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Nakshatras Punarvasu 140410

Nakshatras Punarvasu 140410

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Published by Anthony Writer

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Published by: Anthony Writer on Apr 14, 2010
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PUNARVASU NAKSHATRAAn article based on research for lovers of astrology
Nakshatras-PUNARVASU(Return of the Light) THE STAR OF RENEWAL
Western star name
: Castor and Pollux (Beta Geminorum)
: Guru (Jupiter)
: Bow and quiver
: Aditi, mother of the gods
 Indian zodiac
: 20° Mithuna - 3°20' Karka ;
Western zodiac
16° - 29°20'CancerBowDeity: Aditi :the Great Mother GoddessSymbol: Bow and quiver of arrows.Animal symbol:Female catVasutva prapana shakti: power and ability to gain wealth or substance
Barbara Pijan Lama :Vedic Astrology:Punarvasu – YamakauAditya - Punarvasti - Punartham (Malayalam) - Punarpusam - Punarpoosam(Tamil) - Vutvrta - Nap-So (Tibetan)yAmaka
name of the Nakshatra Punarvasu
twin, doubled, twofold
a religious obligation or observance
two similar greasy substances, oil & ghee
restraint, check 
a kind of hiccough
a double band or bandage
the repetition in the same stanza of words or syllables similar in soundbut different in meaning , paronomasia (of which various kinds areenumerated); a kind of meterPuna
purifying , cleansingVasu
excellent , good , beneficent
of the gods (as the good or bright ones, esp. of the Adityas, Maruts,Asvins, Indra, Ushas, Rudra, Vayu, Vishnu, Siva, and Kubera)
PUNARVASU NAKSHATRAAn article based on research for lovers of astrology
the names of the Vasus , according to the Vishnu-Purana = 1. Apa"water" or Ahan, "Day"; 2. Dhruva " the Pole-star; 3. Soma, "theMoon"; 4. Dhara "flowing water"; 5. Anila, "Wind"; 6. Anala orPavaka, "Fire"; 7. Pratyusha, "the Dawn"; 8. Prabhasa, "Light"
a symbolical Name of the number `" eight "'
a ray of light; light , radiance
wealth , goods , riches , property; the god of wealth or property; thegod of life
stream of wealth; of the heavenly Ganga; of sacred bathing-place
gold; a jewel , gem , pearl; any valuable or precious object
Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionary
 Valerie J. Roebuck “The Circle of Stars” :Location = Castor & Pollux: alpha & beta Geminorum"The Two who are Good & Prosperous Again""The Two Who Give Back Goods Again"
"The Twinned Ones" "restoring goods"; commencement of wealth
David Frawley, Fruits of Worshipping Each Nakshatra:"The Earth in the beginning had no growths. She desired, "May I produceherbs and trees." One who makes the appropriate offering to Aditi, toPunarvasu, produces progeny and cattle.Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 81:"... from Ardra to Punarvasu, a startling change in mental development.In Punarvasu, the native is possessed of profound intelligence
capable of delving into and understand all manner of philosophical and metaphysicalpostulates. He revels in abstract thought and has a lively and profoundimagination
He may be also a poet of high attainment, expressing a fire and vitality in hisverse which is the result of an unusually passionate temperament.He will, however, be only moderately successful by world standards during hislifetime although unlike the Ardra native he will not experience poverty."
PUNARVASU NAKSHATRAAn article based on research for lovers of astrology
Punarvasu is a creative Nakshatra ruled by the Earth as the World MotherAditi. It gives the ability to create in form and structure. Those born under itlike to produce things in a maternal way."Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess.This is the seventhnakshatra of the zodiac spanning from 20°-00' in Mithuna (Taurus) to 3°-20'in Karaka(Cancer).The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+Vasu, whichmeans return, renewal, restoration or repetition. Punarvasu Nakshatra bringsabout the return of energy and vitality. It causes our creative growths andinspirations to be renewed.It denotes the ideas of abode, residence, back to home, sojourn, recurrence,commencement, to shine or grow bright again, to enter into life again, renewalof riches, etc.The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+Vasu, which means return,renewal, restoration or repetition. The 12 Adityas were born of Kasyapa inthe womb of Aditi. The 12 Vasus are Indra. Vishnu, Vaga, Twasta, Barun,Aryama, Pusa, Mitra, Agni, Parjyanya, Vivaswan and Dinakar. The motherAditi of whom the Gods are born is the repository of everything good—truth,generosity, magnanimity, purity, aristocracy, beauty and renownt. It followsthat this star is the cause for these virtues. To start afresh after having oncebroken off, to start a new life, to come back from a distant land—all these aresignified by Punarvasu. It stands for freedom from restriction and limitation,and boundless space. The Gods, the children of Aditi, are basically andessentially are different from children of Diti, who are demons. The demonsnever had a taste of divine nectar and therefore miss the knowledge of fundamentals, fundamentals of creation and mystery. They were engrossedwith or deeply emerged in enjoyment of the externals, the materialistic aspectof the universe. Gold and sex were the two immediate pursuits, which madethem extroverts. The Gods, however, could rip into the deeper texture of things, they had tasted the divine nectar and, become partners in supremedivine bliss and Punarvasu represents all these.Punah means repeat, again and again; Basanti means habitation. Punarbasati,therefore, means remaking or remodelling of dwellings, Punarbasati orPunarvasu are same in meaning. It denotes the ideas of abode, residence, back to home, sojourn, recurrence, commencement, to shine or grow bright again,to enter into life again, renewal of riches, etc.

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