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Wie Lernt Man Eine Fremdsprache

Wie Lernt Man Eine Fremdsprache

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Published by ulkhaq_redsfans5034

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Published by: ulkhaq_redsfans5034 on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deutsch Als Fremdsprache
Deutsch Als Fremdsprache
 Wie lernt man eine Fremdsprache
Why Learn A Foreign LanguageWhy Learn A Foreign Language
InIn thisthis section,section, containscontains tenten goodgood reasonsreasons why  why allall of of youyou shouldshould bebe learning learning aa foreignforeign languagelanguage..  We We hopehope itit will will helphelp youyou toto findfind outout what what youryour motivationmotivation toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage isis.. The The motivationmotivation itself itself isis very  very importantimportant forfor anybody anybody who who  wants wants toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage..  Why  Why isis thisthis important?important? BecauseBecause of of thisthis motivation,motivation, anybody anybody who who hashas desiredesire toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage cancan bebe helpedhelped inin his/herhis/her ´journeyµ´journeyµ of of learning learning aa foreignforeign languagelanguage.. EvenEven MichaelMichael West West saidsaid thatthat
a motivation motivation was was a a very very important important thing thing  in in teaching teaching foreign   foreign language language 
EnquêteEnquête divideddivided motivationmotivation intointo twotwo sides,sides, therethere areare:: internalinternal motivationmotivation andand externalexternal motivationmotivation.. InternalInternal motivationmotivation isis thethe motivationmotivation which which growsgrows insideinside thethe humanhuman itself itself   without without influencedinfluenced by by anything anything andand anyoneanyone.. This This kindkind of of motivationmotivation isis very  very rarerare toto findfind.. The The reasonreason isis becausebecause someonesomeone who who hashas thisthis kindkind of of motivation,motivation, hashas nono reasonreason³  ³atat allall³  ³toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign language,language, unlessunless toto look look forfor aa joy joy andand funfun inin learning learning aa foreignforeign languagelanguage.. He/sheHe/she hashas aa greatgreat passionpassion toto proveprove him/herself him/herself thatthat he/shehe/she cancan mastermaster thatthat languagelanguage.. InIn thethe otherother hand,hand, externalexternal motivationmotivation isis influencedinfluenced by by many many factors,factors, suchsuch asas:: world·s world·s changing,changing, globalization,globalization, job·sjob·s requirement/career,requirement/career, culture,culture, education,education, economic,economic, eveneven lovelove.. Almost Almost many many peoplepeople inin thethe world world who who want want toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage havehave thisthis kindkind of of motivationmotivation.. It·sIt·s OK,OK, becausebecause whatever whatever youryour motivationmotivation is,is, itit hashas toto bebe ´buried´buried deeplyµdeeplyµ.. If If youyou want want toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage butbut youyou don·tdon·t havehave aa motivationmotivation yet,yet, ´chooseµ´chooseµ oneone.. BecauseBecause itit lookslooks impossibleimpossible toto learnlearn aa foreignforeign languagelanguage  without without any any motivation!motivation!
Why Learn A Foreign LanguageWhy Learn A Foreign Language

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