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Published by: daymasryan on Apr 15, 2010
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1 of 51 Unearthing Your Natural Charisma
“The Natural CharismaMentor”NLP Methods ToSupercharge Your Influence Skills
2 of 51 Unearthing Your Natural Charisma
Unearthing Your Natural Charisma:What Neuro-Linguistic Programming Can Teach UsTABLE OF CONTENTS
Introduction (1)
Put the Big Rocks First! (1)
"Will NLP Work for Me?" (5)
How to Charm People (6)
Matching Body Language and Pace (7)
Pace (8)
Body Language (8)
Volume (8)
Tone (9)
Eye Contact (9)
Matching Word Choice and Perception (14)
The Importance of Body Language (19)
The Importance of Appearance (20)
Experimenting with Point of View to Increase your Wisdom, Power, andControl (22)
Second Person Exercises (23)
Third Person Exercises (24)
First Person Exercises (25)
Maintain Variety (27)
How to Change your Life by Getting to Know Yourself (27)
How to Maintain a Positive Self-Image and Love Yourself (30)
How to Use Sensory Anchors to Trigger Positive Emotions (32)
How to Stay Positive through Modeling (40)
What Traits Should I Cultivate, to be a More Charismatic Person Now?(44)
Understand yourself and others (44)
Know what you want (45)
Be aware (45)
Be flexible (46)
A Few Things to Remember, if you Become Discouraged (46)
If You Start to Worry about Becoming Arrogant (47)
Conclusion (48)
Works Consulted (48)
3 of 51 Unearthing Your Natural Charisma
 Put the Big Rocks First!NLP is a school of thought that says you have the powerwithin yourself to cause positive changes in your life. NLP isnot a hard science in the sense of tirelessly testingpropositions to see if they are true or false. In some ways,this makes NLP more productive for changing your life! TheWikipedia entry on NLP quotes popular author Tony Robbinsas saying,None of the current NLP developers havedone any research to prove their modelscorrect. The party line is 'pretend it works,try it, and notice the results you get. If youdon't get the result you want, try somethingelse.'Its tireless creativity makes NLP a fountain of usefulmethods and models for self-improvement. Just tworesearchers first created NLP in the 1970s. Since then, thefield has exploded, with lots of new variations and methodsavailable to the casual reader. By sharing original examplesof tried-and-true NLP principles, this guide can help you todevelop the charm and confidence you're looking for!Make sure you're ready to take action. The key to changingyour life through NLP is this: if you are willing to takepositive action—to work at changing your life every day—then you are capable of being an excellent, likable, self-confident individual. If you make a habit of following NLP'smethods of encouraging charm and charisma, thosebehaviors will replace your shyness and awkwardness, and

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