for author networking so far. his is as about as close to a /acebook /or Authors0 as one could hope for.
Update 4/27/10
 1ue to the 2ing phasing out free social networking, 3ublished Authors has moved to the "pru- networks. It’s a new format, with a little bit less control over your personal profile’s appearance, but the same community and that’s what counts! he new address is) http)**publishedauthors.spru-.com.http)**www.smashwords.com*  "imilar to "cribd, a site dedicated specifically to  publishing ebooks. It’s not so hot on the networking side of things, but if you’re looking for another outlet to get your ebooks out there, I definitely recommend it.
"ites Added 4*56*76)http)**www.authornation.com*  Another networking site by authors for authors. his site, so far, looks like it will be most useful postpublication as opposed to pre publication, but still a useful ally in your networking arsenal.http)**bookmarket.ning.com*  &ike the 3ublished Authors 2etwork, this is a 2ing network, so it is very similar to 3ublished Authors. "ince they are both 2ing networks, you get the added bonus of having your contacts in one network automatically updated in the other.http)**www.goodreads.com*  A book cataloging site, similar to &ibraryhing, but much  better in my opinion. /or one thing, I have so far received a much warmer welcome from the 8ood9eads community than I have from &ibraryhing: they seem much more welcoming of authors who are there to promote their own works as well as discuss other authors works. /or another thing, I find the organi-ation and usability of the navigation system much more userfriendly than &ibraryhing. 8ood9eads also offers the added  bonus of linking with /acebook to help you network ' very useful.http)**www.shelfari.com*  his is
by far 
 my favorite of the book cataloging sites that I’ve discovered so far. &ike 8ood9eads, the community here has so far been much more friendly to me than the &ibraryhing community, and also like 8ood9eads it is very userfriendly and easy to use. It is very easy to build a network of people who like similar books as yourself at both of these two sites ' not so much at &ibraryhing. (ut not only that, the
 of the site is very welcoming and appealing, as well.http)**www.createspace.com*  Ama-on’s answer to &u&u.com, a great resource for the selfpublished author. As I am currently in the prepublication stage of my marketing, I can’t offer any personal experience on either ;reate"pace or &u&u at the moment, but from what I’ve heard, the biggest disadvantage to using &u&u is that the print uality is often pretty shoddy ' from what I can see of ;reate"pace, however, it seems to have a foot up on &u&u on that front. 2ot sure how the royalty percentages compare, but I’m sure I’ll find out as I get closer to publication. Ama-on also offers a free service that makes it easy to convert your ebook into <indle format, so definitely check that out! =our royalty rate is determined by the list price, publication si-e, etc. /or ebooks, you get >?@.http)**www.apexreviews.net*  If you are any kind of published author and you haven’t yet heard of this site, you need to check it out. hey offer a variety of review and marketing packages, prices ranging from 6 to 77B.
Sites Added 4/21/10
hese sites I found courtesy of Cdgar (aDana’s list) http)**www.scribd.com*O3>6E9II28"IC"*d*7B4?>>6Fhttp)**www.authorsden.com  A pretty good site for creating profiles for your books. /rom what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be more a site for readers to follow authors than for authors to connect, but there’s nothing wrong with that!http)**www.fictionweek.com  his one is more of a newsletter site than networking, but there is a forum in which you can post notifications about your books. hey also have a few ebooks available for purchase, but I see no mention of their submission guidelines so I do not know if they are actively looking for ebook submissions or Dust post books by their own writers. he navigation of the site is a little choppy, you will have to use your  back button a lot more than one would probably be used to in this day and age.http)**fictionwritersreview.com*  A review site run for and by writers. hey accept unsolicited submissions.http)**www.publetariat.com*  An author’s community specifically designed for independent writers and selfpublishers. his site is more geared toward providing articles and information about selfpublishing than about marketing for selfpublishers, however there is the 3ubletariat Gault, which is a resource they offer for authors and  book searchers. (asically, you upload your book to the vault so that publishers, agents, etc. can search through the vault and contact you about making a contract. he first >6 days is free, after that it costs 76*month per listing. However, they have a variety of deals where if your book gets picked up in a certain amount of time your monthly fee gets waved for a defined period.http)**www.bookoven.com*  A writer’s proDect community. ainly a good, creative environment to meat other writers and find collaborators.http)**www.thenextbigwriter.com*  A writer’s community, with membership fees. =ou have the option of F.B?*mo., 74.B? for three months, or 4B.B?*year. If you have a  budget for such things, check it out. I, personally, don’t see the point in paying for one of these sites when there are a hundred free sites that do the exact same thing. (ut if any of you are members and know of any services that this site offers that the other, free sites, don’t I would be happy to print a retraction on that statement.
http)**www.authonomy.com*  A book community run by Harper ;ollins. (efore you can post a profile for your book, you are reuired to upload at least 76,666 words of the text. "eems like a good place to get noticed by talent seekers, though. 2ot sure what kind of success rates they’ve had, but it definitely can’t hurt, as long as you don’t mind giving out at least 76,666 words for free #most of us here on "cribd have already given

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