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Die Tipps Der Sprache

Die Tipps Der Sprache

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Published by ulkhaq_redsfans5034

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Published by: ulkhaq_redsfans5034 on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deutsch Als Fremdsprache
Deutsch Als Fremdsprache
Die Tipps der Sprache
Language TipsLanguage Tips
If If you'reyou're aa firstfirst--timetime languagelanguage learner,learner, youyou know know thatthat emotionalemotional comescomes upup andand down,down, right?right?  When When youyou understandunderstand aa conceptconcept oror beginbegin toto comprehendcomprehend thethe language,language, youyou may may experienceexperience feelingsfeelings of of exhilarationexhilaration.. However,However, thesethese areare oftenoften followedfollowed by by momentsmoments of of frustrationfrustration andand discouragement,discouragement, during during which which youyou mightmight feelfeel asas if if youyou will will nevernever mastermaster thethe conceptsconcepts andand attainattain thethe ability ability toto understandunderstand andand communicatecommunicate effectively effectively.. HereHere areare somesome timetime--tested,tested, researchresearch--verified verified approachesapproaches oror we we cancan say say  somesome tipstips thatthat will will helphelp mitigatemitigate potentialpotential frustrationfrustration andand will will increaseincrease youryour ability ability  toto succeedsucceed inin languagelanguage learning learning.. ButBut firstfirst of of all,all, will will shownshown toto youyou somesome of of behaviorbehavior which which havehave being being  donedone by by soso many many peoplepeople inin learning learning aa foreignforeign languagelanguage.. ButBut allall of of themthem areare  wrong, wrong, useless,useless, andand ineffectiveineffective.. So,So, DON·TDON·T DODO IT!IT!
Language TipsLanguage Tips
1)1) I·
ll li enli en oo he
he languagelanguage ca e eca e e while while
worked worked aroundaround y y hou ehou e..
ItIt soundssounds soso greatgreat andand wonderful, wonderful, butbut ItIt won·t won·t work  work effectively effectively.. You You can·tcan·t only only turnturn thethe tapetape recorderrecorder onon andand letlet thethe targettarget languagelanguage glideglide throughthrough youryour mindmind..  You You havehave toto learnlearn allall of of thethe materialmaterial insideinside thethe cassette,cassette, catchcatch allall of of thethe  words, words, learnlearn it,it, repeatrepeat it,it, mastermaster it,it, andand thenthen testtest yourself yourself towardstowards every every words words andand exerciseexercise insideinside.. Learning Learning aa foreignforeign languagelanguage isn·tisn·t asas easy easy asas youyou imagineimagine.. You You havehave toto try try  asas hardhard asas youyou cancan toto mastermaster what what targettarget languagelanguage youyou want want..
Don¶t Do It

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