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Published by Pepno21

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Published by: Pepno21 on Apr 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Matthew Rorie
Design by Collin Oguro
 Carl Johnson’s back on the set after five years in Liberty City, returning to his old haunts in San Andreas to mourn for his mother, dead after an act of senseless violence. An already unpleasanthomecoming gets worse, though, as crooked cops set him up for the murder of a policeman, hediscovers that his neighborhood is falling apart under an influx of drugs, and that his old gang isbarely capable of holding their territory. Needless to say, the solution to all of these problemsinvolves a whole lot of violence, as befits the latest and greatest entry in the extraordinarilypopular GTA series of games.Given that Rockstar created a massive game world in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, with only ayear’s worth of development time between that game and Grand Theft Auto III, it should come asno surprise that the world of GTA: San Andreas, with two years of development soaked into it, isone of the biggest worlds ever modeled in an action game. Instead of focus on a mere state,Rockstar has enlarged their focus, this time choosing to model an entire state, with three separatecities and a huge amount of countryside to explore. Everything is bigger and better in San Andreas, so get exploring!In this guide, we’ll provide you with a rundown of the game’s weapons, a complete walk-throughof the game’s many missions, locations for all of the hidden oysters, photo ops, graffiti tags, alisting of weapons, and the proverbial much, much more. Big thanks to the guys from
for supplying the location maps for this guide.
Getting Around
There are many, many different ways to get around the world of San Andreas. This chapter willintroduce you to the most popular ones, but there are still others in the game world for you todiscover, such as trains, SWAT tanks, and a certain 60-million dollar military secret project. Anything not listed here will likely pop up as a mission reward, so it’s unlikely that you’ll missanything.
On Foot
Nothing’s quite as reliable as your feet when you need to escape from a sticky situation. AlthoughGTA characters have always ran like big spazzes, CJ has a few improvements over hispredecessors. For one, you can now increase his stamina by leaps and bounds at the gym,allowing him to run much longer than could Nameless Guy or Tommy Vercetti. Secondly, you cannow scale boxes and ledges by hitting the square button to jump. If you’re near a ledge, youshould attach to it automatically, and can press the square button again to pull yourself up.
Cars are going to be your primary mode of transportation in San Andreas. They’re plentiful, easyto steal, and come in a wide variety of makes and models. Although you’ll begin the game in thehood, where most of the vehicles are slow-moving coupes and the like, you’ll soon graduate tomore stylish and speedy autos.
Obtaining One
The triangle button, as ever, will let you jack a car for yourself. Very few cars are actually locked(probably because the game wouldn’t be very much fun if they were), so feel free to walk up toparked cars and take them as you like. If the car’s empty, you won’t have any problems, but if there’s someone in the driver’s seat, CJ will have to hit them before throwing them out, whichresults in a jacking motion that’s a bit slower than in previous GTA games. You can also usuallycause someone to exit the vehicle by hitting it with a weapon, but they’ll sometimes decide tofloor it instead.

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