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Shes a Child, Not a Choice

Shes a Child, Not a Choice



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Published by Bernie
She’s a Child, Not a "Choice", the 20th anniversary edition of HLA’s

Powerful Pro-Life Literature
Articles include:

•What is the Key Question?
•Shouldn’t the Law Protect Everyone? by Keith Mason
•Follow the Logic by Scott Klusendorf
•Preborn Children, the Law and Personhood by Gregory J. Roden
•Peter’s Contribution: Disability Rights and Human Worth by Mary Kellet
•Women’s Health After Abortion by Georgette Forney
•Stem Cell Research: Opening Pandora’s Box
•Abortion Boom and Bust by Dennis Howard
•Persons Not Property by Walter Hoye
She’s a Child, Not a "Choice", the 20th anniversary edition of HLA’s

Powerful Pro-Life Literature
Articles include:

•What is the Key Question?
•Shouldn’t the Law Protect Everyone? by Keith Mason
•Follow the Logic by Scott Klusendorf
•Preborn Children, the Law and Personhood by Gregory J. Roden
•Peter’s Contribution: Disability Rights and Human Worth by Mary Kellet
•Women’s Health After Abortion by Georgette Forney
•Stem Cell Research: Opening Pandora’s Box
•Abortion Boom and Bust by Dennis Howard
•Persons Not Property by Walter Hoye

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Published by: Bernie on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 2 0 t h n n i v e r s a r y  E d i t i o n
 N o t“  C h o i c e ”
She’s a Child
In discussing abortion, the question of when life begins is the basic one—one that cannot be side-stepped simply by admittingit is a difficult question.Scientists agree that life begins at fertil-ization. When the male sperm joins the female egg, chromosomescarrying genetic information from each parent establish a uniquehuman being. Blood type, color of the hair, eyes, complexion,and other physical characteristics are determined at this time.Throughout our lives—in the womb and after birth—manyfactors such as environment, nutrition, and time affect our  physical and psychological growth.We are in a constant process of development and change.“All life is maturation seenin different stages. We have atendency to regard the fetus as a poorly functioning adult rather thana splendidly functioning baby,” saidDr. A W. Liley “Father of Fetology.”
“Viability” for the fetus isconsidered to be the capabilityto survive outside the womb.(Remember, the fetus successfullylives, grows, and survives withinhis or her fetal environment.)Medical advances in the last 50 years have enabled earlier andearlier survival of children born prematurely. Medical technologycontinues to rapidly change.“Viability” measures the skills of doctors and medical teams, and the sophistication of hospitalsand equipment—not humanity.If viability, the ability to survive on one’s own, is theindicator of who should live and who should die, several ques-tions arise. How “viable” is: A person on a pacemaker? A two-year-old without care? A person on a kidney dialysis machine?A diabetic without insulin?Or, in a more profound sense, how“viable” are
of us in a society in which we are
on one another for food, transportation, housing and support?
Xerox, 3M, and ships at sea are recognized as “persons” under the law; preborn human beings are not. So what
a “person?”The dictionary defines a person as a “human being.” While the preborn meet
definition of “person,” they are excluded fromany legal protection.We’ve seen what has happened in the past when we’velabeled others as different or unwanted…
 Native Americans were labeled “savages” and stripped of their dignity as well as their lands…
Blacks were labeled “niggers” and bought and sold as slaves…
The German government, under Hitler, eliminated six millionJewish people because they were classified as “inferior.”On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Courtlabeled the preborn child “non- person” and today in America one preborn baby is killed every 30seconds by abortion.Why?Because a “person” has now been redefined as someone whois “wanted,” “useful,” or “not too badly damaged.”On January 22, 1973, theUnited States Supreme Courtgranted an unprecedented rightto one minority—women of child bearing age—the right to choose tokill other human beings—their  preborn children.Knowledgeable pro-abortionists are not denying thatthe preborn baby is living and human or that abortion kills this being. What they
saying is that
human beings have lessvalue and may be destroyed because they are unwanted, imper-fect, or merely inconvenient.
 he K 
 ey Question
The key question is: when, why, and under what conditionswill we allow the destruction of one human being to “solve”the social problem of another?Our challenge is clear.We must respect each and everyhuman individual, born or preborn, sick or well, rich or poor,young or elderly. And we must reject killing to “solve” our social problems—whether that killing is in the streets or bydoctors in white coats. Only then will we have true justicefor everyone.
Contact Human Life Alliance (HLA), a non-profit, pro-life, educationalorganization committed to protecting life from fertilization to naturaldeath. HLA seeks to raise awareness of the humanity of the preborn childand expose the gruesome realities of abortion; oppose euthanasia in all itsforms; and promote chastity and abstinence until marriage. With over 32million publications in circulation, Human Life Alliance has distributed publications in more than 55 different countries on all seven continents.
2855 Anthony Lane S., Suite B7Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 USAwww.humanlife.org651-484-1040
On January 22, 1973, the U.S.Supreme Court labeled thepreborn child “non-person” andtoday in America one prebornbaby is killed every 30 seconds byabortion.Why?Because a“person” has now been redefinedas someone who is “wanted,”“useful” or “not too badlydamaged.”
 W h a  t  i s
 t h e  k e y  q  u  e s t i o n ?
 Need More Copies?
 Cover image of 20 week preborn child courtesy of  Life Issues Institute.
2Human Life Alliance © 2010
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 d to Marlene Reid
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 dent of Hum
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, whos
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ision, de
 ation, an
 d hard work result
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 ation of HL 
 A’s fir
 st public
 ation, Sh
 e’s a Chil
 d not a “Choice”,
 d i
 n 199
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humanlife.org 3
Yes, embryos are smaller thannewborns and adults, but why is thatrelevant? Men are generally larger than women, but size doesn’t equalvalue.
Level of Development:
True, embryosand fetuses are less developed thanyou and I. Should older childrenhave more rights than their younger siblings? Some people say that self-awareness makes one human. If thatwere true, newborns would not qualifyas valuable human beings.
Where you are hasno bearing on who you are. Doesyour value change when you crossthe street or roll over in bed? Locationcannot change the essential natureof the preborn from non-human tohuman. If the preborn are not alreadyhuman, merely changing their location, moving eight inches downthe birth canal, can’t make them so.
Degree of Dependency:
If viabilitymakes us valuable human beings,then all who depend on insulin or kidney medication are not valuable.Conjoined twins who share blood typeand bodily systems would also haveno right to life.
Why is the only difference between abortionand unjustified killing the short distance of the birth canal? Stephen Schwarz uses the acronymSLED to show there are only four differences between a preborn child and a newborn: size,level of development, environment, and degreeof dependency.
Adapted with permission from: Klusendorf, Scott.
The Case for  Life; Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.
Crossway. 2009.
Visit www.prolifetraining.com for more information.
In short, although humans differ immenselywith respect to talents, accomplishments,and degrees of development, they are equallyvaluable because they share a commonhuman nature.magine that gov-ernments ceased toexist. Imagine thatcity hall, and the stateand federal capitolswere abandoned andovergrown withweeds. Imagine that police forces and the judicial system ceasedto have authority.Would rights, such asthe rights to life and liberty (commonly calledhuman rights), also cease? Would it be acceptableto kill my neighbor for my own self-interest?Would it be acceptable to enslave him? No. Rights must exist apart from govern-ments. Governments cannot create or destroyhuman rights, but should protect such rights. If a government fails to protect rights, this doesn’t preclude the existence of rights. It only meansthat the government has ignored or even scornedits duty.Human rights are encapsulated in the conceptof “personhood.” A person is one who has person-hood and therefore human rights. A non-persondoesn’t.Slaves, women, infants, Jews, and various“foreigners” are all groups that have at one time or another been denied either legal or moral standingas persons. While they were typically consideredhuman, their personhood and thus their humanrights were denied. The judgment of later genera-tions, however, has without exception concludedthat denying personhood to these members of thehuman family was a great moral evil.Today, many governments consider another group of human beings, the preborn, to be non- persons. Like 19th century African Americans, preborn humans are treated as property. In theUnited States, preborn humans may be killedthrough all nine months of pregnancy for anyreason whatsoever.Discrimination against preborn humanscan only be justified if there are morally relevantdifferences between born humans and prebornhumans. On what grounds can we deny person-hood (human rights) to humans awaiting birth? None.Politicians and judges have avoided the public debate over why we affirm the rightsof born humans, yet deny the rights of prebornhumans.Some abortion advocates say that prebornhumans don’t qualify as persons because they can’tyet reason. This is an invalid reason for denying preborn personhood. Consider people in a deepsleep, under general anesthesia, or in a temporarycoma. How about a month old infant? Or anelderly person who suffers from dementia? In allof these cases, the people are lacking mentalabilities such as reasoned thought, yet we readilyrecognize their personhood. Likewise, the preborn,though missing similar abilities, are still persons.Other abortion advocates claim that even if we recognize the preborn child’s personhood, themother’s right to bodily autonomy overrides the preborn’s right to life. They assert that one persondoesn’t have the right to use another person’s bodyagainst her will. If a toddler awakes at 3 a.m. indire need of assistance, can her parents ignore her,roll over and go back to sleep? Of course not. The parents’ obligations supersede their rights. Parentsmust use their bodies to care for their child. It’sclear that when we recognize the personhood of  preborn humans, “bodily rights” evaporate in theface of parental obligation.Upon examination, attempts to rob prebornhumans of their personhood fail. They fail becausehuman rights are inalienable, inseparable fromindividual human beings.Humans, from the moment they begin toexist, are persons, and their human rights should be protected by law.
Keith Mason is Co-founder of Personhood USAand focuses on building effective strategies togrow the Personhood movement in the U.S.,establish new Personhood efforts, and impact the movement through key media driven events.To contact him call 202-595-3500 or visit www.PersonhoodUSA.com.
Keith Mason
Pregnancy Help
Pregnancy Care Center – 24 hour(English and Spanish)
1-800-395-HELP (4357)www.optionline.org
National Life Center – 24 hour
Birthright – 24 hour
Help After An Abortion
Rachel’s Vineyard – 24 hour
National Helpline for AbortionRecovery – 24 hour
1-866-482-LIFE (5433)www.nationalhelpline.org
Project Rachel
Abortion Recovery InterNational
 L  o g i c
Shouldn’t The LawProtect EVERYONE?

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...of manipulating the political system for the self-righteous and selfish purpose of having their religious conscience soothed.
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...available to her,physical, mental, financial or spiritual; nor will be required to to know, assume any responsibility, give physical, spiritual or financial aid to the ones who must live every day with the consequences...
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....... who not only has no firsthand knowledge of the life, health, beliefs of the other, her ability to care for herself and those who depend on her; the existence or nonexistence of support....
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...(who may also be the sole support to other living human beings) to salve the problem of the religious conscience of another....
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The Key Question IS THIS: when, why, and under what conditions will we sacrifice the the mental, physical health, economic viability, and conscience of one human being...
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