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Different Fastness Test

Different Fastness Test

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Published by adeel
detailed description on different fastness test for textile substrate
detailed description on different fastness test for textile substrate

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: adeel on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Color Fastness To Washing
There are different test methods to check the color fastness to washing.The selection of the test method depends on, Customers Requirements Process Type(Dyed,Print,White) Quality Construction, Some most commonly used methods are
ISO-105-CO6The test methods from CO1 to CO5 are established to check the color fastness to washing of color textiles and cover the range from mild to severe. These test methods are not intended toreflect the comprehensive laundering procedures. The selection of washing test method dependson
Construction of the fabric
Type of printing or dyeing
End Use of the Fabric….etcEach method has its own parameters of Temp,Time,Chemicals conc.
:-This part of ISO -105 specifies methods intended for determining the resistance of the color of textiles in all forms to domestic or commercial laundering. This test method is more severe andusually used for high quality textiles.ISO-105-CO6 is a washing test for domestic and commercial laundering. In different countriesdifferent washing procedures are adopted .Some use only Soap and Soda. Some use some other chemicals like sodium perborate.So this is customers requirement what kind of washing procedures he required.Washing tests from CO1 to CO5 are mostly used in USA where they use only Soda and soap for washing while in Europe they use Special detergent for washing name Sodium Perborate whichis used in ISO-105-CO6.So ISO-105-CO6 test method is developed in which there is a wide choice of washing conditionsto reflect the different washing procedures used through out the world. For instance sodiumPerborate is used extensively in Europe , it is not used in USA.
Prepared By: - AdeelMasood BST-VIII
When your customer ask for CO6 washing test confirm the test procedure number. Either it isA1S,A2S, B2S,C2s etc….There are 16 different washing procedures in ISO-105-CO6 which cover the range for Home andCommercial laundering from mild to swear.In CO6 washing test method there are 16 different sub methods which cover the range from mildto severe. e.g..
ISO-105-CO6 – A1S
ISO-105-CO6 – B2S
ISO-105-CO6 – B1MIn CO1 the specimen is treated at 40°c at 30min by using 0.5% soap & liquor ratio is1:50.In CO2 the specimen is treated at 50°c at 45min by using 0.5% soap and liquor ratio 1:50.Most important thing to remember is that when ever you commit the test method with your customer must ask for the exact test method number..i.e.CO1,CO3, CO6 .. and if he requiredCO6 washing test ask him with the exact test procedure either it is A1S,B2S or B2M etc…Because each test method in CO6 laundering test has different parameters of temperature ,time ,chemicals, liquor ratio…from mild to swear .. And each test method has its owndefinition…like, if customer ask for B2S , It means he requires Single home laundering. In thismethod “S” stands for single.And if he ask for B1M it means he require multiple home launderings because in B1M “M”stands for multiple and is equal to 5 home launderings.
Prepared By: - AdeelMasood BST-VIII
:-The Test is intended to determine Colour Fastness of Textile Material irrespective of their Composition(Cotton, Linen Silk, Man Made Fibers & Wool) and their Form (Fiber, Yarn or Fabric) to Washing. p. s. :The LABIN Digital Washing Fastness Tester can also be used for checking the Colour Fastness against Dry cleaning & Bleaching.
In this Test, a Specimen of Textile in contact with pieces of Adjacent Fabric (Standard Fabric) ismechanically agitated in a Standard Soap Solution (Sodium Oleate Solution), before being rinsed anddried.The change in Colour of the Specimen and the Staining of the Standard Fabric are assessed with StandardGrey Scales. The Instrument used for this purpose is called Digital Washing Fastness Tester.
The LABIN Digital Washing Fastness Tester is supplied complete with:1. Main Bath (Made of Stainless Steel).2. 8 Nos Die Made Stainless Steel Test Vessels (Jars).3. 100 Nos Non-Corrodible Steel Balls.Details of the Important Parts of The LABIN Digital Washing Fastness Tester:1. Stainless Steel Main Bath.2. 100 Nos Stainless Steel Non-Corrodible Balls.
MAIN BATH (Stainless Steel)
:-The Main Bath is double walled S. S. Water Bath, which is electrically heated with Digital TemperatureController-cum-Indicator. The gap between the walls is duly filled with special grade glass wool for  proper insulation. The Bath is heated by means of two Immersion Heaters and a Capillary typeThermostat controls the Temperature. The Temperature of the Bath is indicated on a Digital TemperatureController-cum-Indicator. The Bath has a double walled hinged lid made of stainless steel sheet.
Prepared By: - AdeelMasood BST-VIII

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