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YOUR BRAIN howtouseit 2[1]

YOUR BRAIN howtouseit 2[1]



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Published by penntara
How to use your brain for maximum effect!!
How to use your brain for maximum effect!!

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Published by: penntara on May 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love, sex and amily lie don’t have to be hard work – you can train your brain or happiness and ulflment
W   E   E   K    T   W   O   O   F     A   F   O   u   r    p    A  r   T    g   u   i   d  E   
BRAINy BABy:Make learning fun for our child with our free DVD
 YOur brAin
 how to use it
January 14, 2007
The sunday Times
DiD you know?
Th Pill can b bad or or lo li.A woman is normall attractd b thsmll o a man with dirnt immnit gnsrom hr own. Bt on th Pill, sh is mor likl tofnd a man with similar gns attracti. I shcoms o th Pill, sh ma go o th man…
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 y ba: H t us it s adaptd m Th o’s Maal th ba: evda Applcats m Md-ba rsach Pc J Had (bad Pss, £17.99), hch s avalal at th Sda Tms bsfst pc  £16.19, cldg p&p.T d a cp, tl: 0870 165 8585
Pirc J Howard, PhD, is alading cogniti-scinc rsarchr, dcator and athor.H is dirctor o rsarch at th Cntr or Applid CognitiStdis (
ACS) in North Carolina, and is a rqntl qotdathorit on nw fndings in th cogniti scincs.
   C   O   V   e   R  :   m   a   R   K   G   u   T   h   R   i   e .   h   a   i   R   a   n   d   m   a   K   e  -   u   P  :   W   a   i   K   a   n .   m   O   d   e   L   W   e   a   R   s   V   e   s   T   B   y   P   e   n   G   u   i   n ,   L   e   G   G   i   n   G   s   B   y   s   W   e   a   T   y   B   e   T   T   y ,   B   a   L   L   e   T   P   u   m   P   T   R   a   i   n   e   R   s   B   y   P   u   m   a .   T   h   i   s   P   a   G   e  :   T   O   P   C   e   n   T   R   e  :   G   e   T   T   y .   L   e   f   T ,   T   O   P   a   n   d   B   e   L   O   W  :   C   O   R   B   i   s
neXT week 
THe MinD GyM:
learn to fex your mental muscles –sharpen your IQ, boost your memory and perorm better at work
Find the online version of Your Brain, weeks one and two, at www.timesonline.co.uk 
Doroth Wad
 Assstat dt
Mar Braid
 At dct
Jo Mizn
Ch s-dt
Matt Mnda
Ssannah Pric, Charlott Hnt-Grbb,Mlani Claton
Kat Andrws
Jdith Allison, Mark Crtis-Raligh
Think yourself young
From trblnt tns throgh to anacti old ag – how to kp ormind in shap throghot or li
Lo’s thr stags: how or brainbhas in a rlationship, whn toob or instincts and whn not to
K xprimnts in brain scinc.This wk: spch prodction.Pls, what drams ar mad o
What w do, how w do it, what wthink abot it – and how to do it bttr.Rcnt rsarch holds th answrs
Children: growing pains
Or arl ars ar charactrisd bdramatic brain growth, bt what canb don to dlop its ll potntial?
Chemistry of desireIn the brain scientist’s labSex on the brainBRAIN TESTS
How optimistic – or pssimistic – ar or childrn?How old ar o in or had? Larn or mntal agThink o ha th mpath gn? Find ot hr
Stmlat  a’s md th th rght ba/Lt baDVD that cms  th tda’s Sda Tms.
Dsignd orchildrn agd 6 to 36 months, th Brain Bab disc coms intwo parts: on to ostr crati thinking, th othr or logicalthinking. Fatring a calming sondtrack, “Right Brain”ncorags cratiit throgh rhming gams, cratiimaging and imagination gams; whil “Lt Brain” ocss onlogic with conting, sqncing, stacking and mor.
free DVD
 YOUR bRain
 how to use it
CASe book 
yOuR BRain: hOW TO use iT
Th d as
Dringchildhood, a loing amilnironmnt is crcialor brain dlopmnt
he our-part Sunday Times guide to thebrain gives you the tools to understand your mind and use it better. Our guideeatures cutting-edge brain research andthe latest advice on applying the fndings to your own lie.This week, the second part o the guide helps you to get the most out o love, sex and amilylie. We explain what happens to your brain when you are attracted to someone. You maybe assailed by a maelstrom o hormones, but you don’t need to lose your head.Once you’ve ound a partner, our guide helps you to negotiate the three stages o love and sex – rom short-lived lust to obsessive romanticlove, to long-term attachment.I you’ve survived all that and now have aamily, our guide has numerous tips to give your children a head start. It oers advice onbrain development – in the unborn baby orthe volatile adolescent. Finally, you will learnhow to care or your brain as it evolves – i youkeep mentally active, your intellectual powersneed not decline with age.
Phas Gag
In 1848, an xplosion proplld a mtal pol throghth railwa orman’s lt rontal lob. H srid, bt was transormdinto a highl implsi man who gambld and drank. His cas ld to thassociation o th rontal lobs with sl-control and prsonalit.
In 1953, a ong man, HM, ndrwnt brain srgr to cr hispilps. Th rmoal o his hippocamps – a tin ara in th tmporallobs – crd his fts bt prntd him rom orming nw mmoris,highlighting th link btwn th hippocamps and mmor.
Clv wag
On March 29, 1985, th msician Cli Waringcontractd hrps ncphalitis and srd damag to sral aras oth brain. Lik HM, h lost th abilit to crat nw mmoris. Bt hrmmbrs how to pla piano and condct a choir – idnc that hisprocdral mmor, associatd with th crbllm, has srid.
Raisd in a cag b hr distrbd parnts in Los Angls, Gniwas discord, and rlasd, in 1970 agd 13. A std o hr dladdlopmnt rald that sh mad last progrss in langag. Hrcas is sd to spport th thor that thr ar critical priods orlangag acqisition. I missd, langag nr dlops proprl.
 Agst D
In 1901, 51-ar-old Agst D was admittd to a Frankrtaslm atr a dtrioration in hr intllctal and langag skills. Sh
as b 
h patints that changd brain histor
was sn b Dr Alois Alzhimr. Fi ars latr, whn sh did, hxamind hr brain and idntifd th nrofbrillar tangls andamloid plaqs that ar now th disas’s hallmark.
In th arl 1960s, pschiatrist Dr Cornlia Wilbr, tratd apatint, Sbil, whom sh claimd had rald 16 altr gos ndrhpnosis. Dr Wilbr claimd that childhood abs had casd Sbil tocrat th altr prsonalitis; som arg that th prsonalitis maha bn plantd in Sbil’s mmor dring thrap.
A brain-injr patint rportd on in 1992, RM was nabl torcognis acs, bt rtaind th abilit to distingish btwn cars.Sch cass, known as prosopagnosia, sggst thr is a spcifc part oth brain – th siorm ac ara – ddicatd to ac rcognition.
Madam X 
An nnamd Frnch woman was th frst to b diagnosdwith Capgras sndrom b th pschiatrist Josph Capgras in 1923. Shcold rcognis hr amil, bt blid impostrs had rplacd thm.Thr ma b a problm in th brain parts linking motion with mmor.
In 1987, HJA, 79, srd a strok that damagd his occipitallobs, rsponsibl or isal procssing. H cold no longr rcognisobjcts, bt h cold s, mo arond withot bmping into thingsand pick things p. This disordr is known as isal agnosia.

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