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Rome Us Sociology

Rome Us Sociology

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Published by Abhishek Gandhi

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Published by: Abhishek Gandhi on Apr 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Antil GandhiSociology 100Prof Farber August 1, 2009
Comparisons between U.S. Society and Roman Society
The parallels between America and the Roman Empire are interestingly similar in someways. Both cultures emerged as superpowers of the globe with prominence in development,technology and overall progressive practices and thinking. Modern society does recognize thefact that history does tend to repeat itself and will hopefully learn from the mistakes of our predecessors, but that remains to be seen. Many comparison likenesses exist between Americaand Rome; a few areas that can be measured up side by side are political, cultural andeconomic.The societies of the United States and the Roman Empire have many similarities whichcan be seen in the political system. In the U.S. it is highly unusual, if not impossible, to beelected to a high position without having some monetary clout in order to get recognized andfund a campaign. In Rome, the patrician class held all the political influence, while the commonpeople, the plebeians, were shut out of the political process. Both superpowers began as smallgeographical areas that, little by little, gained more land and increased the size of their respective militaries to defend these acquisitions. The U.S. began with 13 colonies and hassignificantly grown in size since its birth, and the Romans had spread their way across theglobe. In America political divisiveness is present and issues tend to get volatile when politicianstry and assert their solutions; in some ways not unlike what happened in Rome.In America the middle class is dwindling as a large gap between the upper and lower economic classes continue to widen. In ancient Rome there was a huge gap in economicclasses where the wealthy held representative positions in government and the poor did not. In

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