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Media Script2

Media Script2

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Published by matt_sparkes01

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Published by: matt_sparkes01 on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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³Psychopath´ A Screenplay by Matthew Sparkes and Rosie Thomson
1. INT. HALLWAY TO AUDITION ROOM. DAY. 1.ROSIE (23) a petite brunette is approaches theaudition room; the hallway is dark with a blue huegiving a sense of gloom. She walks to the forebodingdoor, as she pushes it open it creaks.INT. AUDITION ROOM. DAY.The sound is followed by the door slamming shut onitself. ROSIE walks to the centre of the shadowedstudio room. The lights are chiaroscuro and highlycontrasted. As Rosie turns to look at the figure ALI(30) Pakistani broad Gangster/ hit man behind the deskat the front of the room, a spot light is shone in herface. Rosie steps back blinking from the blindinglight. The room is silent for a second.Ali remains in the shadows and Rosie is central to theframe in the style of an audition tape. A red lightstarts flashing.ALI:
 Rosie Thomson I take it yes?ROSIE:
 Can you move the chair to the centre ofthe stage please?Rosie fetches the chair, for a brief moment, she isn'tseen, we see her from behind shortly after with thechair. She walks to the stage and places the chair offcentre.ROSIE:
 I did say centreROSIE:
 Take a seat pleaseRosie does as she's told, she looks behind briefly tolocate the chair and she smiles and sits formally. Aliwalks towards Rosie.ALI:
(Instructs, muffled)
 Okay, just relaxROSIE:
 OkAs Rosie is sitting, she fiddles with her fingers onher knee. Ali walks towards Rosie.ALI:
Just relax Rosie. This is all part of youraudition. Try your best to keep act as ifthis is a real kid napping scene.Rosie is trying to avoid looking at him in order tokeep her concentration. Ali moves behind her, out ofher sight and is silhouetted against the light. Rosieis gagged with force and she reacts by shaking herhead and arms in panic trying to remove the gag. It isobvious she is acting, she tries to remain reserved toan extent, but it's as though she's connected to herchair.Ali restrains Rosie¶s arms with thick green hessianrope; it's very traditional and reminiscent of thehorror or noir genre. Rosie¶s facial expressions
become more intense with fear; her eyes are stressedopen as she tilts her head back. She begins to rockthe chair frantically. It is now clear the reactionsare real. Rosie¶s shoulders begin to thrust forward,back and forth. Ali Quickly installs a bag overRosie¶s head. She is hesitant for a moment beforetrying to scream under her gag. The sound is muffledand deep.ROSIE:
(Extremely prolonged muffled)
 No noThe room is filled with darkness and none of thecharacters are visible. But suddenly after this pauseof inactivity; it is silent and Rosie¶s bagged headbecomes full frontal with a fade in, it is obvious herhead is tilted backward, a shadowed hand is applyingforce to her neck and ROSIE emits a slight whimper.The hand slowly moves to Rosie¶s chin. Ali places hishand on Rosie's shoulder as she struggles.ALI :(A fake reassurance)Relax Rosie.As Ali holds Rosie¶s shoulder down to stop her movingand struggling, he swings back a hammer which is thenbrought down onto Rosie. Rosie is dimly lit by a redaccent light* which follows her silhouette sharply.FADE TO:3. EXT. ALLEYWAY. DAY.A fade in to a gloomy alleyway, the rain is heavy andstreet lights reflect in the mirrored pavement. Rosieis watching and looking around her frantically, hervision is distorted from the rain and her injury.Footsteps are heard from the character (Ali) carryingRosie through the alleyway. Rosie is looking up to thetop of the buildings with blinding lights shining likea surrealist¶s moon, further distorting her vision.Graffiti, industrial waste bins and litter arescattered across the ground. The wind is frivolous,whipping the ground carrying rain and litter, whilst

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