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Motoroids2 April 2010

Motoroids2 April 2010

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Published by Amit Chhangani

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Published by: Amit Chhangani on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   V   O   L   U   M   E   1   I   S   S   U   E   0   0   9
April 2010
A BULLET FOR A LAND SPEEDRECORD? YOU BET!MotoGP 2010 Preview Motoroids First Aid And Trauma Workshop for Bikers Throttle Wide Open - Racing School
Two friends embark upon a legendary 18,000km road tripspanning across India, China, Nepal and Bhutan
World’s bestknown bike racingschool comes toIndiaAN EXCLUSIVE FIRST RIDE OFROYAL ENFIELD’S LATEST OFFERING
Across thecountry andbeyondCaliforniaSuperbikeSchoolELECTRATWINSPARK 
he rst time I went to the racetrack (MMR),the experience transormed me into not just a more technically correct rider, but also a moreresponsible and humbler biker. Putting a ew laps around a good racetrack helps you learn more aboutriding on the limit than an entire lietime o riding on thestreets can. Tere are no excuses on the racetrack, as thereare no obstructions and perils – an honestrider would see his naked sel in the mirror ater spending aslittle as hal a day around the circuit. Ninety percent o thetimes the bravado o boastul riders is replied to mercilessly by more seasoned riders who go past them around cornersas i the ormer were stationary. Tis helps bring a lot o people back to terra rma rom their narcissistic sky. Te whole experience opens the eyes o a thinking biker to theutility o trying to go ast on the streets. No matter how hard you try, on public roads, you won’t be able to extractmore than 60 percent o your bike’s potential withoutputting your, or other road users’ lie in peril.It’s unortunate to know that our country has only one proper racetrack and that too is located at one o theather ends o the country, making it extremely dicultor riders rom distant locations to visit the place on theirsteeds and hone their skills. However, it’s heartening toknow that even with all the adversities, more and moreriders are showing interest in paying a visit to the racetrack to learn the ner nuances o riding and help themselvesbecome a more accomplished, more responsible rider. Inthat context, the initiative taken by a ew individuals andorganizations to conduct track days and racing schools isappreciable in every sense o the word. Such events notonly educate riders about technically correct riding butalso help spot the untapped talent to improve the quality o the country’s motorsport pool. Trottle Wide Openand Caliornia Superbike School were two such rare eventsorganized recently at the Chennai race track. Committedto the development and promotion o motorsport inthe country, we bring to you a detailed log o both theseevents through the experiences o two participants. Weare sure the eatures will not only help hundreds o ridersin improving their riding techniques, but will also inspiremany bikers to make it to the racetrack and learn the nernuances o racing. Apart rom the race schools, this month we haveKunal’s ‘Monster Dog’ Bonneville Bullet as our lead story.Te man has been preparing his bike or a speed run atthe Mecca o speed – the Bonneville Salt Flats. Althoughit may sounds as a thorough exaggeration to some, butthis bike can do a top whack which no other Indianperormance bike can dream o. Kunal has put about twoyears in preparing this bike, and his hard work refects inthe way this bike goes. It’s a crazy, crazy experiment.Tis month we also bring to you an exclusive rstride review o the RE Bullet Electra with twin spark unitconstruction engine. Te new engine has brought about a sea change to the character o the bike. Read the detailedreview penned by our Chennai based man Joy Sharma. Itgives us immense pride to let you know that we organizeda one o its kind rst aid and trauma workshop or bikersin Mumbai. Many a times accident victims cannot makeit to the hospital, not because their injuries are lethal,but because o being manhandled during transport tothe hospital. Tis workshop is a great step orward inequipping the biker raternity with a better knowledge o administering rst aid and handling road accident victims.Read a log o the workshop to become a more useul manin the event o a crisis. All this apart, this month we havea crazy travelogue rom a biker duo that travelled acrossIndia, Nepal and Bhutan on a humble pair o a HeroHonda Splendor and Unicorn. Teir experiences were sorich that they had more than a thousand pictures to makeus choose rom or this eature – much to the displeasureo Ramakant, our resident design expert. Read all abouttheir crazy exploits in an elaborate travel eature that isalso the winner o our Super rip contest or the montho April.Happy revving, Amit Chhanganiamit@motoroids.com
April 2010
There are no excuseson the racetrack,as there are noobstructions andperils – an honestrider would seehis naked self inthe mirror afterspending as little ashalf a day around thecircuit
RE Bullet Electra 350Mission Bonneville
 I n d i a - N e p a l - B h u t a n  r i d e
A  c r a z y  t r i p  a r o u n d  t h e  s u b c o n t i n e n t  o n  a  s t a t e - s p o n s o r e d  t r i p !
RE Bullet Electra 350California Superbike School
 The world renowned superbike racingschool comes to India
Biker Trauma Workshop
We organize a one of its kindfirst aid workshop for bikers
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Motoroids behind the scenes...
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April 2010
 The unit construction mill makes anappearance on the Bullet Electra This one’s gonna thump down Bonnev-ille SpeedwayExclusive review of the UCE ElectraWe Go back to school to learnracing from the best teachers inthe world Two motorcyclists ride across theIndian sub continentA one of its kind racing schoolorganized at Kari Speedway
3930Biker Trauma WorkshopClaifornia Superbike SchoolIndia-Nepal-Bhutan ride Throttle Wide Open
We help organize a first aid andtrauma workshop for bikers

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