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Lara Croft - Albanian Ambush

Lara Croft - Albanian Ambush



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Published by gringo4ninja
Lara Croft found an artifact that once belonged to the legendary Hector of Troy, but now Lara's life hangs by a thread . . . .
Lara Croft found an artifact that once belonged to the legendary Hector of Troy, but now Lara's life hangs by a thread . . . .

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Published by: gringo4ninja on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© DEC.
PROLOGUEeavy footsteps echoed down the dim corridor behind Lara. She scolded herself for notbeing more careful.
She’d let her 
guard down, and the price was blood. Her blood.
CHAPTER Ircheologists working for the British Heritage Foundation (BHF) recently unearthed an ancient roman tile kiln. While sifting through the site, they recovered a tablet thatreferenced events around the time of the Trojan War. It seemed that the helmet be-longing to the slain Trojan champion, Hector, lay hidden under something related to the sun god, Apollo, near a city called Buthrotum. BHF
’s Director, Henry Lauder 
, often contacted La-ra whenever something interesting came along;
Lara’s regular donations at BHF’s fundraisers
earned her some modest preferential treatment. Mr. Lauder invited Lara to his office to in-spect the tablet.Lara scribbled a copy of the translation and thanked the director for the information.This was the most promising lead that Lara had in several weeks and she was growing restless.Between the internet and the library, Lara learned that Buthrotum was modern-day Butrint,Albania. Lara also learned that in 1949, an Italian archeologist discovered a small, unremarka-ble Temple of Apollo in the hills close to Butrint, but his funding depleted before he excavatedbeneath the temple.
In Greek mythology, the Trojan War began when Paris of Troy stole Helen from her husband King Menelaus of Sparta.
brother, Agamemnon, led a decade-long siegeagainst Troy; during which, Achilles of Greece challenged and defeated Hector of Troy in a legendary duel. Eventually, the city fell to the famous Trojan Horse. Many Trojans wereslaughtered, but some escaped and survived. For example, Roman historians claim that themighty warrior Aeneas led a group of Trojan refugees to Italy where they settled.
Did Aeneus 
smuggle Hector’s helmet out of Troy? 
Lara thought.
Only one way to find out! 
Before week’s end
, Lara flew to Butrint and retained an Albanian dig team to meet her at the site. Several tiresome days crawled past before the team unearthed a sealed door thatcontained an ancient but functional locking mechanism.
Amazing that this has remained undis- turbed for so many centuries,
Lara thought as she brushed her hand over the exposed stonesurface. She paid the diggers and sent them away; Lara preferred to work alone whenever possible.
The door’s
 intricate carvings andclever mechanismsfascinated Lara, such
that she didn’t
noticea pair of scoutsquietly watching her nearby. Lara was soeager to continue her adventure that shedisregarded her typi-cal vigilance. Thatmistake would costher dearly.Lara had always been a quick study, and within moments she
aligned the mechanismsand the heavy stone door slid back several feet. She clipped her LED lamp onto her belt,grabbed her backpack, and slid into the musty, ancient passageway. Meanwhile, the scouts hadradioed their main group which promptly arrived. One by one, several figures squeezedthrough the entrance and melted into the shadows after their prey.The series of passageways honeycombed in various directions, many of which lead no-where. The ancient builders probably converted a network of natural caves into these tombs.To keep from wandering in circles, Lara periodically dropped phosphorescent glow-sticks tomark her route. Eventually, she reached a section of passageway that seemed much older than the rest.
Lara’s whole body teemed with anticipation as she
stooped beneath the low ceiling ofthe meandering corridor. Moments later, she emerged into a spacious chamber filled with rowsof stone sarcophagi. Her flashlight beam swept the room as she gazed about. On an elevated

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