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Published by lathaniel88

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: lathaniel88 on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 1SPSS Research Report 1
Running head: SPSS Research Report 1 Data FilesProject #4, SPSS Research Report 1 using yrbsol.dat data baseLathaniel F. MillsSOWK 300, Section 1Tuskegee UniversityMs McArthurMarch 24, 2010
 2SPSS Research Report 1
This paper is a research report found through the social work server. The data was collect fromThe National College Health Risk Behavior Survey. With this report we look at three variablesand made them in to a bivariate and multivariate hypothesis. In this paper we will present thehypothesis, and talk about the rationale behind them. We will also look at the results of theresearch in the form of APA style bivariate and multivariate tables, and last we will discuss theinformation presented. This is a real good topic that will get you thinking about it your donereading.
 3SPSS Research Report 1
The data I wanted to take a look was the risk that college students take, so I used the yrbscol.datdata base. The relationship of the variables I decided to use was
R’s membership in a fraternity
or sorority has an impact on rather or not they have been drinking and driving in the past 30
days. The independent variable is R’s membership in a fraternity or sorority. The dependent
variable is how many times in the past 30 days did the respondents drink and drive. The valuesof the independent variable are yes or no, and the values for the dependent variable are 1, 0times, 2, 1 to 3 times, and 3, 4 to 6 times in the past 30 days.Next I took the variables I had for my bivariate analysis and added a control variable to see howit would impact the data. The control variable that I decided to use was how the respondentsviewed their racial status, the values for this variable are 1, white, 2, black, and 3, other. For thisresearch report I will only be looking at the white and black respondents. My multivariatehypothesis is a higher percent of white fraternity and sorority members drink and drive morethen black fraternity and sorority members. The data will show the true results of this data.
As a college student and a member of a social fraternity I understand the risking behavior wetake. I also know that al
cohol plays a role in the fraternity life, and activities. That’s why I feel
that the respondent membership in a fraternity or sorority has a big impact on how many timesthey drink and drive. Even though this is a terrible and dangerous practice, it does happen in thecollege world.
I just think more needs to be done to reduce or stop it from happening.The reasoning for my multivariate hypothesis is that I am also a member of a fraternity that haswhite and black members, and it is very noticeable that alcohol plays an even bigger role in theirfraternity life, then the black chapters of this organization. They are also a little bit more recklesswhen it comes to being safe while under the influence of alcohol. As black people we seem totake care of each other better, and more inclined to make sure people are not driving drunk. Nomatter the race we should make sure that all people are safe, and make sure that people do notdrive under the influence of alcohol.

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