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April 15th 2010

April 15th 2010

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Published by The Ontarion

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Published by: The Ontarion on Apr 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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161.13www.theontarion.comApr. 15 - May 5, 2010
Apr. 15 - M161.13
Sarah Peirce 
Page 8Page 12
Arts & CultureSports & HealthLifeOpinionEditorialCrosswordClassifiedCommunity Listings
the issues this week 
Students vote out of Canadian Federation of Students
S v  v    c    .B    3713 v,  v  CSA  v b   vc c  C F  S(CFS), C’   bb.A  k  c b ‘Y’  ‘N’z,    7330  v  A 7-9 v b    c b,  5388 v ‘N’  cb, 1675 v ‘Y’ 267 b. Q  b  20  c  ,x 3, 900 .Acc  Gv A, CSA’ cc c ff c,       
 12 16
k bc      c     bcz,” W      . “F,  k   b       CSA B.”O M, A 12, W  CFS’     A,  “ F       v b cz. W bv  v cfi    ,      .” W   vb c. KGx-B, CFS c,   c   c  cz   k k,     cv       ROC.A bv        ROC v        bCSA c  .“I     c   c  cc c,” A. “F   c, , ’  c. I’   ’v . W v’    bk, b  cc,  .”Uv  G  b  $3.30    vc c $3.97    c  CFS.B  x-       ,  v  CSA fi    c, ’ q v .O  v  F, A9,          CSA B  Dc b A,      k  CSA- b,
.O M, A 11, CSA   Ac “ ffic ,”    CSA’ b          b.A  
  CFS  c  b     b v cz,     cc    c .Acc   cb b 
bGv A  Lc  W,  CFS b  R Ov C–  b c  v  c c c  b   CSAxcv c A–  CSA B  Dc     v  ,      v b    b   .“O A 9, 2010      b b   R OvC   M v  v     b    v,” W  A  S, A10. “I   b 
CSA says results areofcial, despite CFS’scall or a process toscrutinize results
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What happens now?
Referendum results will potentially be scrutinized
After the referendum oncontinued membership in theCanadian Federation of Students(CFS) ended on April 9, theUniversity of Guelph community awaited the results. Te results cameearlier than expected when they wereleaked to
on Saturday April 10, indicating that 7330students voted in the referendum,the largest number of voters inCentral Student Association (CSA)history, with 5388 students having voted ‘No,’ to continued membershipin the CFS. While the results that wereleaked are believed to be accurate,the official and audited results haveor to students.“I have no problem with areview of the system and I have noproblem with having a thoroughlook into what happened. I think that if there is an audit, it happensafter the fact…Tey [CFS] feelthat there needs to be a detailedlevel of scrutiny,” Armstrong said.“7330 participated in a referendum. Tey [Students] voted. Tey wereengaged in the campaign. Tey have a right to know what theresults are when they are available.“Te referendum ended Friday at 8 p.m. and Monday morning,[students] should have had theresults, whether they were auditedor not. We should not have tosit around for a week while they become reviewed and the students wait and wait to see.”Armstrong added that a thirdparty would be responsible forscrutinizing the results, lookinginto “very technical things” in theonline voting process, including
 AbstainNo answer
 Are you in favour in continued membership in the Canadian Federationof Students and the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario
Conan to return totelevision…on TBS?
After his much-publicizeddeparture from NBC, ConanO’Brien will be making hisreturn to late night television inNovember on BS. Te decisioncame as a surprise to many fans,as BS is a cable station andthere had been no discussion of that station being an option forO’Brien. Te decision to move to BS is seen as mutually beneficialfor both O’Brien and BS, withhis production company owningthe rights to the show and gettingcreative reign, and BS getting theopportunity to attract a larger baseof people to their cable channel.O’Brien will fill the 11pm timeslot as of November.
(New YorkTimes)
Pope’s visit promptstown to consider hiding their phallic statue
 With a visit from PopeBenedict XVI fast approaching,the mayor of a town in Malta wants to hide the ‘phallic’ sculpturethat is located near the town’sairport. Te mayor described the work as embarrassing and vulgarand thought it would offend the visiting Pope. Te artist who madethe sculpture, Paul Vella Critien,is disappointed at what he seesas a close-minded decision. Tesculpture has been on displayedin its location since 2006. Tegovernment maintains that it hasno official plans to remove thesculpture.
Toronto to explorehaving dedicated bikelanes
 Te city of oronto is thinkingof exploring an extension of thebike lanes on many major roadsincluding University Ave. Inthe pilot project, one of the fourlanes on University Ave. will bededicated to cyclists. Tis willbe the lane closest to the centremedian, leaving the outer laneavailable for pulling over orparking motor vehicles. Te city estimates that the change fromthree to four lanes shouldn’taffect traffic conditions too much.
(Toronto Star)
CSA awards excellentprofs
U of G professors RobinMilhausen, of the Departmentof Family Relations and AppliedNutrition who teaches courses inhuman sexuality and Brady Deaton, who is from the Department of Food, Agricultural and ResourceEconomics, teaches courses inenvironmental and natural resourceeconomics, were awarded the 2010 eaching Excellence Award by the Central Student Association(CSA). Te award is given to those who demonstrate a commitmentto excellence in education and anability to inspire students. Tisaward is significant because therecipients are decided on by thestudents at the university.
say the auditing process is merely a formality, Denise Martins, theincoming CSA external affairscommissioner and a ‘Yes’ campaigner,is hesitant to believe that theunofficial results are accurate, and issuspicious about how many studentsappear to have voted.“I’m suspicious of the results wehave received,” said Martins. “Tefact that we saw the largest turn-outthe CSA has received for as long as Iknow, the fact that it’s a 40 per centturn-out, the fact that this was runby the administration, the fact that we haven’t had a chance to scrutinizethe results at all. It’s unsettling.”Martins, who had recently herself come out of an election andreferendum process that saw only 25per cent of students vote, is surprisedthat the CFS referendum saw morestudent voters.“I don’t want to accuse anyoneof anything or any sort but I feel very uneasy about these results,” saidMartins. “I feel that this is the largestturnout we’ve had in years. I feellike this is not the number we wereseeing on the ground. It’s somethingcompletely unexpected.”Nathan Lachowsky, the currentacademic and university affairscommissioner for the CSA, hadcampaigned for the ‘No’ side, andrather than questioning the results,is thinking toward the next step inleaving the CFS.“From looking at past universities,the process of leaving is one that isn’tdecided necessarily by the studentsso there’s still work to be done toleave,” said Lachowsky. “At the CFSAnnual General Meeting, they haveto ratify the results of the referendumand so while that would seem like aformality, it still has to happen inorder for it to be official.”If in fact the CSA officially leavesthe CFS, Lachowsky explained thatthe students must decide whetherthey want another organization torepresent their rights and needs tothe government, or whether they  want to do that independently.According to Lachowsky, anotherfacet to the aftermath of studentsrequesting to leave the CFS is thatthe CSA portfolio for the externalaffairs commissioner, the positionbeing assumed by Martins in mere weeks, is nearly barren.“It’s $24, 000 of students feesthat we’re paying someone to do [the job as external affairs commissioner]and so I would hope that there areoutcomes that the CSA would liketo see on the provincial level or anexternal level,” he said. “I don’t know how it will change but a lot of theirother [work] has been tied to theCFS quite heavily so it’s going to bean interesting portfolio. I think it’schallenging for Denise being thatshe was elected into a job descriptionthat will now have to change.”According to Martins, shedoesn’t know what her position willlook like next year, but maintainsthat she’ll continue to work towardlowering tuition fees for U of Gstudents, which means working withthe CFS in some respects.“As an elected politician, my opinion is that you give up yourpersonal opinions and personalbeliefs,” said Lachowsky. “If theunofficial results are correct, havingthat percentage of quorum, which isthe highest I think we’ve ever seenin a CSA election, much higherthan Denise’s election, that’s a muchlarger group of students who have voted and have said somethingabout how we feel…We get electedto an office and the students tell ushow to do our jobs and we shouldcarry it out.”
In the aftermath of the CFS referendum,the
looks atthe next steps
firewall codes and bounce backs.Before the CSA is officially out of the CFS the Federationneeds to accept the results of thereferendum and the CSA’s requestto leave within 90 days. If thishappens, the CFS membership,comprised of members of variousstudent governments from acrossthe country, will vote on the CSA’srequest at the CFS’s annual generalmeeting in November.
Rashaad Bhamjee
Denise Martins, the incoming external affairs commissioner and‘Yes’ campaigner during the CFS referendum, is possibly facing achallenging year with her executive portfolio being left nearly barren without CFS campaigns to oversee.
 If the unofficial resultsare correct, having that  percentage of quorum,which is the highest I think we’ve ever seenin a CSA election,much higher than Denise’s election, that’sa much larger groupof students who havevoted and have said  something about howwe feel.
Nathan Lachowksy 
academic and university affairs commissioner
 yet to be released by the ReferendumOversight Committee (ROC). While some close to the issue

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