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Herbal Medicines - The best way to cure

Herbal Medicines - The best way to cure



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Published by Sumit Aggarwal
An article on the importance of herbal treatment gifted to the world by India
An article on the importance of herbal treatment gifted to the world by India

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Published by: Sumit Aggarwal on Sep 17, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Publisher: Yugantar Chetna Press, Shantikunj, Haridwar, India(U.P), India, 24911Translated by Brahmavarchas
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 Herbal Medicines
One of the several prominent blessings endowed upon us by the Almighty isthat for prevention and cure of diseases and development of inner vitality, valuablewild medicinal roots and herbs (
) freely grow here and there. One caneasily solve most of the health problems on their basis alone. Everybody knowswhat important role mineral wealth plays in our life. Several valuable materialslike, metals, chemicals, coal, oil etc., are obtained fromthe interior of the Earth.Everyone is aware of the difficulties which will be experienced if these materialswere not present. Exactly the same thing can be said about medicinal plants.Ordinary vegetations in the formof grass, fodder, vegetables, and cereals sustainanimal and human life. So they have been called the source of life. The matterregarding medicinal plants is a step ahead. Valuable gems like diamonds andemeralds are found at selectedplaces with great difficulty. The same applies tomedicinal plants, in the vast field of vegetation. They are fully capable of curingseveral physical and mental disorders. Not only this, physical strength and mentalbrilliance can also be achieved through them. They also provide opportunity fordevelopment of our immune system.Several
with divine insight like Maharshi Charaka, Sushrut, Vagbhattworked hard lifelong searching the entire surface of Earth and documented thecurative properties of medicinal roots and herbs for the benefit mankind. The bookson
incorporate the sum and substance of their research. This is a sciencewhich, if properly understood and followed, can help a long way in easilymaintaining our health. With its help, one can get rid off diseases and by remainingstrong and healthy, secure the advantages of longevity.It is unfortunate that these days the allopathic system of medicines is beingover use. Viral and bacterial infections have been regarded as the cause of diseasesand anti- biotic drugs have become a common weapon for killing them. Theimmediate gain is that the severity of disease subsides quickly, but the great harm
 Herbal Medicines
is that the army of life saving blood cells and antibodies is destroyed and friendcells also die along with foes. If the life saving antibodies and bacterial flora onwhich depends the preservation of normal health are repeatedly destroyed bydeadly medicines, a new danger appears in the form of loss of resistance power tofight against the diseases. Then any disease gets full liberty to attack. Even mildvariations in heat and cold become unbearable and people often complain aboutsun-stroke or cough and cold. A little gain of suppressing a disease at the cost ofkilling life saving bacteria ultimately proves dear and harmful. Despite this, theindiscriminate use of these deadly medicines is increasing day by day with theresult that before one disease subsides, several new disastrous disorders appear.Loss of vitality is followed by prolonged weakness which invites its sister ailmentsin different forms. Besides this, these strong drugs also affect thinking process andthus arise various mental disorders.One of the several curses of the so-called modern civilization is that we havelost sight of the curative powers of herbs and started frequent use of anti-biotics,alcohol mixtures and strong injections. We have gained nothing but lost much bypopularizing the addiction to these drugs. By neglecting use of medicinal herbalplants we have invited lots of troubles in the sphere of health. Our ancestors haddepended on them and were healthy, strong and blessed with longevity. On thisbasis alone, diseases could be challenged without causing any harm to the lifesaving cells. The specialty of these herbs is that they increase vitality which doesnot permit growth of viruses and bacteria. This increased strength in the form ofvitality acts as a proactive shield. The use of medicinal plants should be propagatedon the basis of scientific investigations.Amongst the medicinal herbs, there are some important plants which maybe called
(having the power of reviving the dead to life). There is areference in Ramayan that Meghnath's
had made Laxman almost half-dead. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Sushen
directed Hanuman to

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