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Published by scribe7

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Published by: scribe7 on May 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this e-book marketing guru E. Joseph Cossman shows you thesame 10 steps he used time and time again to sell over 20 millionCossman products ... and, three Cossman students show you howthey applied these 10 steps to starting and building their ownbusinesses, selling three completely different kinds of products.
 © 2001 - COSSMAN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - www.cossman.net
E. Joseph Cossman and his son Howard bring a combinedexperience of 75 years in manufacturing and marketing toCossman International, Incorporated. This experience isbased upon the national and international sales of 20 millionCossman products ... ranging from toys ... to household items... to art prints ... to insecticides ... to sporting goods.Cossman International was built using “entrepreneurial”methods. This enabled us to make each dollar spent do thework of 50. It minimized our risk and allowed us to enjoyextreme profit margins. And, although we never had more thana handful of employees at any given time, we were able totake a substantial market share from companies hundreds oftimes our size. Over the years, we sold over 20 million Cossmanproducts. And, no matter what type of product we were sell-ing, we always followed the same 10 steps, which are presentedto you in this e-book. This e-book also shows you how threedifferent people, Bob Hall, Debbie Young and Dr. MurrayDavidson, used our 10 steps to start and build their ownsuccessful business.
 © 2001 - COSSMAN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - www.cossman.net
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Welcome to this special E-Book of E. Joseph Cossman’s 10 Steps toSuccess. By reading this e-book, you're taking your first step tosuccess because in this E-Book Mr. Cossman is going to show youhow you can start and build your own business, doing something youreally enjoy. Mr. Cossman's 10 Steps are not business theories oreconomic guess work, they are based on proven practical stepsthat produce success. They produce financial independence,wealth, personal freedom and security for people all over the world.In this E-Book, you’ll see that you don’t need education or specialskills to be successful. You don’t need business experience orcontacts, and you don’t need a lot of money. All you need is to knowwhat to do and how to do it, step by step, and that’s exactly whatMr. Cossman will show you in this E-Book. The 10 steps you'll bereading worked for Mr. Cossman and they're working
for countlessother people, people from all walks of life and all around the world,and by the end of this E-Book you will know beyond a shadow of adoubt that they will work just as well for you.
 © 2001 - COSSMAN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - www.cossman.net
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