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$120 million bond approved

$120 million bond approved

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Published by kourtneygeers

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Published by: kourtneygeers on Apr 14, 2010
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Chamberof Commercefavorites wincouncil seats
B Anne ChristnoviCha PAtriCk sweet
The two ward candidatesbacked by the ColumbiaChamber of Commerce wontheir bids for seats on theColumbia City Council. GaryKespohl knocked incumbentKarl Skala out of the ThirdWard seat while Daryl Dud-ley emerged from a field offour to win the Fourth Wardseat vacated by mayoral can-didate Jerry Wade.
t wa
Kespohl, who gathered withabout 30 supporters at Jack’sGourmet Restaurant on Tues-day night, won the 2010 ver-sion of a squeaker betweenhim and Skala. Kespohl won1,259 votes to Skala’s 1,205.Like the last time the twofaced off for the ward seat,the race was decided byfewer than 100 votes. Kespohllost that round by 63 votes in2007.
B ChelseA MCGArtlAnd
As they planned how tomove forward, the devoteesof Maplewood Barn Commu-nity Theatre seemed as resil-ient Tuesday as their recent-ly built stage. Apart from alarge black soot stain and afew holes, the Mark DurrantMemorial Stage was struc-turally sound and all thatremained after the fire.“It’s being considered atotal loss,” Capt. Eric Hart-man of the Columbia FireDepartment said. He said itcould be several days beforeinvestigators would be able todetermine a cause.Board members met Tues-day evening to discuss thefuture of the program andsaid they were determined tocontinue the program with asmuch normalcy as possible.Tuesday morning, the firescene smelled like a soggycampfire and was a tangledmess of fallen roof, burnedstage sets, props and powertools. A few scraps of color-ful costumes poked throughthe ashes of the barn, whichwas built in 1877 and was onthe National Registry of His-toric Places. A few blackenedtimbers remained defiantlyupright as passers-by slowedin their cars to get a look atwhat remained of the theaterin Nifong Park.Board member CharlieWilkerson was in Lee HillsHall at MU on Monday nightrehearsing for the season’sfirst show, “Arsenic and OldLace,” when director Jim Yel-ton said the barn was burn-ing. He and the rest of theactors rushed to the scene.He returned to the site earlyTuesday while firefighterswere still putting out the lastembers of the fire.“It’s a double loss,” Wilker-son said. “It’s a historical loss
In easyvictory, McDavidwins six-personmayoral race
B kAthleen Pointer
Physician Bob McDavid willbe the next mayor of Colum-bia after cruising to a rela-tively easy victory in a six-way race to replace five-termincumbent Darwin Hindman,who did not seek re-election.McDavid — who enjoyed theendorsement of the ColumbiaChamber of Commerce, thesupport of Columbia firefight-ers and police officers andan unprecedented campaigntreasury that he reported lastweek was around $56,000 —got 54.2 percent of the vote.Tuesday night, McDavidwas sur-roundedby exuber-ant sup-porters atShiloh Barand Grillwhen the results came in. Thecampaign tallied the resultsof the mayor’s race and Prop-osition 1 on a large tablet.“I felt kind of peacefulgoing into tonight,” McDavidsaid. “We worked hard, rana good campaign and a posi-tive campaign. I was at peaceknowing we did everythingwe could do.”McDavid won the six-personmayoral election with 9,935votes, or 54 percent. He wasfollowed by Jerry Wade with5,187 votes, Sid Sullivan with2,222 votes, Paul Love with454 votes, Sal Nuccio with 360votes and Sean O’Day with
B kourtney Geers
Voters overwhelminglyresponded to Columbia Pub-lic Schools’ call for improvedfacilities and two new schools,approving a $120 million bondissue by 77 percent.“I feel elated and sup-ported by the community,”said Superintendent ChrisBelcher, who was at ColumbiaSchool Board President JanMees’ victory party at Jack’sGourmet Restaurant. “I feela good deal of responsibilityto deliver our product in anefficient manner, and I thinkour Board of Education willdo that.”Celebrating his electionto his first three-year term,James Whitt said he thinksthat in the past year, theboard has improved commu-nications with the public.“I think the public has moreconfidence in us, and that’swhy the bond issue is passingby such a high percentage,”said Whitt, who has served asa one-year appointee.The vote was 17,252 to 5,086in favor of the bond issue,which will be used to financeconstruction, renovations andtechnology improvements. A57 percent, or four-sevenths,majority was needed to pass.This new bond issue com-bines two that had been con-ceived for 2011 and 2013 aspart of a three-phase plan
Our 102nd year/#1472 sections16 pages
6 54051 90850 3
Abby 7ACalendar 2AClassified 5BComics 7ALife Stories 3ALottery 2AOpinion 5ASports 1BSudoku 6B
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
servIng the communIty sInce 1908
Join the conversation at ColumbiaMissourian.com
50 cents
B BryAn riChArdson
Craigslist founder CraigNewmark had an overallmessage on Tuesday forColumbia’s journalists andbusinesspeople: serve yourcommunity.“We (Craigslist) think ofourselves as something thathelps a lot of people,” New-mark said at the ColumbiaChamber of Commerce’sBusiness Showcase on Tues-day.Silverware clicked con-stantly against hundreds ofplates during the luncheon atthe Holiday Inn Select-Exec-utive Center, creating steadybackground noise for the key-note speaker. He spoke forabout 20 minutes on the his-tory and business approachof Craigslist, a Web site forfree, local classified adver-tisements. Since its found-ing in 1995, it has grown tomore than 700 local sites in
 Thete gup ee l, futue
Ciglit fune:seve the cmmunit 
Bob McDavid 54% 9,935 Jerry Wade 28% 5,187Sid Sullivan 12% 2,222Paul Love 2% 454Sal Nuccio 2% 360Sean ODay 1% 173
 THIrd Ward
Gary Kespohl 51% 1,259Karl Skala 49% 1,205
FoUrTH Ward
Daryl Dudley 36% 1,831 Tracy Greever-Rice 35% 1,772Sarah Read 26% 1,326Rick Buford 3% 138
sCHooL BoNd IssUE
 Yes 77% 17,252No 23% 5,086
Mcdvi electe m 
$120 millin bniue ppve f chl
dwntwn cmeppve, ee pge 6a 
Kephl n dule  win Cit Cuncil et
m-l Bb mdi lb i wi wi i  Ki si,  s mdi, wif sz  b f  clbi Fidp    sil B  gill  t i. mdi w  ’  wi 54 p f  .
F “r” Li, i, l g Kplf i i i  ti W ci cil .
m li
To see a precinct-by-precinctvoting breakdown and an elec-tion day photo slideshow, go toColumbiaMissourian.com.
m li
Columbia voters explain whythey went to the polls and whatissues they care about the most.Go to ColumbiaMissourian.com.
$120 million OK’d to addhigh school, renovate schools
s  i
To share your memories of the Maplewood Barn CommunityTheatre, go to ColumbiaMissourian.com.
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P 2a
Former Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Robert Shaw has six grand-children: Roman and Nyro, both of Nashville, Tenn.; Jordan and Riley, both ofOverland Park, Kan.; and Jack and Caroline, both of Kansas City. A life storyon page 3A Tuesday left out two of the names.Go to ColumbiaMissourian.com to read Mr. Shaw’s life story.

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