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UBD Edited 2

UBD Edited 2

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Published by liyahgotiza
this is a lesson designed using UBD :)
this is a lesson designed using UBD :)

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Published by: liyahgotiza on Apr 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Philippine Normal University
National University for Teacher Education
College of Education
Department of Early Childhood Education
Technology in Early Childhood EducationMs. Adai Liyah M. Gotiza and Ms. Elaine Isabel G. Virrey
Unit II: Technology Resources
Stage 1: Desired ResultsStandard/UnderstandingTransfer Goals
Promote safe and healthyuse of technology.
At the end of the lesson the students will understandthat:a.
Modern technologies are very powerful that they relyon one of the most powerful genetic biases we dohave – the preference for visually presentedinformation. (Perry, Bruce 2006).
The technologies that benefit young children thegreatest are those that are interactive and allow thechild to develop their curiosity, problem solving, andindependent thinking skills.
The precautions in the use of technology are:
The students should be fully acquianted with thedifferent kind of technology.
The technology to be used should be fully checkedup before using them.
Technology should be used one at a time.
Technology should be used in proper condition.
should always be considered inthe healthy use of technology. Provide kids with theright kind of experiences at the right time. It must beappropriate for the age and experience of children ina particular group. Technolgies must always forseethe healthy use of these devices.
Technologies must address physical, mental andsocial health of the children. Children need real life
Demonstrate the precautions of technology in theearly childhood curriculum.
Apply the concepts of balance and timing in thehealthy use of technology.
Carry out activities that will acquiant parents onthe healthy use of technology.
experiences with real people to truly benefit fromavailable technologies. Technologies should be usedto enhance curriculum and experiences for children.Children have to have an integrated and well-balanced set of experiences to help them grow intocapable adults who can handle social-emotionalinteractions as well as develop their intellectualabilities.
Parents and teachers should work together topromote appropriate uses of technology. Earlychildhood professional and parents both have aresponsibility to educate themselves on the healthyuse of technology in children’s education. 
Essential Questions1.
What would be the use of determining the precautions in the use of technology?
Why is balance and timing a consideration in the healthy use of technology?
What can parents and teachers do to promote healthy use of technology?
KnowledgeSkillsAt the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
Identify the precautions in the healthy use of technology.
Recognize the importance of balance and timing inthe healthy use of technology.
Discuss the roles of parents and teachers in healthyuse of technology.
Explain the importance of determining precautionsin the healthy use of technology.
Connect balance and timing in the use of technology in the early years.
Explain the importance of home-school relationship inthe use of technology.
Stage 2: AssessmentTUGQKSAssessment CriteriaAssessment Evidence
AcceptabilityAcademic prompts with paper and pencil test.Assess understanding through open-ended questions andgive feedback.
TUGQKSStage 3: Learning ActivitiesA.Introduction
Students will be given different pictures of gadgets present today.Using the picture, they should answer the following questions:
Name your gift.2.Have you used something like this before?3.Where did you use this kind of technology?4.What would you do to use this in a safe and healthy manner?5.What could be the positive and negative effects of this gadget to your health if not used if a safe manner?Process the activity.
B.Enabling Activity
Review the result of the test.Ask: Discuss about the gadget that she have in hand.Ask: Who has the same gadget as hers? Do you do the same?Discuss the
Healthy Use of Technology
Ask: What could be the effects of the use of these technologies if used in teaching?Discuss the
Effects of Technology in Young Children
Summarize the topic by asking the students to complete the reflective statements:A.“As a future teacher, I should always remember that…B.“I should promote the safe and healthy use of technology because…”
C.Culminating ActivityD.References and Resources

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