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Chapter 5 - Some Things Are Never Forgotten

Chapter 5 - Some Things Are Never Forgotten

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Published by miz-93
chapter 5 in the some things are never fogotten twilight fanfic
chapter 5 in the some things are never fogotten twilight fanfic

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Published by: miz-93 on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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to those that do read my work and leave amazingcomments, thank you! This chapter’s for you xD... sorry for theextremely late update... GCSE’S soon and they suck hahavampire pun? Okay I’ll stop the waffling, you guys have waitedenough, hope you like it...P.s, Just one more aspect of Eclipse weaved into the plot, I know Ipromised originality but I get shunned for deviating to far fromthe plot. Never fear though, I’ma try to keep it unique ;) themesare slightly mature... Any who... Read on!Btw check out my other twilight fanfics, ‘The End Result’ and thesequel, ‘Aftermath’, ‘The Girl’s Guide To Dealing With The Dark Side’ and a newbie that I might consider changing into a fullyfledged fanfic, ‘A Glimpse Into The Genius Mind That Is JacobBlack’.
Chapter 5A while later she was nearing Seattle. A bitter wind rampaged the streetsas she wandered through the city. Walking past the bookstore that shehad visited before, she felt her inside twinge slightly. Shaking herself of the emotions, she continued to move. Knowing that she had evaded thevolturi for at least a little while, she set her sights on a new target tooccupy her time, Victoria. Bella smiled, she’d get revenge. Lucky for her,Victoria’s revenge had backfired, thus resulting in Bella becoming one of the eternally damned rather than the dead.
Well we shouldn’t let such things go to waste now should we
, shemocked mentally. Passing a shop she noticed her reflection in the glass. The old Bella was barely recognisable, sure she looked fairly similar butinside she had grown cold, cold and cynical. After Edward’s departure andVictoria transforming her, she had little to hold onto. At least for now shehad revenge and a score to settle.Finished with her self pity, she became focused on tracking the redheaded vampire. With no actual talents of her own yet, she had to rely onher basic nature to help. Retreating to a nearby park bench, she sat andplanned. Victoria was not one to wait around, always preferring danger;she loved the thrill of a chase. Yet something had gone wrong when itcame to her game with Bella. The phrase, never look a gift horse in the mouth, rang in her mind.Well perhaps this way she could eventually track the Cullens down and
demand answers. However that was a plan for another day. As herthoughts switched back to Victoria, something in her mind clicked. Duringthe attack, she recalled the red headed vampire being very friendly with Tanya.
, she mused. It appeared a trip to Alaska was next in storefor her.Stretching, she remembered how desperate she had been to become avampire when she had first Edward. A faint smile touched her lips as hersubconscious screamed,
ironic much?
Setting off, she covered most of the journey on foot, running incrediblyfast, almost invisible to the human eye. Reaching the outskirts of Alaskathe next evening, she decided to rest in an old-fashioned pub. Painted aplain white, the building held most of its original charm and features.Claiming a booth in the back, she cradled a glass filled with a strange ale.From what she’d learned the owners of the pub were Irish, thus explainingthe unusual appearance of the pub, you don’t normally get the quaint;old-English type anything around Alaska.Not intending to drink the ale, she used it to blend in amongst thehumans. For a pub out in the middle of nowhere, it seemed to be prettyfull.
she thought. Glancing around the pub she began to noticestranger things. The fact that there appeared to be a pub in the outskirtsof Alaska should’ve alerted her immediately. Remaining stationary, shesurveyed the entire scene from her seat. The pub was filled with youths; people ranging mainly from their lateteens to mid twenties crowded the place. Suspicious, Bella tuned the loudmusic out, zoning in on the several conversations. Focusing in on a groupof girls, she listened attentively.“Yvonne. I owe you. I can’t believe you got us in here. This place is epic!”said a blond haired girl, Bella intellectually named ‘Blondie’, educationhadn’t been wasted on her at all, she smiled.“Told you this was
place to be!” 
Is it?
Bella scorned silently.
So this was just a hangout for teens?
Wellthat explained the people that looked like they were doing drugs.
“I’m really glad I came. I wish Sam was with us” Blondie sighed, asorrow filling her latter words.“So do I. She would’ve loved this place. It’s been what? Three months?”“Three months exactly, since she went missing.”

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