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True Faith vs. Fake Faith

True Faith vs. Fake Faith

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Published by David A. DePra
True Faith vs. Fake Faith
True Faith vs. Fake Faith

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Published by: David A. DePra on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True Faith vs. Fake Faith
By David A. DePra
 It is certain that all Christians – without conscious intent – practiceFAKE FAITH to some extent. What do I mean by, "fake faith?" I mean thatwe take a position of belief when we really don’t believe. Or, to put itanother way, we give God the faith we think He requires so that He will dowhat we want – or so that He will do what we think He ought to do. FAKEFAITH is really the result of not seeing the Truth – but of acting as if youdo.
We must remember three things about FAITH – and I’m talking aboutreal faith; the faith described in the Bible. First of all, faith is aRELATIONSHIP word. It is not a FORCE you generate – as is wronglytaught by the Word of Faith crowd, such as heretic Kenneth Copeland. No.Everything about faith is relationship. Thus, faith is not a mind set, anemotional condition, or a mood. I cannot believe with my emotions.Neither is faith created by us by positively confessing anything. No. Faithis a relationship word. It is simply trust, reliance, and dependence uponGod Himself.
Secondly, faith is reliance upon God to do HIS WILL unto HIS GLORY.In fact, it is impossible for you and I to have true faith in anything that isoutside of the Truth. Or, to put it another way, I cannot have the faith ofJesus Christ, or faith in Jesus Christ, for anything except what JesusChrist has faith for. In short, you and I cannot generate faith from out ofourselves up to God in order to get Him moving. Rather, God must revealto us HIS will, and once we embrace Him, faith will be there. Thus, faith,rather than move God on our behalf, is really a matter of God moving andtransforming us in accordance with Himself.
What we see here is that instead of seeing faith, we need to seek GodHimself. Instead of seeking THINGS from God, seek God Himself. Thefact is, through His Spirit God will always bring us back to this. Faith isnot a THING God gives as much as it is a FRUIT of abiding in Christ. Goddoes give us enough faith to turn to Him because He gives us enoughrevelation to turn to Him. But from that point, faith is a fruit of the Spirit.Spiritual fruits are the outcome of the growth process in the Vine – fruitsare not separate THINGS that we acquire. Fruits are all found in JesusChrist.
Thirdly, and this is closely related to the second point, faith is theoutcome of seeing and embracing the Truth that God reveals to youpersonally. Instead of TRYING TO HAVE FAITH, or instead of asking God
for more faith, ask God to reveal to you Himself – and the Truth as itpertains to your situation. If you are willing to see and surrender to theTruth, God can reveal it – on any specific matter. Then once you embracethat Truth, you will believe. Faith is the outcome of God taking initiative toreveal Himself, and then us hearing or embracing Him. "Faith COMES byhearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God." (Rom. 10:17)
Seeing Jesus Christ and the Truth will always result in a discernment ofHis will in any situation. Have we recognized that when we ask God toreveal to us His will in any matter, that we are really asking Him to revealto us the TRUTH about Himself, and about that specific matter? Faith isalways based on the Truth. It is never separate. That is why faith is a restand certainty. And it is why it is always for God’s will and never foranything else. That is why faith is a relationship word. Faith is first inGOD HIMSELF, and God is the Truth; God is light.
Knowing the Truth about faith will set us free from FAKE FAITH. Youwill note this term – "fake faith" – this is nothing more than UNTRUE faith.UNTRUE faith is not real, and it is not based on seeing the Truth.UNTRUE or fake faith is merely a façade – it is a religious position wetake before the Lord usually because we think He demands it. It is whatwe do to achieve our desired end.
Fake or True
As mentioned, I don’t think most people get up in the morning and say,"Today I will practice fake faith." No. Usually we think our fake faith isreal faith – our fake faith is probably all that we presently know. But youcan be sure about two things with regards to fake faith. First of all, Godisn’t going to honor it. And secondly, because TRUE FAITH is always theoutcome of a testing and proving process, if we want to walk with Christ,all fake faith will be exposed for what it is. It cannot survive God’sproving.
When God puts us in a trial of our faith, it is not to prove to HIMwhether we have real faith. No. He already has those answers. Rather, itis to expose to US the Truth about our relationship with God – unto theend that we might be established in the Truth. Fundamental to this trial offaith is that all fake faith will be exposed for what it is, and we will beshown the Truth, resulting in TRUE FAITH. Or, to go back to the idea ofrelationship, a trial of faith will expose the lies about our relationship withGod, and will be God’s tool to guide us into all Truth.
The idea that we can walk in darkness and in great error – and yetexercise great faith -- is nonsense. The fact that God is so merciful tobless us, or go along with us, despite our errors, is a tribute to His grace,
but not an affirmation of our error. In the final analysis, if we are walkingin darkness we simply cannot believe – because faith is always centeredin the Truth; in the light.
I John 1 states it clearly: "If we say that we have fellowship with him,and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in thelight, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and theblood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin." (1 John 1:6-7)Fellowship with God is in HIS LIGHT – because God Himself IS Light.There is NO fellowship with God in areas of darkness. Thus, to say thatwe can walk in darkness and believe the Truth at the same time iscontradictory.
Fake faith is often the result of walking in darkness and trying to dragGod along with us, "by faith." We don’t know God or the Truth but weknow we need to have faith and so we try to, "have faith," "generatefaith," "feel like we have faith," or we, "take the position of faith." Inreality, there is no, "position of faith," to take. There is only the Truth. Weeither know or believe it or we don’t. If we do – then our faith is TRUE. IFwe don’t, then our faith is fake.
TRUE faith is the outcome of seeing and embracing the Truth. FAKEfaith is the outcome of lacking the Truth – and so we fill in the blanks withsome aspect of our soul life, such as emotions.
God Himself
It is not possible to overemphasize that TRUE FAITH is a relationshipthat is the outcome of seeing God Himself. I say this because it is so easyto get side tracked into thinking that faith is THING, or a FORCE, or aSTATE OF MIND. We think that if we can somehow achieve theseconditions that we can drag out of God our request. This is error.
Most people, without even realizing it, actually base their faith upontheir emotions – or upon some aspect of THEMSELVES. Some of us evenhave faith in our supposed ability to believe. This is an amazingdeception. For example, I have found myself, "monitoring," myself, "to seewhether I am believing." If I am, "believing," then I feel more certain thatGod is with me. If my monitor says I am, "not believing," then I go topieces. But this is all a deception. It puts my faith, not in God, but in myown ability to believe – and really, upon my ability to rightly, "monitor," mysupposed faith. If you really get to the basis of this deception, it is nothingmore than a religious routine that is going on completely within myself. Ithas little to do with God. It is not a relationship with God. It is me trying tomaintain or generate what I think is faith. It is not me standing in the light

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